• Yahadma

    Uhh how did i make this

    February 20, 2020 by Yahadma

    Am i not blocked from the database?

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  • Amer1ciuM

    I need new PFP please

    February 20, 2020 by Amer1ciuM

    My current one's getting boring.

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  • Blockyfan999

    Pie: There it is!! we are almost at the exit. 

    Blocky and Liy: *Struggles to keep SB still in their arms* 

    Blocky: *RRRRGH* come on snowball!! You have legs! the exit is just over there!! 

    Snowball: *Pant* I... I know!! this heat is just so deadly!! But I can beat it!! *Runs out of Blocky and Liy's arms and quickly jumps out of the hot gas tunnel (he lands face first)* 

    Snowball: SWEET!!! I'm out of that killer heat finally!! *sits by the wall and drinks more of the water Liy gave him* 

    .*Pie exits the hot gas tunnel* 

    Pie: Awww, that heat felt good. Eeh, I can live without it. Too much of it can be too much because it could burn me, you know? 

    .*Cake exits the hot gas tunnel* [Sees the water streamer] 

    Cake: *Gasp* YAY!! water, finally!! 

    Pie: Do y…

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  • Asterlogouploader

    I was busy lol

    Mine's this

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  • PinFromBFDI

    My life is pain 99999999

    February 20, 2020 by PinFromBFDI

    look ---------->

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  • That1Account

    Inferno be dancin'

    February 20, 2020 by That1Account

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  • Asterlogouploader


    February 20, 2020 by Asterlogouploader

    theobjectthing15 keeps turning off commenting why

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  • Gmo666

    how is this possible

    February 20, 2020 by Gmo666

    insert meme man saying "maf"

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  • OfficalBalloony459 V2

    10K Edits

    February 20, 2020 by OfficalBalloony459 V2

    I am amazing for getting 10K edits since 9/2/2019 for 5 months.

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  • PossiblyKimi

    kimmers is angry

    February 20, 2020 by PossiblyKimi

    nvm nah

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  • TheObjectThing15


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  • Blockyfan999

    If you've already seen this on my DA or discord, then here it is again if you wanna see it again? :P 

    Finally! someone that got recovered gets saved. But this voting was yet another close call, don't cry needle fans. 

    Liy: *Pours some of the cold water on Snowball* 

    Snowball: Ahhhheeee thank you!! (Now he's not melting anymore, but still soggy) 

    Snowball: Now give me the rest of the water, I insist so much on drinking it please!

    Liy: But I think it's better if needle - 

    Snowball: *Grabs the water bottle off Liy's hands* Thanks! *Starts drinking the water* 

    Cake: Whoa, I think needle has passed out! 

    Liy: She'll be fine.. I hope. 

    Blocky: Come on guys!! I left my life vest on the ground ahead, so we can take a brake when we reach it.. It will get u…

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  • ExitSign45
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  • Amer1ciuM

    Welcome to the first challenge of GMBM, contestants! We have a total of 12 contestants, so let's get this camp started!

    Okay, as I stated in the Signups, I will supply you with a meme format of my choice. The format is:

    Just a simple Drake meme format. You can do whatever you want, I don't really care. As long as it's a meme, I'm okay with it. Challenge starts now!

    Challenge ends Saturday, February 22nd at 6:00 PM MST

    (4/12 did the challenge so far)

    People who have yet to do the challenge:

    • CrimtheMonkey
    • Epichaxboi
    • DarkRookYT V2
    • CompostyYT
    • NotSoHappyTotalDramaFan
    • AverageJoe123
    • That1Account
    • Mokm
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  • SickBleh


    February 19, 2020 by SickBleh
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  • LockerBoy




    Crocodiles? Bad. Monkeys, giraffes, hippos? Good.

    Percy = Peppa

    3O% LeSs SuGaR

    TV makes no sense without us.

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  • BFDI Rocky

    Rocky: Bulleh!

    8-All: Ew

    Rocky: Shut it

    8-All: Wha

    Neon Grassy: Rocky's been talking for a long time stupid

    8-All: Oh right

    Rocky: Got a shotgun *bang*


    Points have come to an end but not these stupid themes lol Make A Steak

    Idiot Host: Okay, we can do that.

    Clock: Do what?

    Idiot Host: boop

    Clock: What?

    Idiot Host: Whatever. We got 6 votes. Actually we got 5 but I should've mentioned this earlier but single votes count as double. I won't be doing that this time but for future reference. 8-All and Rocky got no votes *throw*

    Rocky: Epic

    Idiot Host: nICKEL got 1 vote *throw

    nICKEL: yaaaaaaaaay

    Idiot Host: Tie so you idiots vote

    nICKEL: Nerf Odd Rocky

    Rocky: Clock

    Neon Grassy: Odd Rocky

    8-All: Clock

    Idiot Host: >:( I'll just eliminate Odd Rocky. Bye


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  • Junie522

    Candy Paint Gets Jinxed

    February 19, 2020 by Junie522

    Another Roleplay! 2 Diaboxes Per Person.

    In This Roleplay, Candy Paint Gets Jinxed And Cannot Talk Until Someone Says Her Name.

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    I have 360 edits

    February 19, 2020 by CAPSL0CKAAAA

    Wow, I can say noscope now

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  • KatThePerson


    February 19, 2020 by KatThePerson


    the name is E

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  • TheNerdyChive835

    7 voters cast 35 votes.

    Barf Bag got 0.

    Gaty got 1.

    Fanny got 3.

    Naily got 5.

    Remote got 6.

    Lollipop got 9.

    Pie is out with 11.

    29th: Pie

    7 voters cast 35 votes.

    Team 3 got 1.

    Teams 2 and 4 got 4.

    Team RC got 11.

    Team 1 loses with 15.

    Eliminate someone on Team 3. (You get 5 votes)

    [A]- Gelatin

    [B]- Teardrop

    [C]- X

    [D]- Golf Ball

    [E]- Black Hole

    [F]- Balloony

    [G]- Tennis Ball

    Vote for which team should lose. (You get 5 votes)

    [01]- Team 1

    [02]- Team 2

    [03]- Team 3

    [04]- Team 4

    [05]- Team RC

    Voting ends February 21, 2020 at 4:00 PM CST.

    Episode 53 comes out February 21, 2020 at 4:10 PM CST.

    Team 1

    Team 2

    Team 3

    Team 4

    Team RC

    Angry Dora


    Bolf Gall


    Placement Contestant Episode Eliminated Vote Count Previous Placements Notes
    Episode 2 29 votes 62nd in Season 1

    63rd in Seas…

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  • Kirby da ball 1234


    so yeah no one will comment

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  • Blockyfan999

    Alright, so.. Yeah.

    February 19, 2020 by Blockyfan999

    What's going on! ;) 

    Okay.. I know people here are gonne either be really happy or disappointed or what not because it's a been a whole week since I left.. And to be honest I could have been away longer, but I've decided to check the comments to my latest blog post yesterday and it seems like people are annoyed that I left, but to make it clear for the people that thought me leaving was a bad idea.. It wasn't... It was not actually, it's because you don't know much what was going on with me that's why you were disappointed. You see, this wasn't the only time I hurted a persons feeling or make people feel outrages and feeling so ashamed for what I've done. That's why I said sorry and I left just to show how bad I felt, and now I feel much be…

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  • Corbyns


    February 19, 2020 by Corbyns


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  • Kogglyuffs

    Dare and only dare

    February 19, 2020 by Kogglyuffs

    I dare yall to get on chat and have @everyone as your ping phrase

    Ready. Set. Go.

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  • VriskaJadeRocket95

    or this vriska will be crawling around in your bed tonight (credit goes to Andrew hussie, i don't own vriska or homestuck)

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  • Epichaxboi

    what is your dream job

    February 19, 2020 by Epichaxboi

    I want to be a Video Game Designer, an Architect, or a McDonalds Workers.

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  • Epichaxboi

    Pentagon is seen laying in a cot in a small, cramped room. There is a knock on the door.

    Pentagon: Come in!

    Picnic Basket: The door is locked!

    Pentagon opens the door.


    Pentagon: I-I’m sorry… it’s just that… finding another person who isn’t afraid of me is so… special!

    Picnic Basket: So… I’M NOT SPECIAL?

    Pentagon: Picnic Basket, wait!


    She stomps away. Pentagon looks sad. Cut to Katana, First Aid Kit, and Army Hat.

    Army Hat: I am very glad I am safe! First Aid Kit, I wish you luck!

    First Aid Kit: But… you lost.

    Army Hat: What?

    First Aid Kit: You fainted, remember? Before you saved Katana?

    Army Hat: Oh.


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  • MCSInside

    It's Fine Without A Title

    February 19, 2020 by MCSInside

    Since YB's Gone.

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  • Junie522

    Bad News! :(

    February 19, 2020 by Junie522


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  • Yoylecakesberry

    : )

    February 19, 2020 by Yoylecakesberry
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  • CompostyYT

    Hi and welcome to my guide on how to write a good romantic relationship in your object show!

    Step 1:

    Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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  • SickBleh


    February 19, 2020 by SickBleh

    in:Characters , Girls , Hands and Feet , Members








    Michael huang Leafy (English Leafy) - a character and one of the contestants in the Battle of Dream Island.

    Leaf took 2nd place in the first season, gaining 236 votes for the victory.

    The leaf looks like the most ordinary green leaf of a tree. She has both arms and legs.

    The leaf is very kind and responsive. He likes to give gifts and help others, even when others do not need it. Categories :

    • Characters
    • Girls
    • Arms and legs
    • Members
    • Add category
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  • Mokm

    Now, have any of you ever found something so amazing that you just want to tell everyone about it? But what if you don't have any friends (like me) so instead you move onto the next best thing?

    Well. Welly well well well. Well well.

    I have multiple family members who are around my age or lower, so I take it as my duty to show them the wonders of BFDI and merge them into the growing masses of fans. I will report my progress on these endeavors as time passes by and hopefully succeed in this daunting mission.

    • Show and tell each one of them about BFDI
    • Successfully turn at least one of them into a BFDI fan
    Bonus Goal: Get them to like BFDI so much that they tell their friends.

    Two of the younger cousins have been successfully exposed to BFDI 1a: Take th…

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  • HunterBunter2011

    4 people sighnup as 5 contastants









    Match-1sPS (not his name)





    Ice Cube-




    Golf Ball-

    Tennis Ball-

    Teardrop- Rocky-

    Make a team name and I will rate with my dad from 1 to 10 and the best will be the team captains

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  • HunterBunter2011

    Pencil Immune

    Match 0

    Bubble 0

    Ruby 2

    Fanny 1

    Flower 0

    Snowball 0

    Lightning 0


    Vote anyone still in but Match

    so good luck

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  • KatieChi

    Fun Katie Fact 7

    February 19, 2020 by KatieChi

    Yoyle is gone.

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  • Minerador Slime

    I have been aware of my "extremist" Wiki personality for quite a long time, but since someone actually took note of it (in a friendly way) I had the idea of making this graph

    In theory, Minerador's should be somewhere around the spectrum depending on the time.

    Since this is a more critical blog post, you don't need to find this funny (it would be really hypocritical for me to forcebly try to be funny in this blog considering the topic of it.). I just thought it would be interesting to make this... Don't take this graph seriously, tho. 

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  • ShinyAipom

    BFB Wiki Voting Part 2

    February 19, 2020 by ShinyAipom

    So last time we got 46 votes. Dang, that's a lot.

    Here are the results.

    = safe, 0 votes cast
    = safe, 0 votes cast
    = safe, 1 vote cast
    = safe, 1 vote cast
    = safe, 3 votes cast
    = safe, 5 votes cast
    = safe, 6 votes cast
    ELIMINATED, 20 votes cast



    Contestants in EXIT:

    Next up, breaking jawbreakers to free deceased contestants. Let's see the scores;

    1st -

    2nd -

    3rd -

    4th -

    5th -

    6th -

    7th -

    8th - 

    And Death P.A.C.T. loses! Vote for somebody to be eliminated. You get 5 votes. Use them wisely!

    Type [A] to eliminate

    Type [B] to eliminate

    Type [C] to eliminate

    Type [D] to eliminate

    Type [E] to eliminate

    Type [F] to eliminate

    Type [G] to eliminate

    Type [H] to eliminate


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  • Grasserina

    I guess I did it

    February 19, 2020 by Grasserina

    This account has more edits than my old one

    My old one had 2,154 edits

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  • PossiblyKimi

    Violety why

    February 19, 2020 by PossiblyKimi

    Violety no

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  • Epichaxboi


    February 19, 2020 by Epichaxboi
    is a stinky noob Read more >
  • The Lurantis

    to outpizza the hut, you have t-

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    It explains everything

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  • CompostyYT

    It's full of people trying to sign up, even though signups are not open AND you need to do it on Deviantart.

    Also most of the signups are pngs that someone drew arms and legs and a face onto in 10 seconds (something which specifically exempts your character from even having a chance).

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  • Im afraid of jade

    That’s where Jade scares me!

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  • Dabberboi12


    February 19, 2020 by Dabberboi12


    welcome to ask or dare you ask the players and they'll answer right guys?

    David: NO!

    of course.......

    but so ask!

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  • Amer1ciuM

    Personally, a lot of wikis I've contributed to are pretty nice and friendly. I guess the TROC Wiki since most members are not really that good of people. 

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  • CrimtheMonkey

    It's finally here yay.

    Yep, welcome to the first episode of Random Pointless Voting Season 2. Where i will split the contestants into 5 teams of 5, to make it more cool i guess.

    Now let's see the teams! Planned by your boi Crim ;)

    Most of the team names are named from me lol

    Anyways, like the first episode of Season 1. Choose a team to lose

    Whichever team gets the most votes will be UFE in the next episode

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  • NebraskaSeemsNice


    February 19, 2020 by NebraskaSeemsNice

    FACE REVEAL one thing i hate about my face is my big frickin nose  im 5'8 btw

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