• Minerador Slime

    Instrumental: (yes I'm a simp for leftist songs also every verse will have an approximate timestamp of where it should be sung because it's really easy to get lost ok. and yes i know this blog is cringe and it doesn't fix anything but i spent some time on this and im not erasing it just because it's cringe ok)

    Our dear symbol here in the Wiki

    Our dear symbol here in the Earth

    Peace and love? Are you a freaking hippie?

    Make drama, for god's sake!

    Oh yeah, always make more drama-aa-aa,

    Let's end their cool

    Tell them to **** their mama,

    The admins always let you!

    We are the place that you see-ee-eee

    everyone die and cry-y-y

    Because of the drama

    that you must comply!



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  • LancyLuminary


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  • IttisyoboiTaco

    A NEW OC! X-ray

    July 12, 2020 by IttisyoboiTaco

    Name: X-Ray

    Gender: Male

    Personality: X-Ray is the quiet type. He can speak, just prefers not to much. I wouldn't say he is shy, he just likes keeping his thoughts to himself. He's a pretty smart dude, but he's kind of scared to show his ideas to the world. He is usually sad and grumpy a lot. But he usually feels happy and enlightened when people compliment him or do something nice for him. Sometimes when he is overjoyed, he turns on! He's usually a happy dude when he turns on. Always talking and telling his ideas! Being a lot more friendlier, than grumpy and sad! He can also see through people when he is turned on! But he curn turn on himself if he wants to, he doesn't just need to be happy. (I might change that later on)

    Fun Fact: He has b…

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  • LancyLuminary
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  • BubbleKeepsBlowing


    Four: Take cover in the boat!

    Bubble: Yoikes!

    • Teardrop points her head to the secret trapdoor.

    Bubble: What’s this?

    -Cuts to Have Nots-

    Taco: Woody has lost! Oh no

    Loser: Were fine! We should have 3..Wait where’s blocky?

    Taco: I think Blocky wasn’t teleported here when we left from Jupiter.

    Loser: Oh yeah, so we have 2.

    • Taco sighs

    Taco: Seems like it.

    Taco: We have to get the low health ones!

    Loser: Oh my cubes!

    Loser: It’s a recover power-up!

    Taco: Can we bring back someone?

    Loser: We could!

    Taco: Who should we pick?

    Loser: I have no idea.

    -Cuts To Have Cots-

    Bubble: Oi, there is something here!

    Bubble: Lava power-up? And jello?

    Bubble (snickering): Saved for later.

    • Teardrop runs to the trapdoor and hides.

    Bubble: We hoive t…

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    Hello welcome back too BFDI Viewer Voting

    Last time Squashy Grapes were up for elimination!

    We got 8 votes, lets reveal them now!

    Leafy got 0 votes

    Spongy got 1 vote

    and Teardrop also got 1 vote

    Meaning Needle is eliminated with 6 votes!

    Elimination Order:

    Firey - 20th

    Woody - 19th

    Pin - 18th

    Coiny - 17th

    Needle - 16th


    And the team up for elimination is.....

    Another Name!

    Vote for one of them, voting end's tomorrow at 2:00 PM

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  • LancyLuminary

    Just so you won't be confused

    Art style is more anime Makes emojis alot Changes pfp quite often Cancer Watches movies often (to my knowledge) Interested in mao mao Watches anime Watches natigo Dosen't watch countryballs (to my knowledge)

    Art style is more cartoon Doesn't make emojis often Dosen't change pfp often, changes it every several days or month Capricorn Dosen't watch movies often Interested in tig and seek Watches anime rarley Dosen't watch natigo (whatever that anime show is called) Watches countryballs

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  • WoodyFan204

    here is my art

    July 12, 2020 by WoodyFan204
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  • LancyLuminary

    They should add the online-offline status thingy

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  • CreamsC2AB

    Someone Comfort Her

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  • LucyExposed

    OC asset requests

    July 12, 2020 by LucyExposed

    Yeah, might as well put my pixlr skills to the test today.

    Just a few rules:

    -No logos.

    -One asset per user.

    -Nothing too complicated to draw.

    Also, don't get mad if I don't respond immediately. These assets will probably take a while to make and I also have something to do later.

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  • RyoTheDragonGuy RBLX
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  • CreamsC2AB

    We Got 2 Votes

    Pin And Leafy Got The Votes

    Goodbye Pin

    21st: David

    20th: Spongy

    19th: Firey

    18th: Pencil

    17th: Snowball

    16th: Match

    15th: Pin

    Type [A] To Eliminate Blocky

    Type [B] To Eliminate Flower

    Type [C] To Eliminate Golf Ball

    Type [D] To Eliminate Tennis Ball

    Type [E] To Eliminate Coiny

    Type [F] To Eliminate Pen

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  • AnonymousUser the II
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  • RillersDillersZillets

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  • RyoTheDragonGuy RBLX

    YAY! Grr!! Yay!! HNNG!!

    thanks a lot whoever made me comment

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  • CreamsC2AB

    People Like Blocky Because They Think He's Cool And Funny, And That Pretty Much Is True, I Just Want To Say, I'm Sorry.

    To Be Honest, Blocky Is Still My Least Favorite But, It's Okay If You Like Him Or Not, Even Though He Killed Woody, It's Okay To Like The Prankster.

    -Sincerly, CreamsC2AB

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  • Some AT-AT

    i know all of yalls

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  • Minerador Slime

    I made a cute drawing of Crackers holding the Brazilian flag in an online whiteboard and someone changed it by turning it into a crying eye.

    I know they probably didn't intend it as a critique towards my country, but Im 14 and this is deep

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  • RyoTheDragonGuy RBLX


    July 12, 2020 by RyoTheDragonGuy RBLX


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  • Jang47079

    Everyone is Here! 

    The sequel to BFB Civil War part 3 

    Fours team:

    Leader: Four




    Yellow Face


    Taco (undercover) 

    Announcers team: 

    Leader: Announcer



    Nickel (dead)

    Tree (dead)

    Lollipop (dead)





    Leader: Leafy (possessed)


    Evil Leafy


    No team: 



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  • CowardousShiner

    Idfb rant

    July 12, 2020 by CowardousShiner

    IDFB 1 was a very interesting episode. It was in a very different format from the rest of BFDI, at the time. As a season opener, it did not introduce anyone new, as there was nobody new, except for Bozo and that other person. It created a lot of questions about lore and seemed more focused on character interaction than competition, which is nice. I feel like IDFB was overrated, as it was mainly just different for me, not necessarily better, and it’s not even a season.

    After BFB 1, we were promised that IDFB 2 would come out in the future. With the split happening, IDFB 2’s release seems impossible.

    It would also be terrible.

    IDFB was supposed to give us a new character from the tlc/lol every episode. BFB 1 showed us all of them. We now know t…

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  • Kogglyuffs

    spread the word

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  • CowardousShiner


    July 12, 2020 by CowardousShiner

    Recent blog posts broke so this is just a test.

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  • CompostyYT

    Here are some of my dumb ideas:

    • Ruby and Flower switch body structures and have to go on a quest to switch back while dealing with said problem
    • Some kind of threat attacks Goiky and the mechanical minds do a Power Rangers style morph and morph into a giant mech to take it down
    • A character gets stuck in a room that can only be opened from outside, but everytime someone does, they end up getting trapped in there too so the probelm just keeps getting worse
    • Some characters climb Bell's String while she's sleeping to find out what's at the top
    • Tree notices how much everyone relies on Black Hole to solve their problems and tells Black Hole he needs to take a day off so everyone learns to deal with their own problems. Shortly after the plains descends…
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  • Some AT-AT

    bad art

    July 12, 2020 by Some AT-AT
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  • Bluenimate

    Alright, If Your Safe, You Get A Slice Of Cake

    Woody,Cloudy,Rocky,Balloony,And David Are Safe At 0 Votes, Everyone They're Names End With Y Are Safe, What A Coincidence

    Nickel, Leafy, Roboty, You Guys Are The Bottom 3

    The Last 2 People Safe Are Nickle And Leafy At 2 Votes

    NickLe: Who Dears To Call.....*gets shot*

    And Roboty Is Eliminated At 7 Votes

    64th: Blocky

    63th: Roboty

    The Team UFE Is........

    Free Food

    [A] For Fries

    [B] For Marker

    [C] For Puffball

    [D] For Stapy

    [E] For Foldy

    [F] For Yellow Face

    [G] For Eraser

    [H] For Bell

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  • Bluegirl79

    So I decided to make an object version of the Masked Singer.

    Here are the rules:

    One of your OCs are gonna wear a mask that completely covers their face, then step up to the stage and show us your backstory and sing a song. Judges will take a look at your backstory after your song or your singing voice, then guess who it is. After a round, the audience, also called the spectators, will vote someone who they think that done the best, and the person with the least votes is out. The rules are on repeat until it's down to the final 3.

    You need:

    A picture

    A name

    A gender

    A personality

    A mask they want to wear in the show

    And last but not least, a list of songs they want to sing in this show (max. 25)

    That's all! Good luck!


























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  • LuckyTaaru

    other than their appearance tell me any diffrences

    (wrong answers only)

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  • Lollipopfan12

    Tennis Ball:

    July 12, 2020 by Lollipopfan12

    everyone! make way for my wife!

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  • Naily1

    What i think of New BFB

    July 12, 2020 by Naily1

    BFB 17------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    why does balloony have 4 fingers now?

    also, i already miss X :(

    loser had a really weird strategy i think i'm starting to not love him anymore OMG

    the whole episode felt weird to get used to

    BFB 18------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Okay this flowed better

    I like the challenge but the towers are really unstable, i'm surprised how much Gelatin looks like Flower, omg!!

    Leafy has drama why isn't she battling with Firey that's the whole point of the challenge!!!!


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  • Moneycake10

    in the secret behind bfb's split. Cary stated that after bfb ends that they have the opportunity to try something new, so here are some concepts

    Probably the first option that comes to mind. idfb had some serious potential. if jnj chose to do this they would have to go back to the same type of writing like in idfb 1, same bfdi assets, same everything about idfb. their intention with post-split bfb is to return to the spirit of bfdi, but they still are very different seasons. the only bad thing about then continuing idfb, is the fact that there will be some characters in both shows and that might confuse new viewers.

    "bUt bFb iS sEaSoN fOur iDiOt" bfb 2 would follow the same criteria as post-split bfb but the cast would be all the rcs in the …

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  • KJtheBigGuy

    Hey. I tried to draw all 64 BFB contestants from memory. There may be some mistakes with some characters and I gave a few others minor redesigns. I drew them with black outlines cuz it's easier. Anyways, what do you think? If you have any criticism, please tell me.

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  • Amer1ciuM
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  • Kennethhehe

    Hi everyone. It’s the person who makes PtC. PtC 15 is coming today soon, most likely after this blog. Before so, I’ll be rating all my episodes, feel free to agree/disagree. Note: I will not be finishing this today.

    1. The Beginning of A Journey (10/10)

    The O.G, the start, the beginning of PtC. When you first met Gary, omg so cute. The only thing in it was a decision and the rules of the game. Come to think of it, is it Protect The Chicken anymore?

    2. We Can Do Both Right? (6/10)

    There was a tie. That was the first (and still only) tie in the show, if I’m not mistaken. Also, some dialogue! The episode was meh though.

    3. You Wanna Join Our Team? (8/10)

    Arguably the most story-taking episode in the show. Maria, the talking chicken, joins the team …

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  • Naily1

    Hi everybody i'm the Naily from BFB

    I just had to get an account here my friend Rocky did and i was really bored TWO START TPOT ALREADY

    Anyway you can ask me anything in the replies section and I will probably answer it!!!!!!!!!!

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  • CrimsonRedGhoul

    Why Are So Many People Not Sterilized

    If Your Not Sterilized Your Having Sex, Which Is Straight Up Totally Bad.

    You Thinks It's Funny But In Reality It's Not, It's "Funny" Doings Aren't Even Funny, The Sexing Is Complete Failures.

    In BFB 6, Loser Unsterilized Cake With A "Basket" Which Is Totally Disrespectful, Later In The Episode, He Said That "To Protect Our Eyes" Which Is Absolutely Disrespectful And Not True, Loser Loves Sex Alot, Even Worse, HAS SEX WITH EVERYONE

    Sterilization Does Deserve Fans Because It Bullies Sex Who Is A Complete Jerk, If You Disagree Then You're A Lesbian #7261364878271

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  • BarfBagFan 2009

    I was trying to edit a template but... I accidentally messed it up.. So can you please fix it?


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  • Bluegirl79

    The episode starts at the night sky. Camera pan to a dance club called "Club Conk". Contestants from CBT are dancing in it. Clinko then advertises Club Conk.

    Clinko: "Hey, everyone. Have you learned to dance but too bored? Well come on down to CLUB CONK! Here we have a dance floor, some refreshments, and all those other stuff! Yeah, come on down today!"

    Neon Grassy was twirling around. While Beehive and Milkshake are swinging and froing. Gucci Flip Flop is doing the toture dance. Flamingo Plush is doing a flying dance.

    Neon Grassy: "You thought I was busy! But, no!"

    Beehive: "Yeah! Milkshake! Do it!"

    Milkshake: "UH, UH, UH, UH! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!"

    Gucci Flip Flop: "🎵Here comes the toture, yeah, yeah!🎵

    Flamingo Plush: "YEEEEAAAAHHH! I'm flying free…

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  • NebraskaSeemsNice
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  • NebraskaSeemsNice

    I am back

    July 12, 2020 by NebraskaSeemsNice


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  • BendyApproved

    Make me laugh

    July 12, 2020 by BendyApproved

    Give me a link of something that is considered funny in your eyes and ill give you a rating back of what I think of it. Thinking if its funny or not imo. (please no rick rolls)

    This blog is inspired by past blogs of the same subject like couple weeks or months ago (idk) so ill give credit that I aint the one who came up with this idea.


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  • LucyExposed
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  • RyuD

    My TPOT debuter auditions

    July 12, 2020 by RyuD
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  • Wiki Cat


    July 12, 2020 by Wiki Cat

    I know I'm a king, stock on my shoulder, I was sinkin'
    I ain't know that I could leave
    Pops called me king
    Gotta keep it brief
    Locked and load, I can see you lying through your teeth
    Fingers on my soul, this is 23
    Blood in the water, I was walking in my sleep
    Blood on my father, I forgot another dream
    I was playing with magic, hide blessings in my sleeve

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  • Isabeljolly115

    I Don't Get It

    July 12, 2020 by Isabeljolly115

    Why Are So Many People Liking Stapy,

    Stapy Is Mean To Innocent People, Which Is Straight Up Totally Bad.

    He Thinks He's Funny But In Reality He's Not, His "Funny" Doings Aren't Even Funny, The Pranks Are Complete Failures.

    In BFB 10, Stapy Called Clock A "What The Fulcrum" Which Is Totally Disrespectful, Later In The Episode, He Said That "My Stapler Instincts Made Me Do That" Which Is Absolutely Disrespectful And Not True, Stapy Loves Foldy Alot, Even Worse, She Attacks Others For His Love

    Stapy Doesn't Deserve Fans Because He Bullies BEEP And Is A Complete Jerk, If You Disagree Then You're A Croat #3

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  • NickTheSwampert

    Originality 100

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  • Randomerleafylover

    What’s with the “I don’t get it” posts

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  • Kogglyuffs

    messy color palettes

    July 12, 2020 by Kogglyuffs

    i feel unmotivated

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  • Miss Rose Official

    Dedicated to Cary and Michael Huang.

    ~ Miss Rose 🌹, 2020.

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