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For the contestant, see Cake.

Woooooo! Thank you for inviting me!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!
— Birthday Cake to Announcer, "Chapter Complete"

Birthday Cake is a recommended character in Battle for Dream Island and Battle for BFB.


Birthday Cake appears to be two layers of vanilla cake, separated by a layer of pink buttercream with blue decorations. They have a single red and white candle on top of their head which is presumably able to be lit.


Birthday Cake seems to be cheeky and quick to excite, but also full of themself, believing that they are better than fifty recommended characters.


Birthday Cake's first canon appearance was in "Hurtful!". Birthday Cake later appeared in "Chapter Complete", being the only member of the crowd of watchers. When the Announcer was about to make up the drum roll, Birthday Cake does it for him, but is shortly flung off to an unknown location via Sender Scoop Thrower. They then reappeared in the recommended character credits.



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