• The Lurantis


    Club Penguin Ninja: so losers you're not very good at winning anymore, so WELCOME back

    Diementio: why can't you just shut up and give MY team screen time?

    Club Penguin Ninja: oh my god shut up

    Club Penguin Ninja: anyways so Kumon stupid fan favorite got 0 votes ugh

    Kumon: I guess that's pretty kind...

    Club Penguin Ninja: what a tryhard anyways skelly and sawta got 1

    Skelly: man i can't wait to run someone over

    Sawta: o-oh.. t-that sure i-is very... n-nice...

    Club Penguin Ninja: tropie got 2

    Tropical: i have

    Tropical: TWO LINES this time! anyways clockfan got 3


    Club Penguin Ninja: so... oh WHAT Carol got 13?

    Carol: WHAT!? ARE THESE PEOPLE STUPID!? It's like they think depression is caused by others!


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  • ROBLOXNoob246
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  • ShadicalCZ

    if woody won bfb

    March 20, 2019 by ShadicalCZ

    how would you feel, tell me in comments.

    i would feel so happy that woody won

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  • PopkornHUPIKO2

    lets talk about it ok

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  • Some AT-AT

    The Wood Man

    March 20, 2019 by Some AT-AT
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  • Wooden Clock


    March 20, 2019 by Wooden Clock
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  • TheNerdyChive835

    BFB Voting 48

    March 20, 2019 by TheNerdyChive835

    Episode 48 (March 20, 2019)

    Welcome to BFB Voting 48! Last time, Iance lost.

    7 votes.

    Marker and Pencil with the only ones with votes.

    Marker got 3, so Pencil is out with 4.

    26th: Pencil

    7 votes.

    Bleh and Iance got 1.

    Death PACT got 2.

    A Better Name Than That loses with 3.

    Vote somebody off of A Better Name Than That!

    [A]- Leafy

    [B]- Liy

    [C]- Spongy

    [D]- Blocky

    [E]- Woody

    [F]- Teardrop

    Vote a team to be UFE!

    [1]- A Better Name Than That

    [2]- Bleh

    [3]- Iance

    [4]- Death PACT

    Voting ends March 22, 2019 at 2:30 PM CDT

    Episode 49 comes out March 22, 2019 at 2:40 PM CDT

    64th: Puffball

    63rd: Basketball


    62nd: Nickel

    61st: Firey

    60th: Bell


    59th: Ice Cube

    58th: Firey Jr




    57th: Pillow

    56th: Stapy

    55th: B…

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  • ShadicalCZ

    EM = Entitled Mother

    K = EM's kid

    W = Woody

    WF = Woody's friend

    So this happens when Woody was around 17, He was playing garry's mod, trouble in terrorist town with a nice and cute kid, we'll call him K. K is around 15 around the time. Here is how it goes.

    K : Great skills Woody! Let's play again sometime! What's your Steam name!?

    W : My Steam is WoodyBoi184, friend request me if you want.

    At this point Woody could hear the kid's mother. (Unfinished)

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  • ChocoIsGay

    i like gaty uwu

    March 20, 2019 by ChocoIsGay

    yassssssss look at my pfp

    nah I hate gaty

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  • Derpyunikitty

    Techo Repellent

    March 20, 2019 by Derpyunikitty

    It's not for sale, and will never be released to the public. Techos are precious beans and should be loved and not repelled.

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  • SourGimbap


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  • AwesomeAquamarine


    Episode actually coming out later today xj

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  • ShadicalCZ

    TSFAOI 0b - New Camp

    March 20, 2019 by ShadicalCZ

    okay guys we need 16 contestants, in which there will be two teams of eight, to join, put your OC image and place personality, gender, likes and dislikes

    the camp : the smash for all of india

    the host :

    co-host :

    India : Female, loves T-Series, hates it when people call her stupid tech support scammer, could be stressed sometimes, cheerful for the United Kingdom, a chill person, but not that much.

    the contestants :

    slime (BattleReviews)

    nothing (68 In Here)

    hot sauce (shipinabottle)

    cream (creamalamode)

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  • 68 In Here

    Uh um

    March 20, 2019 by 68 In Here

    I don’t know how to make templates, can u make a 68 Fan and a 68 Hater template

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  • ShadicalCZ


    March 20, 2019 by ShadicalCZ

    now what do we have

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  • ShadicalCZ

    1 -

    2 -

    3 -

    4 -

    5 -

    you can't change my opinion.

    bonus :

    6 -

    7 -

    8 -

    9 -

    10 -

    11 -

    12 -

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  • EEYM
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  • 68 In Here

    We got 8 votes, finally!

    Cake and Eggy have votes.

    They have a tie, Eggy stopped getting voted before Cake so she's eliminated.

    57th Eggy

    We got 8 votes.

    Death P.A.C.T , Bleh, Team Ice Cube!, and Iance got votes.

    Iance and Death P.A.C.T got 1 vote. (Battle take a break on wanting Iance out geez)

    Team Ice Cube! got 2 votes.

    Bleh has 5 and will be up for elimination in 9B.

    We have 8 eliminated competitors!

    Vote for who shall rejoin!









    Vote the team that the rejoiner should join.

    [1]- ABNTT

    [2]- BEEP

    [3]- Bleh

    [4]- Death P.A.C.T

    [5]- Free Food

    [6]- Iance

    [7]- Team Ice Cube!

    [8]- The Losers!


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  • Strikeovercrazy2

    So when i was 12 tact happened to me and it wasn't nice i felt dead inside and i thought nobody really cared about me.

    so here this is the first time i talked on the wiki about my mom's death so please don't harm me don't make silly jokes/comments.

    when my mom died when i was 12 due to cancer pepole made fun of me and i felt empty inside pepole joked about death and some of my friends still say i hope i die soon even though i know their joking it isn't a good thing and if you do die what about the pepole who care about.I agree with this a lot thanks to goplu for adressing this i belive that any jokes about death aren't that funny unless you are dark humored even though im not, So to sum it up what i am saying is Tact can be a issue in soical…

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  • Team Ice Gal

    My Least Fave Team:

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  • Some AT-AT

    ah thats nice btw i Block them so we're good

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  • Team Ice Gal

    Sorry Guys

    Again Sorry

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  • Team Ice Gal

    Sorry Guys

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  • Derpyunikitty

    I know it sounds silly, but I was worried about them ever since I lost contact with them after my ban there. Today one of my friends on r/neopets asked me about what happened, and... They found out about my fate. They were all pretty bummed out, actually, which made me happy that hey were upset for mg sake.

    Here's my post on Reddit thanking them:

    Mild profanity warning, by the way.

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  • SourGimbap

    wow so epic

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  • ShadicalCZ

    idk why i did this.

    Alternative scenario [NATO vs. Warsaw Pact (us), 1964] :

    That dude - USSR

    Azzy - Germany

    That patriotic dude - Czechoslovakia

    A cool dude - Poland

    A cool kid who hates Firey - Italy

    Techo fan - Romania

    This dude - Bulgaria

    Your everyday artist - Hungary

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  • Marsium

    I now have a DA account!

    March 20, 2019 by Marsium

    I just created a DeviantArt account. I post my art there that I would normally not posted here. Not much art I posted there yet, but I will post my past art soon. If you like my art, just visit me once a while with my same username.

    Of course, I do not just make and post art personally. I am already drawing based on wiki community. I hope you will like it!

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  • 68 In Here
            • Lasagna:Hi, dumbasses.


            • Lasagna:Today I make a poopy show.

    Alex:Of what?

            • Lasagna:TSSES Rip Off!

    Real Improved Blocky:Holy ****!

            • Lasagna:So get into 3 teams of 5, sicko's!

    Alex:OK, Cluck-A-Doodle is great.

    Cluck-A-Doodle:Bock Bock! (**** you!)

    Liver:No more spaghetti for me.


    Real Improved Blocky:Equalilateral Triangle can join my dumb team.

    Vete 2.0:I don’t like Bottle! Bottle is the worse.

    Alex:Cool, let’s pick that guy.

    Illolibus:Let me join, or get livered.



    Parkour Fidget Spinner:Can I join?

    Alex:Yes and my gender is yes, our team is-

    Vete 2.0:NO!

    TEAM NO!

    • Alex
    • Cluck-A-Doodle
    • Vete 2.0
    • Liver
    • Parkour Fidget Spinner

    Illolibus:Join my team, *****'*!

    Equalilateral Triangle:My gender is no.



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  • ShadicalCZ
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  • GopluXPoplu


    March 20, 2019 by GopluXPoplu

    And a lack thereof.

    Perhaps due to anonymity, or emotional immaturity, or any plethora of reasons and causes, there have been some instances on this wiki of lacking tact. Of lacking sympathy, and in some cases, at its most basic level.

    Behind usernames and profile pictures and comments and edit counts are people. People who live like you do and people who feel like you do. So it may be distressing to some and worrying to most when these facts are discarded in lieu of jokes or "roasts."

    Whenever one makes a joke at another's expense, especially in their presence, there is a trade-off: while the joker perhaps makes other people laugh and perhaps makes themselves seem generally better or wiser, the subject of the joke feels actual, real, human e…

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  • Isabeljolly115

    Running for Mod

    March 19, 2019 by Isabeljolly115

    I am not power hungry at all, the wiki needs help. Mods and admins have told me that I am deserving of a promotion. Heck, I almost became admin in August. I wish to help improve the wiki. Here is some stuff I've done and/or can do for the wiki. I want Discussions mod, since it is a lower rank and can also have chat powers.


    • I am quite active here
    • I check recent wiki activity often
    • I am also active in chat
    • I have proposals (and I have posted some) to help improve the wiki
    • I am trusted by mods
    • I have reported stuff to mods and have talked to mods about problems (something recent)
    • I was qualified and almost became admin in August
    • I am able to use calm techniques to calm down conflicts


    • I can be very negative at times (depression stuff)
    • I can ge…
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  • The Lurantis


    Club Penguin Ninja: wow what a great streak you guys had going for you, it's gone now though rip

    Club Penguin Ninja: anyway we got 22 votes

    Club Penguin Ninja: kumon is the only one with zero votes, isn't that great

    Kumon: I guess...

    Club Penguin Ninja: who cares, anyways, sawta got 1 vote!

    Sawta: O-oh.... I-I hope Loli is p-proud of me...

    Club Penguin Ninja: Carol, Skelly, and Tropi got 2 votes each

    Carol: About time they forgave me.

    Skelly: huh? ahhhhh... aresoal grapefruit

    Club Penguin Ninja: Chorus and Clockfan got 3

    Chorus: AAAAAAAAAAA! NO!

    Clockfan: EEEEEEDIOTS!

    Club Penguin Ninja: and hot words 2 got 9

    HOT WORDS 2: YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE! *jumps inside Clockfan's mouth*



    Club Penguin Ninja: …

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  • TheLapras34
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  • BattleReviews

    You can request me to do yours below

    1. Bob-Omb BattleReviews (BOBR)

    2. Battle's Fortress (BF)

    3. Battle Roger Bay (BRB)

    4. Cool, Cool BattleReviews (CCB)

    5. BattleReviews' Haunt (BRH)

    6. Battle Maze Cave (BMC)

    7. Lethal Lava Reviews (LLR)

    8. Shifting Sand Reviews (SSR)

    9. Dire, Dire Reviews (DDR)

    10. BattleReviews' Land (BRL)

    11. Wet Dry Reviews (WDR)

    12. Tall Tall Battle (TTB)

    13. Tiny Huge Reviews (THR)

    14. Tick Tock Reviews (TTR)

    15. BattleReviews' Ride (BRR)

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  • Derpyunikitty

    Yeaaaaaaaah, remember when Lollipop used to be my 5th fave? Things have changed.

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  • ShipInABottle
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  • Leafy Is Awesome

    Leafy is ruff, she is ruff like a boy

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    Who must be out the most? Bracelety Naily

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  • Derpyunikitty

    Tropical Food Techo tries to cheer up Grey Techo by giving her one of his fruits that he picked this morning, because he wants to bring some joy into her otherwise dreadful life.

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  • ChocoIsGay

    hey epic gamers

    March 19, 2019 by ChocoIsGay

    can any of u draw gaty for me

    and i want good drawings ok put effort into them

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  • TheLapras34


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  • Some AT-AT

    i'm sad

    March 19, 2019 by Some AT-AT

    i think i got banned from the RDFG

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  • SourGimbap

    But I don't feel any joy or excitement, where did everything go wrong?

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  • EEYM
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  • Some AT-AT
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  • EEYM
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  • Infinityblade2995

    In my opinion it was BFDIA 5 (all parts) not just because it was technically the longest, but I found it the most fun to watch.

    I would bring up BFDI 2, 6, 20, 23 and 25 as contenders (my opinion of course)

    What about you?

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  • Wooden Clock

    25th: Katie

    24th: Blaineley

    23rd: Sadie

    22nd: Geoff

    21st: Beth

    20th: Sierra

    19th: Trent

    18th: Ezekiel

    17th: Cody

    16th: Bridgette

    15th: Justin

    14th: Gwen

    13th: Duncan

    12th: Courtney

    11th: Noah

    10th: Owen

    9th: Leshawna

    8th: Eva

    7th: Izzy

    6th: DJ

    5th: Heather

    4th: Tyler

    3rd: Harold

    2nd: Alejandro

    1st: Lindsay

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  • Derpyunikitty

    Techo says "Trans Rights!"

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  • Angary bird

    bfb 13

    March 19, 2019 by Angary bird
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