• Lolli56345

    random 3AM idea

    September 26, 2020 by Lolli56345

    i was thinking about making a BFDI Wiki News account on twitter (it would be way easier to write stuff, cuz sometimes i just think about some short ones that can't be expanded cuz it would ruin the joke), but i'm lazy so idc, if anyone is bored here's an idea i guess

    'bout the public that wouldn't understand wiki jokes, doesn't need to be only bfdi wiki, it can be bfdi and tpot related too

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  • Yellow-spider-kitty

    Okay Confession

    September 26, 2020 by Yellow-spider-kitty

    I like Undertale now.

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  • CowardousShiner

    Get out. They rarely make stuff like that video. They rarely check here. You’re not gonna get on a video.

    Also a federal law (COPPA) prohibits kids under 13 from making a FANDOM account.

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  • DasherTClasher

    what did u think

    leave ur answers below


    hows your day


    please comment

    im a normal low-effort trend blog with thousands of comments or something idk

    no offense to good blog makers your cool

    to be honest most people here are cool

    anyway go opinion

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  • NebraskaSeemsNice


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  • TheLittleLani

    There will be so many new users and many of them will surely be under 13.

    So many bans. :(

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  • Yotennon

    Lol Blocky red my comment

    September 26, 2020 by Yotennon

    BFB contestants React to WIki Comments

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  • Angrybirdjs

    ^ last

    after they finally migrated all wikis to UCP, you will never see me again

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  • Epichaxboi

    Yes or no

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  • Some AT-AT

    dead body reported!

    September 26, 2020 by Some AT-AT

    who do you think is the imposter?

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  • BFDI Rocky

    Total Shape World Among Us

    September 26, 2020 by BFDI Rocky

    Writing for TSWA 17 is currently in progress btw. This is just a side thing I just wrote for fun.


    • Rocky
    • Flash
    • Gaty
    • Kokichi
    • Octagon
    • Teardrop
    • Nonexisty Plush
    • Dying Firey
    • Naily
    • Pentagon

    There are 2 impostors among us

    Everyone spawns in the cafeteria

    Dying Firey: I'm dying

    Kokichi: Octagon sus

    Octagon: I haven't even moved

    Kokichi: Suspicious

    octagon: I'm going

    Octagon leaves

    Gaty: Okay, so we should go in p-

    Everyone's already gone

    Gaty: Oh

    Rocky and Naily are together

    Naily: I have 3 tasks in electrical I'm scared

    Rocky: Hopefully you can make it out

    Flash: LOVERS

    Naily: Stop

    Naily goes into the electrical

    Naily: Okay this isn't scary this isn't scary this isn't scary

    Naily starts doing her tasks. Cut to Admin where Octagon and Kokichi are. Octagon is having tro…

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  • IttisyoboiTaco

    TBC Tier List

    September 26, 2020 by IttisyoboiTaco

    Idk if people remember what tbc is but heres my tier list

    you can post urs in the comments if u want

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  • Bhk!eaff!bjksdfmjmjhsdFF!jghsdJj!h
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  • 3rd Account from Epic

    got a new pfp

    September 26, 2020 by 3rd Account from Epic

    i wanted to join the chain of charles pfp so i did

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  • LittleAwesomeApple

    Which TV show character do you think deserves more hate?

    I think Rose Quartz is the most underhated.

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  • Blubflubberfan27

    Gatherer: Ok, I've counted the votes and it was a tie. Mz, Is it OK if we have two guests on our show?

    Mz: Oh, what the heck. like it'll do any harm.

    Grandfather Clock: Thanks for weCLoming us both on the show.

    Metronome: I hope It's gonna be epic!

    Mz: As a matter of fact, It will!

    Metronome: Alright!

    Zoogina is walking with a cup of soda, when suddenly. SPLASH!!!

    Zoogina: OH NO!!!! I ruined Dotcom's Science Project!

    • Cuts to Dotcom walking in the hallway* Zoogina: I can't let her see this.

    Dotcom looks in the kitchen, after a half a second passed, she is extremely shocked!

    Dotcom: MY WORK!i!i!i!i! ALL soiled and... (start crying but no tears shed) ruined...

    Dotcom turns to Zoogina. She get "Ren from Ren and Stimpy angry" as a kettle sound effect play…

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  • Lolli56345


    September 25, 2020 by Lolli56345

    some random ones

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  • Yellow-spider-kitty
    • insert crossed armed furry*

    Not  sure it's the fact the show is more popular than ever, or the fact the show is a higher budget but these newer episodes. They are NOT GOOD.

    What happened? Four and X went form a loveable comedic duo to legitly a less bad grass version of Monokuma, Flower became a crybaby, Leafy is a Creator's Pet, Bubble is both, everyone else except maybe Firey is just unmemorable.

    The relationships are forced, the animation is to off, the voices feel like it's done in one take, but the worst part is the writing.

    Oh my god, litterally everything is LOL RANDUM XD, the pacing that needs to slow down, yes the original seasons had this, but they had quiet moments, here, litterally no one can breathe. 

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  • CreamsC2AB

    i'll put more in later, see ya}}

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  • Masterofpuppets692


    let me know if you wanna be added

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  • Some AT-AT

    I need help!

    September 25, 2020 by Some AT-AT

    the only thing you need is a sonic based item if you don't have any ideas for one like i do go here [1]

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  • FishyIconOfficial THE SEQUEL

    Thought this would be fun, only doing the first six episodes.

    Episode 1

    Malcom kills a man

    Alex gets his phone stolen

    Tim reads a cookbook

    Episode 2

    Alex and Shade reenact a scene from The Princess Bride

    Safety Ninja sings about sausages

    Jameson decides to commit arson

    Episode 3

    A big fish summons the kraken

    Tim comes out as gay

    Alex becomes the chosen one

    Episode 4

    Malcom actually shows stress for the first time.

    Tim thinks he’s immortal

    Alex accidentally sets fire to the Mayor’s mansion

    Episode 5

    Alex meets his life-long hero

    Tim buys a bobble head

    Malcom says trans rights

    Episode 6

    Jameson has a gay panic

    Tim and Alex get a crush

    Malcom drinks an entire punch bowl

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  • TheObjectThing15

    help ! they went in the lobster machine and turned into lobsters !!!

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  • Yotennon

    Gaty, TV, Cake

    September 25, 2020 by Yotennon
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  • Minerador Slime


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  • Yotennon

    Will be uploading in a bit

    September 25, 2020 by Yotennon
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  • Spongefan15
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  • CircleFromAnotherUniverse

    Im gonna kill you if you dont tell me

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  • Yonnex101


    September 25, 2020 by Yonnex101

    i literally have no idea on how people make their own background on there userpage instead of the normal BFB background image help hsfgsfs

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  • CompostyYT

    Y'know what, screw it

    September 25, 2020 by CompostyYT

    I was planning on waiting until my first break from school (in October) to start FITB 2, but I'm home alone all day tomorrow so I think I might just start it then. Not to mention the longer I leave it, the more likely people are to forget or lose interest in the idea of a second season. It's only been a week and a half since FITB ended, but I want something creative to do other than my YT vids, because that drains motivation like a goddamn leech.

    Ramble over. Also note that there's gonna be signup challenge this time, although everyone might get in depending on how many signup.

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  • Existsnot

    BFB Team

    September 25, 2020 by Existsnot
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  • Kogglyuffs

    air conditioner noises

    September 25, 2020 by Kogglyuffs

    i wanna eat salt dont ask

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  • YTPmachine123

    Inspired by NebraskaSeemsNice

    Favorite restaurant is McDonalds

    Fan of Lollipop

    Likes watching YTPs

    Likes Monstercat

    Likes relaxation music

    Favorite restaurant is Dairy Queen

    18 years old

    Fan of Flower

    Fan of Coiny

    Subscribed to Humany

    Favorite BFB OST is Lighto

    15 years old

    Makes YTPs

    Likes Pepsi

    19 years old

    Likes MelloYello

    Dislikes Pencil

    Misses RandomerLeafyLover

    Plays My Singing Monsters

    Favorite food is Hamburgers

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  • Minerador Slime

    A Ms. Carriage

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  • Blubflubberfan27

    this is not a voting to be eliminated. this is like Zoog Disney, you vote for what you want to happen.

    the cast:

    Mz: Welcome Everyone to this episode of...

    Random Audience: MZ'S TALK SHOW!!!!!

    Mz: This week, We have a special guest, Tell them who it is, Joe.

    Joe: Uuuuuuuum...

    Mz: Uhh. I'm sorry, do you not know who the guest is?

    Joe: To be honest... no.

    Mz: Well I Tell you that I... have no idea who the guest is either.

    Audience: *Gasps*

    Joe: What are we gonna do now?

    Gatherer: Hey, Why don't we have the zoogers vote on two guests.

    Mz: ... Well you know what they say. Mz's Talk Show... is a Show you DO!

    Vote for either Grandfather Clock and Metronome.

    Voting ends in 2 hours.

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  • CreamsC2AB

    random things i did

    September 25, 2020 by CreamsC2AB

    make a "Comment an OC and i'll" blog

    fix issue with BC2's left arm

    defeat The Twins in Terraria

    unlock Gold Mario

    beat Mario Kart DS

    use VideoEditBot

    watch a VHS

    beat Super Mario Bros. 2

    get the Biggoron's sword

    win a game of Among Us

    perform the Wu Shi finger technique

    make a 4th NB OC

    watch a RealMouth ASMR video

    play AC:NH


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  • IttisyoboiTaco

    For my like 3 viewers

    If u don't know what sh0w is, here's the first episode

    No Poop Jokes Allowed!

    I might rewrite episode 1 if I really feel like it but I'm just trying to move on and actually have 2 episodes

    (Btw this is read only, but there will probably more images than just thumbnail and voting screen next episode)

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  • Yotennon

    So far Ive done...

    September 25, 2020 by Yotennon

    Leafy, Teardrop,Lollipop, Dora, Grassy, Snowball, David, Blocky, Eraser, Coiny, Needle, 8-Ball, Basketball, Taco, Liy, Firey Jr., Bell,Roboty, (small)Ice Cube, Loser, and Fanny

    Im wonderin who should I go for next?

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  • Moonzst4r


    September 25, 2020 by Moonzst4r


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  • CircleFromAnotherUniverse

    with another oc the hangman one was a joke

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  • IttisyoboiTaco

    Sh** only Taco says

    September 25, 2020 by IttisyoboiTaco
    • Taco is a good character
    • Man, there should be more furry ocs
    • I don't like BFB 7
    • EPIC
    • BFDIA is a good season
    • I'm so cool
    • Popcorn sux (not the user, the food)

    Uh that's probably all the unpopular opinions

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  • Existsnot

    Blog Post Paper

    September 25, 2020 by Existsnot

    |gender = * Male (as new)

    • Female (as old)|species = A blog post of a paper|team = * BFDIA: Team No-Name (formerly), W.O.A.H. Bunch/FreeSmart
    • BFB: Bleh/Team Ice Cube!|episode = * BFDIA: N/A
    • BFB: The Escape from Four
    • TPOT: TBA|place = * BFDIA: Top 17
    • BFB: 15th (tied to complete on TPOT|allies = * BFDI: Everyone (except enemies)
    • BFDIA:
      • Nickel
      • Bomby
      • Book
      • Yellow Face
      • Ruby
      • Puffball
      • Fries
      • Gelatin
      • Dora
      • Donut
    • BFB: Everyone (except enemies)
      • Snowball onwards|enemies = * BFDI:
      • David
      • Pen
    • BFDIA: Everyone else
    • BFB:
      • Fanny
      • Flower
      • Bomby
      • Book
      • Gelatin (formerly)
      • David(one-sided)
      • Snowball before }}
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  • Spongefan15

    I Need Help

    September 25, 2020 by Spongefan15
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  • Existsnot


    September 25, 2020 by Existsnot

    |considered_name = The BEEP|members = * Woody

    • Nickel
    • Roboty
    • Leafy
    • David
    • Balloony
    • Cloudy
    • Rocky|demonyms = BEEP|created_in = Battle for BFDI|first_appeared = Getting Teardrop to Talk|last_appeared = The Escape from Four|wins = 10|losses = 3}}
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  • Yotennon

    Here's Grassy!

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  • Grassies United 2020

    imyay ayay isheterocay individualyay ithway onay iendsfray inyay ealray ifelay

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  • FishyIconOfficial THE SEQUEL

    So wazzup. Here’s how to improve your writing. It’s been said many times, especially recently, that you should ignore the haters, and as long as you like what you make that’s all that matters! This is dumb. You shouldn’t ignore constructive criticism, but you also can’t expect to impress anyone. There’s a fine line you should be walking. Okay onto the actual post.

    So let me give an example conversation, using two of my characters, Fishy Icon and Paddle

    FI: “Oh no! I can’t believe we lost!”

    Paddle: “Yeah and it’s all your fault! You’re useless! I hope you get out!”

    (Hard cut to voting screen)

    There’s a way to get this same point across in a more realistic way while also adding an extra layer of comedy! Check this out.

    FI: “We lost? Oh no! Well, w…

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  • FishyIconOfficial THE SEQUEL


    September 25, 2020 by FishyIconOfficial THE SEQUEL

    So, I thought it would be fun to do daily character reveals for our new object show! Yesterday I revealed Sock, today we reveal...

    ICE CREAM! Ice Cream is a fun character design wise, as their eyes are sprinkles. Anyway, will they win? Stay tuned!

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  • NebraskaSeemsNice

    it was "bowzesty"

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  • Randomfrog

    Today's episode of Object Daily is sponsored by the Glammer. Love the sleekness of glass but the feel of a hammer in your hand? We've combined the best of both worlds. Buy a glass hammer today!

    Peppie, Pink Latte, and Holey are seen walking through the woods. 

    Pink Latte: Kyle? KYLEEEE!

    Peppie Can: I don't think we'll ever find him doing this.

    Pink Latte turns to Holey.

    Pink Latte: You can't use a Kyle magnet or something?

    Holey: Don't be stupid! There's no such thing as a Kyle magnet.

    The shot cuts to Indy, digging through the snow. He perks up.

    Indy: Hey, I found him!

    Indy pulls Kyle the Kitten out of a pile of snow, still in his cast.

    Kyle the Kitten: What's up?

    Holey: There you are, Kyle! Y'know, that was really irresponsible of you to just leave …

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