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WilliamIskandar14 WilliamIskandar14 8 hours ago

The Farmers

The Farmers, Known as the Garden Team, is a team formed in TGPOT.

It was played by Five, and Tapoz.

Coming soon.

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Rabbidpony Rabbidpony 19 hours ago

Chikn Nuggit Doesn’t Want To Upset Cheezborger

Chikn Nuggit: CHEEZBORGER! Please let me know if I ever make you upset or uncomfortable with my dumb pranks. Or when I break the laws of psychics.

Cheezborger: Whuh? Don’t worry! You never upset me! I think it’s funny! But I appreciate you double-checking.

Chikn Nuggit: *Sniff* Of course.

Cheezborger: You’re not the only one that can break psychics, y’know.

Chikn Nuggit: Oh yeah! Huh?

Cheezborger becomes a masculine anime character*

Chikn Nuggit: WHA!!!


Chikn Nuggit and Cheezborger belong to Chikn.Nuggit.

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Ceefy Ceefy 1 day ago


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WilliamIskandar14 WilliamIskandar14 1 day ago

TGPOT - Transcript

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Rabbidpony Rabbidpony 2 days ago

Regret Message (BFB 28, possible spoilers warning) (2022 Remake)

(The video starts with Four and X back before BFDI was even a thing. (As shown in “X Finds Out His Value”). X is walking to the beach when he suddenly notices Four)

X: Oh, hey Four!

Four: Hey, X.

X: What are you doing?

Four: Oh, not much. I’m just sending a message.

X: Well, you don’t look like you’re sending a message... you look like you’re catching fish.

Four: That’s because I’m sending a message in a bottle.

X: Um... you’re doing what?

Four: It’s a tradition us numbers do. You see, when we have a wish we are sure we REALLY want to come true, we write it down on a piece of paper and fold it up, and then we place it in an empty glass bottle and then we send it across the ocean. If the bottle successfully reaches the other side without being mess…

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Kogglyuffs Kogglyuffs 3 days ago

happy dramaversary to me

wooooooooo what a great turn of things.... great...

so yeah, 4 years in this shithole is a bit too much, dont ya think? like, theres been other who stayed longer.. 6.. 7 years? but thats the least important.. maybe i'll see this place with nostalgia (only mainspace though), but lets get real, theres really nothing to do around here but seeing discussioners being assholes to eachother and acting like some sort of brainless cult, its tiring seeing the same shit go down so often over stupid reasons just because discussions cant keep shit in peace for more than an hour

imma give props to louis shahla, ziin, marsh for trying to keep mainspace alive, even if nobody talked for a while now, but its appreciated

as for now, will bfdi wiki still be cons…

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Rabbidpony Rabbidpony 3 days ago

Chikn Nuggit Trades With Cheezborger And Raspberry

Chikn Nuggit: Let’s trade.

Chikn Nuggit turns into cat*

Chikn Nuggit: MEOW.

Chikn Nuggit and Cheezborger belong to Chikn.Nuggit.

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SomeoneFromBrazil SomeoneFromBrazil 3 days ago

An Unpopular Opinion

Pie x Cake > Loser x Cake

Pie x Cake is in my top 5 favorite ships

Loser x Cake is GARBAGE

And before you say "But that doesn't really make sense!", remember, nothing in our universe makes sense. Every day or fewer, more weird shenanigans are going to happen. so by

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Cystic again Cystic again 4 days ago

what is this

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Rabbidpony Rabbidpony 4 days ago

Don’t Talk Over Cheezborger

Slushi: So crazy, isn’t it? Hehe!

Iscream: Oh yeah!

Fwench Fwy: So what’s really funny about doing that is that you can never fully predict how it’s going to turn out!

Cheezborger: Oh yeah! That reminds me-

Iscream: Well, that’s why you REALLY got to pay attention when doing it!

Chikn Nuggit: EVERYBODY SHHHHHH! Chee was talking! Go ahead, Chee.

Raspberry: Wait, what are we even talking about?

I was supposed to do this yesterday but I couldn’t log in.

The characters (Excluding Raspberry) belong to Chikn.Nuggit.

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15804aaa 15804aaa 5 days ago

BFTFWFA 2: Get Pulling

South Korea: Let's try and come up with a team name.

Donut: Please tell me you did not just say that!

South Korea: Why?

Donut: Just forget it!

South Korea: Donut, we need a way to indentify ourselves.

Donut: Whatever.

South Korea: Glowstick, what happened?

Glowstick: Last night, I got nervous about being eliminated, so I got all sweaty.

South Korea: But this isn't sweat, it's ooze.

Glowstick: Uh, glowsticks sweat ooze, not water.

South Korea: Anyway, got any team names?

Glowstick: I know, The Glowstick-South Korea-Donut bunch.

South Korea: Seriously, that's all you can come up with?

Glowstick: Give me a break, i'm bad at naming things!

South Korea: I can roll like a wheel, you're covered in ooze and Donut's got a hole! Wheel Ooze a Hole Bunch!!!!

Donut: …

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15804aaa 15804aaa 5 days ago

BFTFWFA 1: Yeah, Who I Wanna Know?

It starts with DRC being chased by several contestants.

China: Don;t you think we're taking this too far?

Delaware: Don't You want the Finale With Flower?

China: Uh, yeah I do, but we don't have to capture DRC do we?

Delaware: If we let DRC escape, he'll steal the finale with flower!

China: Which way did he went?

Iran: Well, he went that way!

Alabama: Iran, Iran just use the DRC detector. Why can you prospect when you can detect?

The continue chasing DRC.

DRC: Blue skidoo we can too.

The map gets ripped.

Iran: Hey guys! Look!


Poof- 1,008

Delaware- 892

Indonesia- 724

North Korea- 606

Bowser Junior- 585

USA- 582

China- 552

Pitchfork- 489

Glowstick- 456

Dora- 439

South Korea- 405

Alabama- 381

Georgia- 359

Golf Ball- 334

Tennis Ball- 320

Bracelety- 315

Donut:- 313


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ThatOneTreey ThatOneTreey 6 days ago

if you didnt know i have a dave and bambi show

yes i have a object show but they are humans from dave's fun algebra class and fnf

btw your last chance to vote because i posted that a week ago

oh and im sorry, the audio is quiet lol

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Tikoinnit Tikoinnit 6 days ago

rp ideas

  • book babysits lightning
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BlueJ73 BlueJ73 6 days ago

shadow says

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BlueJ73 BlueJ73 6 days ago


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Ceefy Ceefy 7 days ago

deez nuts

moo -ceefy ceefy ceefy- -ceefy ceefy ceefy- -ceefy ceefy ceefy- -ceefy ceefy ceefy- -ceefy ceefy ceefy- -ceefy ceefy ceefy- -ceefy ceefy ceefy- -ceefy ceefy ceefy- -ceefy ceefy ceefy- -ceefy ceefy ceefy- -ceefy ceefy ceefy- -ceefy ceefy ceefy- -ceefy ceefy ceefy- -ceefy ceefy ceefy-

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Aidenlisten Aidenlisten 7 days ago

Pen watches a movie (Non-canon)

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Grasserina Grasserina 7 days ago

BFB 7: Play volleyball if you want

I translated the whole script of The Liar Ball You Don't Want into a bunch of languages. Enjoy.

Note: This is the second Google Translated BFB episode with "volleyball" in the title.

  • 1 have good cards
  • 2 After the sermon
    • 2.1 The first cake you play
    • 2.2 Fill the cake
  • 3 clearly relaxed
    • 3.1 Join JavaBreaker
    • 3.2 Insert the legs.
  • 4 Kada ABNTT
  • 5 competition
  • 6 Bowling alley
  • 7 It's easy
  • 8 PACT is another result. ᲡDeath!
  • 9 Music is playing

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NateGoesNutsAgain NateGoesNutsAgain 7 days ago


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BlueJ73 BlueJ73 7 days ago

hmmm, oc?


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Cystic again Cystic again 7 days ago

Vote Yoylecake but switched characters pretty much

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Cystic again Cystic again 7 days ago

dialogue ysfgsytg

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Rabbidpony Rabbidpony 7 days ago

Reality Is Often Dissapointing

Slushi: It sucks... being told we're gonna get all these great things by our parents appreciation... but reality has shattered those sweet dreams!

Sody Pop: You listen here! My generation already knows reality is harsh! We see it! We gotta keep fighting for what we want! C'mon! Let's work hard!

Raspberry: Sody Pop is right! Don't give up now, Slushi!

Slushi: *sniff* You right.

Slushi and Sody Pop belong to Chikn.Nuggit.

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NateGoesNutsAgain NateGoesNutsAgain 7 days ago

BFL 1: It's Time For Waffles!

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Angrybirbjs Angrybirbjs 7 days ago

blog posts are useless

and i dont know why

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Grasserina Grasserina 7 days ago

BFB 9: It's part of the game of volleyball.

I translated the whole script of This Episode Is About Basketball into a bunch of languages. Enjoy.

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WindowsWiki WindowsWiki 8 days ago

Match your Loser

"Match your Loser" is the second episode of IDFB, the third season of BFDI, and the 63rd episode overall.

It was released on November 25, 2021, exactly 5 years and 1 and half month after it's original release date. This was the longest hiatus in BFDI history.

The episode takes place 5 years after the events of IDFB 1, looking into the new life of the objects living in Yoyle City.

The main reason why it was not released on time was because of School. 5 years and 1 and half month later, it was finally released as expected by most people.

This was Created by Super Dean, Not jacknjellify. If you want to see the real version, Go Here.

TV Shows the votes, and a portal for Match to get out opens. She Gets out, and the sender scoop thrower returns to get…

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Grasserina Grasserina 8 days ago

BFB 6: The document is too far

I translated the whole script of Four Goes Too Far into a bunch of languages. Enjoy.

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La Hoops La Hoops 10 days ago


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Rabbidpony Rabbidpony 10 days ago

Chikn Nuggit Made You A Breakfast

Chikn Nuggit: I made you a breakfast 'cause I love you and I hope stuff gets better for you.

Y/N: Ty but who are-


Chikn Nuggit belongs to Chikn.Nuggit.

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The real miguel diehl The real miguel diehl 9 days ago

Professor Pipe

John Alan Pipe II also known as Professor Pipe is the name of a rich and unknown character with a mexican butler named Paulo Sombrero which also lives in a castle called "Jasper Bay" where his past members of his family lived and tried chasing Bubble for stealing a toy from wallgreens which doesn't even make any sense, he even builded 2 robots, Boombox.exe and Evil Puffball but both were Destroyed by SuperTennis and was obliterated by his laser when fighting him Sombrero on the other hand fleed to become the butler of the next member of the Pipe family

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Grasserina Grasserina 10 days ago

All of the BFDI episode titles badly translated into funny nonsense

  • 1 Season 1
  • 2 Season 2
  • 3 Season 3
  • 4 Season 4
  • 5 Season 5

  • I will sell a table / 1 pc.
  • Go to Section 2.
  • Obstacles and pitfalls
  • Are you smarter than rock?
  • funny couple
  • Need more money
  • Third force
  • secret
  • circle of life
  • Medicine is a nightmare.
  • Shout for joy!
  • It is open
  • join the competition
  • Don’t lose your possessions
  • It's called your best half-bread.
  • otherwise
  • Make a cake now!
  • Kissiwi
  • New statement.
  • from English
  • Garden heroes
  • Oka
  • Do not touch my body
  • What I was thinking was wrong!
  • Repair 2
  • jump again

  • Yes, I know who he is?
  • G.M.B.A.
  • Solution 3:
  • Holy places
  • Pick up the car yourself.
  • BFDIA 5B (yes, unchanged)
  • No more snow! (yes, this one was also unchanged)
  • Already
  • Guel City has been missing for a long time

  • Go

  • You call
  • The road to freedom
  • You work on a swing set
  • There is a special place today
  • I am…

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Infinityblade2995 Infinityblade2995 11 days ago

sup yall

lets talk

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Grasserina Grasserina 11 days ago

BFB 19: How is it planted?

I translated the whole script of How Loe Can You Grow? into Google Translate. I hope you enjoy.

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Saonyx Saonyx 11 days ago


4x.......................... yea

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15804aaa 15804aaa 11 days ago

BFDI but the votes are doubled

BFDI 18's elimination votes don't count because it's the conetstants voting.

  • 1 BFDI 2
  • 2 BFDI 3
  • 3 BFDI 4
  • 4 BFDI 5
  • 5 BFDI 6
  • 6 BFDI 7
  • 7 BFDI 9
  • 8 BFDI 10
  • 9 BFDI 11
  • 10 BFDI 12
  • 11 BFDI 13
  • 12 BFDI 14
  • 13 BFDI 15
  • 14 BFDI 16
  • 15 BFDI 17
  • 16 BFDI 18
  • 17 BFDI 19
  • 18 BFDI 20
  • 19 BFDI 21
  • 20 BFDI 22
  • 21 BFDI 23
  • 22 BFDI 24
  • 23 BFDI 25

Votes: 7

Doubled: 14

Tennis Ball: 2

Sam: 2

Golf Ball: 2

Flower: 8

Votes: 12

Doubled: 24

Pen: 2

Firey: 2

Match: 2

Blocky: 4

Woody: 6

Spongy: 8

Votes: 12

Doubled: 24

Match: 2

Pin: 2

Woody: 8

Blocky: 12

Votes: 14

Doubled: 28

Match: 2

Eraser: 2

Pin: 6

Woody: 18

Votes: 13

Doubled: 26

Bubble: 2

Firey: 2

Match: 2

Eraser: 4

Pen: 6

Pin: 10

Votes: 18

Doubled: 36

Ice Cube: 2

Coiny: 10

Needle: 12(24)

Votes: 28

Doubled: 56

Woody: 2

Pin: 8

Spongy: 8

Flower: 8

Needle: 14

Blocky: 16

Votes: 29

Doubled: 58

Ice Cube: 2

Blcoky: 4

Leafy: 6


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StopSignIsWiki StopSignIsWiki 11 days ago

Happi new year!! (late)

yeah happy new year! this was late. sorry :P

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Jasperze Jasperze 12 days ago


} for me! Why do you think I hate you anyway!" — Sussy baka fard uwu |body=This user ruined } for everyone. |accent=

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Rabbidpony Rabbidpony 12 days ago

Cheezborger Crimes

Chikn Nuggit: You little rascal! What do you have to say for yourself?

Cheezborger: Mew!

Chikn Nuggit: Understood. You are clear of all crimes.

Raspberry: Wait, when did Cheezborger commit crimes?

Chikn Nuggit and Cheezborger belong to Chikn.Nuggit.

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Gcachoni3 Gcachoni3 13 days ago

Twow Prompt Blog

here's where you send your responses

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Sylveon Silverstream 9A Sylveon Silverstream 9A 14 days ago


dia inspired by Derpyunikitty

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Rabbidpony Rabbidpony 14 days ago

It’s my birthday today

Happy birthday to me! Hehe

Also, I'm 14 years old now if you were wondering.

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Derek2005 Derek2005 15 days ago

Latin American TV Networks Community Sucks

Damn, this is a bad life for People who loves TV Networks

it was Started at 2002 from a chilean talk forum Foro Televisión por cable (formerly known as Network54 until it been acquired by Tapatalk) and people are talking what's new in tv.

at 2006 people created fictonal tv Channels from a chilean talk forum Fotech.

but it was changed at April 10th 2008 when three friends created a Talk Forum called Logos de Canales in this site people archived some channel guides and logos of TV Networks, at 2009 they created their famous topic about MTV Latin America branding created by a user from argentina called Humberito , in 2012 it was renamed as Foromedios and users archived more channel guides and logos of TV Networks, as well created ko-fi section and their yo…

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Candycatfan80 Candycatfan80 15 days ago

How many episodes each contestant spent competing

In this blog I will be counting how many episodes each contestant spent competing. FYI this is just for fun. The episode a contestant is eliminated in (before this elimination happens) doesn't count (for example "Zeeky Boogy Doog" won't count for Teardrop).

This goes in alphabetical order. The last episode of the season that the character competed in is linked.

To be updated.

  • 1 8-Ball
  • 2 Balloony
  • 3 Barf Bag
  • 4 Basketball
  • 5 Bell
  • 6 Black Hole
  • 7 Blocky
  • 8 Bomby
  • 9 Book
  • 10 Bottle
  • 11 Bracelety
  • 12 Bubble
  • 13 Cake
  • 14 Clock
  • 15 Cloudy
  • 16 Coiny
  • 17 David
  • 18 Donut
  • 19 Dora
  • 20 Eggy
  • 21 Eraser
  • 22 Fanny
  • 23 Firey
  • 24 Firey Jr.
  • 25 Flower
  • 26 Foldy
  • 27 Fries
  • 28 Gaty
  • 29 Gelatin
  • 30 Golf Ball
  • 31 Grassy
  • 32 Ice Cube
  • 33 Leafy
  • 34 Lightning
  • 35 Liy
  • 36 Lollipop
  • 37 Loser
  • 38 Marker
  • 39 Match
  • 40 Naily
  • 41 Needle
  • 42 Nickel
  • 43 Pen
  • 44 Pencil
  • 45 Pie
  • 46 Pillow
  • 47 Pin
  • 48 Puffball

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Tuuuuuuuh can edit now Tuuuuuuuh can edit now 15 days ago


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Aidenlisten Aidenlisten 16 days ago

Windows 3.1

This article is about the consumer operating system released in 1992. For the version of Windows NT released in 1993, see Windows NT 3.1.

Windows 3.1 is a series of 16-bit operating environments produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, released on April 6, 1992. The series began with Windows 3.1, which was first sold during April 1992 as a successor to Windows 3.0. Subsequent versions were released between 1992 and 1993, notably Windows 3.11, until the series was superseded by the Windows 9x series starting in 1995 with Windows 95. During its lifespan, Windows 3.1 introduced several enhancements to the still MS-DOS-based platform, including improved system stability, expanded support for multimedia, TrueType fonts, and workgroup networking.

On D…

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Rabbidpony Rabbidpony 16 days ago

RIP 2021

Two 1#, Zero, Two 2# and One are hanging out together when suddenly Two 3# shows up*

Two 3#: Hey, One!

One: Hey, Two! What brings you here?

Two 3#: I've come to take your place.

One: Wait, what-

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2021, hello 2022!

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Aidenlisten Aidenlisten 17 days ago

Windows 95

"Windows 4.0" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Windows NT 4.0.

Windows 95 is a consumer-oriented operating system developed by Microsoft as part of its Windows 9x family of operating systems. The first operating system in the 9x family, it is the successor to Windows 3.1x, and was released to manufacturing on August 15, 1995, and generally to retail on August 24, 1995. Windows 95 merged Microsoft's formerly separate MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows products, and featured significant improvements over its predecessor, most notably in the graphical user interface (GUI) and in its simplified "plug-and-play" features. There were also major changes made to the core components of the operating system, such as moving from a mainly cooperatively multitasked…

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Aidenlisten Aidenlisten 17 days ago


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