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This page lists the interactions between Blocky and Taco. Taco often bickers with Blocky when he does something wrong, much to his annoyance at times. At the same time, they can also get along when they are on the same page.

Episodes suggesting a friendship

In "How Loe Can You Grow?", Blocky decides that he doesn't want to go in Spongy's spaceship, which confuses Taco since mischief is his thing. Hearing that makes Blocky explain to Taco about his old show Blocky's Funny Doings International. Taco then convinces Blocky that he should make more funny doings.

In "Let's Raid The Warehouse", when Blocky suggests the idea to give Flower the glitter to spice up her clothes, Taco says that it is a good idea and that she is proud of him. When Blocky chooses a cardboard box so that Woody could use it to hide from whatever is scaring him, Taco says she's proud of Blocky and Firey for putting themselves in Woody's shoes, though Blocky doesn't seem to care. Later, when Flower talks about how happy she is for getting the glitter, Taco compliments Blocky for getting the gift and they high five. Then when Woody's turn is up, Taco tells Blocky that he should give Woody the gift since he choose it, to which Blocky listens.

In "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", when Taco is about to get spun around in the Big Rotating Building, they say goodbye to each other, but Taco gets spun before she can finish saying Blocky's name back.

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", Taco asks Blocky about her hiding spot and Blocky sarcastically replies "a green bush in a blue desert. What could go wrong?". Taco just tells him to let her know if the Announcer notices her. Blocky starts making irritated noises and points out that she's just been spying on the Announcer ever since she was recovered. Taco asks if he could even blame her since he returned for the first time in years, at the end of the game, and is wasting the budget. Blocky argues that she only has a hunch that he's wasting a budget and doesn't know for sure. After his failed attempt at a prank, Blocky tells "Tacster" that they need to get her a better nickname. Taco says no one would actually call her that, and the Announcer shows up, greeting her with the same nickname. Following through with what Taco told him to do earlier, Blocky tells her that the Announcer spotted her, and she talks over him with a long, annoyed yep as she's aware she was caught. The Announcer later reveals that the prize for the finalists is a golden bus. Taco uses this as proof of the Announcer wasting the budget to Blocky, but he argues it's only TV trickery, until the Announcer says he spent $3,000,000 for it. After the Announcer cancels the show and leaves, Purple Face invites everyone onto the bus so that they can save BFB. Blocky asks Taco if she's coming but she says that she has to keep watching the Announcer to see what he's up to. Blocky says that this could be the last thing they all do together, but Taco insists that she needs to find out what's happening and says bye to Blocky. Blocky wishes her luck and then boards the bus.

In "Chapter Complete", when Blocky voted for Flower to win BFB, Taco was disappointed and said "Thought we were buddies, Blockster." because Taco voted Gelatin to win BFB. Blocky then publicly changes his vote to Gelatin to show they are friends, while also whispering to the Announcer that he's actually locking his vote in for Flower. Near the end, Blocky and Taco are shown cheering for Woody to face his fear of the color grey.

Neutral interactions

In "How Loe Can You Grow?", when Blocky tries to get Woody into Spongy's spaceship, Taco reminds him that Woody is still in the air from when he kicked him. Blocky says he's starting to miss him, so Taco tells him to be more gentle. Blocky and Taco then start walking to the spaceship.

In "A Taste of Space", when Blocky says that the sun, which is where Firey was, is 2.6 thousand miles away, Taco tells him that it is much farther than that. After Firey makes the sun too hot, Taco tells Blocky to do something. Blocky is already ahead of her, as he decides to make fun of the sun. Later, Blocky turns to Loser and Taco to tell them there aren't any rules.

In "Let's Raid The Warehouse", Taco picks out a couple gifts for Woody, which Blocky quickly says no to, thinking that they might scare Woody.

In "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", Blocky tells Taco that Woody is missing when they try to figure where the diary went.

In "Chapter Complete", as everyone chases down Purple Face, Blocky asks what Purple Face's plan even is and Taco responds that he's getting on the gold bus.

Episodes suggesting a conflict

In "Take the Tower", Taco tries to get Blocky to help her throw the rocks onto the other team's tower. After one missed throw from Blocky, Taco tells him that it was at least a try, but Blocky replies that she shouldn't have given him "the world's heaviest rock" to throw.

In "A Taste of Space", when Taco tells Blocky that reflecting the sun's heat with a mirror only made things worse, Blocky just proudly says his work is done.

In "Let's Raid The Warehouse", when Blocky mocks Loser and claims he's happy to be the only cube left, Taco angrily calls him out for his rudeness. Taco points out to Blocky that Woody is raising his hand when Blocky ignores it. Blocky says she's wrong and that Woody's just been doing a wimpy "eehhh?" shtick, while mocking how weakly Woody was raising his hand. Taco calls Blocky a jerk and tells Woody he can be a gift receiver. On the train ride, Taco tells Blocky that it wasn't okay for him to call Woody wimpy. Blocky says that he said it because it's true and indirectly calls Taco a wimp for defending Woody. Taco says that Blocky has been acting standoffish lately, which Blocky quickly denies. Taco then comes to the conclusion that it's because Blocky's upset that Woody got to have his way. Blocky tells Taco to stop attempting to psychoanalyze how he thinks. At the warehouse, Taco asks what Woody would like, so Blocky pulls out a spiky glove, saying he'd like one to the face. Taco tells Blocky that's an awful idea and convinces Blocky to actually look for something Woody would want.

In "Chapter Complete", Blocky and Taco fight each other along with everyone else over A BFDI inside the golden bus.


  • They are the only Have Nots who were trapped in the TLC in IDFB.


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