• Sponchii2

    If so, fill me with your knowledge and wisdom

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  • MapleSugarThirty-Three

    since the other one had it's comments disabled, and it seemed like y'all were really enjoying that, so I decided to make my own. Yeah, original idea is not by me, ya da ya da. Comments won't be disabled anytime soon, so smoothie away my friends, SMOOTHIE AWAY!

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  • Walten Paperclips

    Enter the Token Store!

    Hello, pals 'n' gals! Welcome back to IDFB for Bottle!

    Alright, so the voting is finally over, Dead End lost, one will go home, yadda yadda yadda... Let's show those results, pleaze!

    Fortune Cookie Bottle used a Win Token, therefore half of his votes won't count.

    We got 15 votes!

    The first one safe is Fortune Cookie Bottle with 0 votes! (you wasted your Win Token, boi)

    Next one safe, with only 1 vote, is Bottle in a Bottle in a Bottle Bottle!

    That leaves it to Faygo, Magical Eyeless Bottle and Rainbow Glitter Bottle! Who's going home? Oooh boy...

    The last two people safe with 3 votes each are...

    Faygo and Rainbow Glitter Bottle!

    Magical Eyeless Bottle, with 8 votes, you're elimin8ed. It's a shame to see you go.

    Whelp, that's a wrap for…

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  • MapleSugarThirty-Three


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  • AnonymousUser987654321

    I'll implement the ships I like the most into my new fanfic idea.

    Already Using: Coineedle (Coiny and Needle), Bubbleraser (Bubble and Eraser), Bombcube (Bomby and Ice Cube), Snower (Snowball & Flower)

    Banned Ships: Fireafy (Firey and Leafy), any ship involving Firey in gereral, Clockbag (Clock and Barf Bag), Coinpin (Coiny and Pin), any ship involving the four mechanical minds (TV, Remote, Robot Flower, and Roboty),

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  • Sourphie

    your pets

    November 17, 2019 by Sourphie

    they're fine

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  • YTPmachine123

    Voice Reveal.

    November 17, 2019 by YTPmachine123

    I'm so nervous about doing this... I kinda sound younger than I actually am but I'm 18...

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  • TheNerdyChive835

    9 voters cast 45 votes.

    Foldy, Nickel, Grassy, Roboty, Leafy, and Cake got votes.

    Grassy got 3.

    Foldy, Leafy, and Cake got 5.

    Nickel got 12.

    Roboty is out with 15.

    56th: Roboty

    9 voters cast 40 votes.

    Team RC got 0.

    Teams 1 and 3 got 5.

    Team 4 got 13.

    Team 2 loses again with 17.

    Eliminate someone on Team 2! (You get 5 votes)

    [A}- Needle

    [B]- Bracelety

    [C]- Ruby

    [D]- Nickel

    [E]- Bomby

    [F]- Cake

    [G]- Coiny

    [H]- Lollipop

    [I]- Grassy

    [J]- Foldy

    [K]- Leafy

    Vote for a team to lose! (You get 5 votes)

    [01]- Team 1

    [02]- Team 2

    [03]- Team 3

    [04]- Team 4

    [05]- Team RC

    Voting ends November 19, 2019 at 4:00 PM CST.

    Episode 6 comes out November 19, 2019 at 4:10 PM CST.

    Team 1

    Team 2

    Team 3

    Team 4

    Team RC


    Bolf Gall


    Jelly Ball


    Scaredy Square


    Placement Contestant Episode Eli…

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  • Datscreechdoe

    Object show story

    November 17, 2019 by Datscreechdoe

    Inspired by AnonymousUser987654321.  You can use any characters, oc's, and more!

    If you don't know how dias work, read whats below.

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  • Kirby da ball 1234


    In January 31st 1999, I was in gods world in my birth, waiting for my first day in the world,

    I was crying because I wanted to go to the world, suddenly, god said: "You have to wait"

    in February 2000, God said that I had 2 years before my scheduled birth,

    In March 20, 2002, I was born, "finally in the world" I said in my mind,

    In April as of 2009,I had made friends, I was nervous to talk to them, but we went to play and laugh!

    In May as of 2009, I met 2 brothers, we played with thm too!

    In June in 2009, I somewhat learned some stuff on Some website i know that was not in my history.

    In December 2009, I relized that i played Nintendo games, I mostly played Kirby all the time

    this is where i got into Kirby, I've bee…

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  • EmzyWenzy64

    smoothie challenge

    November 17, 2019 by EmzyWenzy64

    sequel to one of my blogs

    objective is a user add ingredients after every 12 comments, the 13th one gets to taste it

    note that you can do this more than once!

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  • BattleReviews

    2 of Diamonds (Team Leader), Supertheoboy2, Honey Block, Square, Cup, Christmas Unicorn, Fry, 2 of Hearts, Comic Book, Gharrstomp.

    Rook (Team Leader), Yo-Yo, Ramon Noodles, Water Bag, Nuke, White Hole, Sword, Slimey, S'more, Beach Ball, Sans, Nick Games, Neon Grassy.

    2 of Diamonds: Sunshot Token, Firey Token, Shard Token.

    2 of Hearts: None.

    Beach Ball: None.

    Blue Lightning: Cat Token (26th)

    Christmas Unicorn: Aciter Token

    Comic Book: None

    Cup: Cat Token, Slime Token, Glitch Token.

    Flower Lollipop: Victory Token. (25th)

    Fry: Sunshot Token, Slime Token.

    Gharrstomp: None.

    Honey Block: Victory Token

    Neon Grassy: Faygo Token, Shard Token.

    Nick Games: Sunshot Token, Victory Token.

    Nuke: Firey Token, Glitch Token.

    Ramon Noodles: Glitch Token, Victory Token.


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  • AnonymousUser987654321

    BFDI Story

    November 17, 2019 by AnonymousUser987654321

    I'm bored, so lets make a story with BFDI characters. One dia box character per comment, but you can use any one character as much as you want.

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  • Kirby da ball 1234

    Comment to be a random name

    First to comment will get a random template

    another version due to the other one having comments deleted

    Any  promoted users will get TAGGED!

    mmm, pancaiks

    Nerdy Lightning


    Comic Hand

    YouTube Poop


    A Grey Book [CONTENT MOD]


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  • CowardousShiner

    Mini Twow 1A

    November 17, 2019 by CowardousShiner

    It's time for TWOW 0C! I made a mistake, this is 0C, not 1A

    I lied about episodes coming on Monday, the weekend is more convenient for me (I use EST)

    Twow 1 aye will come next weekend, I'm not following a strict schedule, things change. 

    Here's how the lettering goes:

    In Twow, Bee episodes give a prompt, then the next A shows the contestants' entries. The next B episode shows the voting results, along with more data analysis, and another prompt is given.


    Looks like this camp is pretty popular! We got 261 votes (sorry BFDI Rocky, you need to put in the effort) by...

    4 voters? It seems we got some CowardousShiners among us. However that wasn't me, it was AirlineCruiselineEditor!

    Now, insane commenters, go fashionably extinguish him.…

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  • OfficalBalloony459 V2
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  • Your English Teacher

    Hello class. It's me your English teacher Mrs butter nugget. 

    I'm here to give you students a brake by me doing this blog and giving you the list for Novemeber on which page is visited the most on the BFDI wiki. And I know this for a fact because these users show up mostly for the results on people you're searching for, these 10 users were also recommended in the searching bar so therefore they are very viewed (Just like how Woody's page is appears first on the searching list if you're looking for BFDI contestants, and his page is popular) but you can still say this is wrong because things change. 

    But anyway here you go: 

    (I'm aslo gonna do the rank change for those who showed up on the last list) 

    10: User: AcidicAlkalii 

    9: User: OfficalBall…

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  • Marsium

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  • Cosmic Studios

    I'm Back Fulltime

    November 17, 2019 by Cosmic Studios

    Ok so I'm back fulltime now! I will be on the wiki atleast once every 2 weeks.

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  • Six678


    November 17, 2019 by Six678


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  • JDancer2017
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  • Epichaxboi
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  • CerealBoxDude

    I'm Back!

    November 17, 2019 by CerealBoxDude

    also it my bday

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  • BattleReviews

    Name Votes % Vote
    Beach Ball 1 4%
    Candy Paint 0 0%
    Neon Grassy 0 0%
    Nick Games 3 13%
    Nuke 5 22%
    Ramon Noodles 0 0%
    Rook 1 4%
    Sans 3 13%
    S'more 0 0%
    Slimey 0 0%
    Sword 0 0%
    White Hole 3 13%
    Yo-yo 7 30%

    • Sign-up fast who knows how fast.
    • Name
    • Picture (Optional)
    • Gender
    • Personality
    • Extra Information (Also optional)
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  • Person1631

    you can vote for episode 6 too since there was no episodes in the last few days episode 6 and 7 are both released at the same time. the person with the most votes in episode 6 and the person with the most votes in episode 7 will both die in episode 8

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  • TheShinyLucarioMaster

    Coineedle. This was the first BFDI ship ever and it made me stop hating ships altogether, I hated ships because of the shippings that involved Cuphead and Mugman and because of Amourshipping, and I kinda caused some drama on Cuphead Wiki about the Cupbro x Female Boss ships but don't judge me. But then I realised in late July that Coineedle was a kinda good ship and so I stopped hating shipping altogether, I even made fanart of it in early August.

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  • Person1631

    VWSD (rc version) 6

    November 17, 2019 by Person1631

    vote in the comments

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  • Minerador Slime

    Meet Cloudy and Balloony

    They both perform experiments on their eggs

    Because of that Youtube Channel with weird edits that no one watches anymore, not even me

    And therefore I think you should question more

    if Minerador really is the funniest user here

    Meet Balloony

    In this series, he isn't very funny

    Balloony is filled with helium

    And frankly, here he should be sent to a mental asylum

    Meet Cloudy

    He flees to Australia

    But can't you see

    Australia doesn't exist

    It's just an imense sea

    Who doesn't like this series? Balloony and Cloudy

    They hate it, they don't think I should be proud

    Of this crap

    Where they both suffer until the end of the lap


    This series gives me an (CENSORED)

    Even though it's a 

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  • Sponchii2


    November 17, 2019 by Sponchii2

    A 5 year old thought I was an adult and called me a boomer

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  • TheGamer1144

    Go to [1] to nominate the character you want in the hurt & heal! 4 and X will not participate.

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  • EclipseEpic

    Object show ad

    November 17, 2019 by EclipseEpic

    Please Support Closet jr! We need more contestants!

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  • Gamebuilder2000

    Hey have you Heard this Super Cool Objet Show called Battle On Object Planet, its 3rd Episode is out, it's Called

    No Homo Sapiens, it's a pretty weird episode even by Object Show standards, You can watch it here:


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  • Epichaxboi

    Comment for a Random Anime

    November 17, 2019 by Epichaxboi

    do it

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  • Lolli56345
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  • Closet-jr

    Camp Sign ups lololol

    November 17, 2019 by Closet-jr

    Sign up for Camp CAMP, a camp where you fight for the cure to cancer. You're lovely host is Boogie Board, who gives the winner the cure to cancer. Ok, let's get to sign up rules:

    1. You're character's asset cannot be an image from the internet, you have to draw the character yourself in order to join.
    2. Your character is allowed to be a non object ( So, people like Blockyfan999, feel free to sign up as christmas/halloween unicorn )
    3. You're character cannot be a BFB character or any character from a object show because I don't want Camp CAMP to get sued

    So yeah, just put a picture of you're character, their name, gender and personality. You'll compete in challenges every Saturday ( mostly because I believe most people are free on Saturdays, but if yo…

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  • CrimsonRedGhoul

    This is in light of recent events.

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  • Sourphie

    guys watch it please 

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  • Teardrop75

    my left ear had ringed 2 times today, am I dying, or is it normal?

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  • BfbBubble

    Bubble is AMOIZING

    November 17, 2019 by BfbBubble

    Bubble is love, Bubble is life

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  • AnonymousUser987654321


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  • Amer1ciuM


    • Must have asset.
    • Must be an object.
    • Asset must be transparent.
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  • Walten Paperclips

    Enter the Token Store!

    Hello, world! Welcome to IDFB for Bottle once more!

    Man, the previous challenge was such an explosion! We got some art entries that were really impressive! Along with some that left quite a lot to be desired.

    Anyway, let's show 'n' judge those art pieces, aye? And we're going in the order of submission (on the wiki, got kinda lost on Discord, hehehe)

    Also also, Northamptonshire Bottle and Stick Bottle both get their third strike and are therefore automatically eliminated!

    Walt Tophat in a Bottle: –Eh, you tried. 2/10.–

    elttoB: –The beautiful thing I can notice about the drawing is that the characters look very cute despite being they are made in Paint. I know you tried to do well and that; But it is that this drawing compar…

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  • Amer1ciuM

    Rank Contestant Notes Score
    1st Fies Really catchy tune with beautiful lyrics! 10/10
    2nd Noily I LOL'd at this one. Good job, Noily! 9.5/10
    3rd 8-All I have to say, good Revenge parody, though some lyrics could be more original. 9/10
    4th Piie I play music, and triplets are the worst thing to ever exist. Gotta say, this uses triplets quite nicely. 8/10
    5th Cae I don't eat breakfast sandwiches myself, but this was a real nice song about them. 7/10
    6th Gay I got the meaning, and it was real good! 6/10
    7th Robit Fowler (DNP) 5/10
    8th Bolf Gall I'm no longer a fan of Dubstep, so I didn't really enjoy this one. 4.5/10
    9th Fower Sure, a Bocky parody of Megalovania is nice, but you'll see why I ranked you low on other people's grades. 4/10
    10th Remot This wasn't an Ob…

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  • The Lurantis

    i want top blog

    November 16, 2019 by The Lurantis


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  • Psychomaster35

    ???: Well, with the success of the first round, its time I get back to the series. Anywho, welcome to the 2nd round of the BFB Tournament!

    ???: In the red corner, we have literal jello. Give it up for GELATIN!

    Gelatin jumps out of a hole, fork in hand.

    ???: And in the blue corner, we have the staple of the fight! Give it up for STAPY!

    Stapy falls from the sky as he uses his staples to slow his fall and land safely.

    ???: This oughta be a match to remember! Now... Lets go!


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  • ProblematicPeriwinklePlum

    It's an annual thing now.

    Get ready.

    The prompts this year are:

    • Sunday: Favorite Character Relationship
    • Monday: Favorite Team
    • Tuesday: Favorite Location
    • Wednesday: Underrated Character
    • Thursday: Favorite Elimination
    • Friday: Overrated Character
    • Saturday: Favorite BFB Crew Member

    Im not participating myslef but someone asked for a 2 so here ya go.

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  • TheShinyLucarioMaster



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  • Epichaxboi

    Notebook is writing in a mini Notebook when Satellite flies in.

    Satellite: Oooooooooh what’s this?  

    Notebook: It’s nothing… 

    Satellite snatches Notebook’s book.

    Notebook: Hey! Give it back! 

    Satellite flies over head so Notebook can’t reach.  

    Satellite: Hmmm, oh, I see, this is actually pretty good!

    Notebook: Oh…. You really mean it?

    Satellite: Yeah! But who’s this err, Notebook character?

    Notebook: Oh….

    Notebook taps her fingers together. 

    Notebook: That’s me.

    Satellite: Oh, that explain why she’s a bad character!

    A laser comes out of nowhere and hit Satellite, instantly killing him. Notebook screams and runs away. In the distance, Security Camera is seen. Cut to Katana and First Aid Kit.

    Katana: Holy crap! FAK, did you just see that?

    First Aid Kit: S…

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  • Dotj


    November 16, 2019 by Dotj


    User:Dotj | Battle for Dream Island Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia


    /* cache key: battlefordreamisland:resourceloader:filter:minify-css:7:c88e2bcd56513749bec09a7e29cb3ffa */ .ogg-player-options {  border: solid 1px #ccc;  padding: 2pt;  text-align: left;  font-size: 10pt; }

    .center .ogg-player-options ul {  margin: 0.3em 0px 0px 1.5em; }

    var Wikia={}, wgUseSiteJs=true, wgWikiVertical="tv", wgWikiCategories=[], wgOnSiteNotificationsApiUrl="", wgGAUserIdHash="7746699b2e2b22d8414089ccca3897d7", JSSnippetsStack=[], ads={"context":{"bidders":[],"opts":{"adsInC…

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  • TheShinyLucarioMaster


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