• Wheeldb

    what is this

    April 7, 2020 by Wheeldb

    ignore the images

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  • ProblematicPeriwinklePlum

    Nobody gives a crap about Dias anymore, but for those who still do, I just added the TPOT debuter's images for the Dias onto the wiki and made proper redirects when their image is clicked.

    Check out the list with the codes for the dias at Template:Dia/doc.

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  • PossiblyKimi


    April 7, 2020 by PossiblyKimi

    you shall now depict me as this thing  sorry!! The legs n stuff the friendlier one is down there

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  • EdwardBloxy

    get tissues because this i s so sad

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  • AverageJoe123

    Co-Host Girl stands in front of nICKEL and Fishy Icon

    CHG: “What?”

    nICKEL: “The winner?”

    CHG: “Oh yeah, it’s you!”

    nICKEL: “YES!”

    Fishy Icon: “Aw, nice work though!”


    CHG: “Of course it doesn’t really matter. I’d hate to see what alternate realities are being affected by this”

    Fishy Icon: “I’m sure that we’re absolutely fine in those dimensions”

    CHG: “Yeah probs, let me check”

    CHG opens a inter dimensional vortex and peers through it

    Then she backs up, horrified

    CHG: “Never mind, that straight up sucks!”

    Fishy Icon: “Why? What happened?”

    CHG: “N-nothing! That would be ridiculous!”

    Fishy Icon looks angry

    Fishy Icon: “What happened?!”

    CHG frowns, then gets ticked


    Fishy looks shocked…

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  • Randomer3213

    There were 7 viewers.

    • 3 - Donut
    • 2 - Book
    • 2 - Golf Ball
    • 1 - Needle

    With 0 votes...Flower gets 5th place. With 1 vote...Needle takes 4th place. With 2 votes...Golf Ball takes 3rd place. With 2 votes...Book takes 2nd place. And so DONUT WINS BFB VIEWER VOTING WITH 3 VOTES! Congratulations Donut! You turned from a great host, to a finalist, to an awesome winner!

    • Book
    • Donut
    • Needle
    • Golf Ball

    Congratulations to Donut for winning BFB Viewer Voting, and all the finalists that made it this far. You may now vote. Do you want a season 2? Yes or no? I recommend the Support/Oppose templates.

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  • UmbraSnivy

    CBT Debut: Round 1.5

    April 7, 2020 by UmbraSnivy

    (As the camera crew take their positions, Clinko motions to the cameraman, who nods.)

    Clinko: So! 20 votes! A nice round number, alhough more votes are always appreciated! I'm sure you're all dying to find out the results, but there's a little something I need you to do for me.

    Audience:(Simultaneously) Something we need to do for you??

    Clinko: Um, yeah. My staff hens recently went on... "Shore leave", and they took the question for the QNA with them! I was worrying that we'd have nothing to ask the contestants, but then I thought: "Hey! What if I asked the audience what to ask them!" (This is in past tense, by the way. I'd never make stuff up on the spot.) You guys can help me with that, right?

    Audience:(Simultaneously) We sure can, Mr Clinko! W…

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  • AverageJoe123

    Fishy Icon Season 1 Recap https://

    In between these two, Fishy Icon and his fellows were kidnapped by a villain named Scientist Guy…

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  • Epichaxboi


    wow seriously? I keep getting stupid LSE. Here's what I meant to say:

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  • TheObjectThing15

    We got 15 votes. Last time Team 3 was UFE.

    Who's safe? Naily and Remote at 0 votes. Tennis ball also got 0 votes so he's safe.

    Eraser stays in the game with only 1 vote.

    So does Fries at only 2 votes.

    Price Tag is safe with 3 votes.

    Now it's down to Liy and Bottle...


    Liy is safe with 4 votes, leaving Bottle eliminated at 5 votes!

    Now what team is UFE? Team 5. You have 3 votes and can vote on the same or different contestants.

    Who do you want eliminated?:

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  • Angelic Sketcher V2

    Tiny Blurry Man (or TBM) is a shy and volatile creature. He's always seen with a nervous expression. He is really nice to everyone.

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  • RyanGames1

    BFB Viewer Voting 21

    April 7, 2020 by RyanGames1

    Hello and welcome back.

    We got 8 votes.

    Remote, Donut, and Golf Ball are all safe with no votes.

    Tree is safe with one vote.

    Ice Cube and Eggy are safe at two votes each.

    At 3 votes, Yellow Face is eliminated.

    Current Teams:

    Team 1: Fries, Woody, Bubble, Basketball, Teardrop, Clock, and Robot Flower.

    Team 2: David, Pie, Lollipop, Pin, Taco, Marker, and Bell.

    Team 3: Naily, Fanny, Cloudy, Flower, Needle, Saw, and Lightning.

    Team 4: Puffball, Ruby, Book, Rocky, TV, Bomby, and Gaty.

    Team 5: Remote, Ice Cube, Donut, Golf Ball, Tree, and Eggy.

    Team 6: Blocky, Barf Bag, Cake, Snowball, Coiny, Liy, Balloony, and Spongy. 

    Team 7: Black Hole, Leafy, Bracelety, Tennis Ball, Eraser, and Pen.

    Team 2 will be UFE.

    David - [A]

    Pie - [B]

    Lollipop - [C]

    Pin - [D]

    Taco - [E]


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  • A-Panda Kedavra


    April 7, 2020 by A-Panda Kedavra

    ' is joining us for the third time. We got 6 votes.

    Safe with none are...

    Clock, Snare Drum, Flower, Puffball, Donut, VHSy, and Onigiri.

    Safe with 1 vote each are...




    Tree. Bomby, with 3 votes, is out.

    Safe from elimination are...







    Bottom two. Last team safe is...


    Oh... COME ON. Is '... ' 2.0? Oh my god.

    Vote for one of the ' to be eliminated.

    Voting ends on 1:00 April 7 2020 (UTC).

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  • NotSoHappyTotalDramaFan

    It's time to see who the mystery characters were:

    Mystery Character #1

    Mystery Character #2

    Mystery Character #3

    Mystery Character #4

    Mystery Character #5

    Mystery Character #6

    Mystery Character #7

    Mystery Character #8

    Mystery Character #9

    Mystery Character #10

    Mystery Character #11

    Mystery Character #12

    Mystery Character #13

    Mystery Character #14

    Mystery Character #15

    Mystery Character #16

    Now onto the votes.

    = 0 Votes
    = 0 Votes
    = 0 Votes
    = 0 Votes
    = 0 Votes
    = 0 Votes
    = 0 Votes
    = 0 Votes
    = 0 Votes
    = 0 Votes
    = 1 Vote
    = 1 Vote
    = 1 Vote
    = 2 Votes
    = 3 Votes
    = 4 Votes (Eliminated)

    16 unknown contestants are UFE. You can use your three votes on one of them or more.

    Mystery Character #1

    Mystery Character #2

    Mystery Character #3

    Mystery Character #4


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  • LittleAwesomeApple

    Some of these templates do not reflect my current thoughts. I actually love Loser, Flower, Firey, Firey Jr., and Green Square. I like Pencil, Puffball, and Flower.

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  • Leahnicol01

    BFB Viewer Voting 1

    April 7, 2020 by Leahnicol01

    Type [A] to eliminate Firey

    Type [B] to eliminate Leafy

    Type [C] to eliminate Coiny

    Type [D] to eliminate Pin

    Type [E] to eliminate Needle

    Type [F] to eliminate Cake

    Type [G] to eliminate Eggy

    Type [H] to eliminate Clock

    Type [I] to eliminate Loser

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  • Randomer3213

    There were 7 viewers.

    • 25 - Taco
    • 8 - Needle
    • 2 - Donut

    • Book
    • Donut
    • Needle
    • Golf Ball
    • Flower

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  • MrFlamerBoy

    Random Questions 6

    April 7, 2020 by MrFlamerBoy

    What are some things you do as a result of OCD/your superstitions?

    I always tap my dresser exactly ten times every morning or else I will have a bad day.

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  • The Pie Explainer

    tastykake pies more like nastykake pies! they are f-f-....fake... FAKE PIES! 

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  • The Lurantis

    Vector: Again, I guess.

    Vector: Lets get right to it. Funny, Garfield... and thats it. Everyone else got a vote.


    Garfield: More lasagna for me!

    Vector: Star, Flattened, and Tyran have one.

    Star: Pathetic. I do stuff!

    FG: Why do I care...


    Vector: Lamia has two.

    Lamia: WAAAAA I'm going to eat 100 cakes to drown out my sadness now.

    Vector: Love and affection cat is out at 6

    LAC: WHAT!?

    Vector: Yup! You suck. HAHAH

    LAC: It's okay... I still love you all! Just... unequally...

    Vector: Challenge is to just stand over this cliff.

    Diglett: Wow! It sure is deep!

    FAGS: Hey, you're in the way!

    Diglett: Stop being so pretty! I'm tiny!

    FAGS: I don't care! Move!

    Lura Mii: Come on Fritz, don't be like this.

    FAGS: I …

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  • GD fans


    April 6, 2020 by GD fans


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  • TheArtist'sVoid11

    Maybe I will do more blogs later, this is more of a gallery.

    F = Female

    M = Male

    N = Non-binary

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  • MrFlamerBoy

    Well, since people are giving away their OCs, I have decided to do things a bit differently and give away my Techos instead. Comment and I will give you 3 random Techos of mine. Make sure to take good care of them, because they are my babies.

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  • Your Fellow Wiki User


    Page Not Found

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  • TheObjectThing15

    leafy plush

    April 6, 2020 by TheObjectThing15

    leafy plush

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  • MrFlamerBoy

    I just realized that I have always wanted to voice a character on an object show. Here are reasons why I am qualified:

    • I work for free
    • I am super good at doing impressions of other people
    • I can do super high pitched voices
    • My voice doesn't crack
    • I take my work seriously
    • I like being a part of something, once I get to know everyone
    • I have a good mic (I also have a crap mic that I only use when I make stupid effortless videos)

    Now here are some cons:

    • I am sometimes bad with schedules
    • I may have to take time off at random points because I suffer from very bad social anxiety
    • Timezone differences (depending on where you're from)
    • I have never voiced any object show characters in the past
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  • MysteriousMaxelMix

    Uh hi?

    April 6, 2020 by MysteriousMaxelMix

    Hi, I’m MysteriousMaxelMix, you can call me Maxel. I’m new here and I would like to say hello. Oh and I saw a chat but it won’t let me join, is there a problem?

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  • Asterlogouploader

    Feel free to use on your profile.

    I was bored.

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  • MrFlamerBoy
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  • MeudyBC26

    BFB Camp:Sign-Ups

    April 6, 2020 by MeudyBC26
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  • Randomer3213

    There were 5 viewers.

    • 14 - Teardrop
    • 7 - Taco
    • 3 - Book
    • 1 - Needle

    • 11 - Flower
    • 5 - Needle
    • 4 - Golf Ball
    • 3 - Book
    • 2 - Taco

    • Book
    • Donut
    • Needle
    • Golf Ball
    • Taco

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  • Your Fellow Wiki User


    Page not found

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  • Random boi wineer

    stop the roach

    help the women throw away the sock!

    help the man get the coke!

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  • Epichaxboi


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  • Junie522

    This Is Inspired By Amer1ciuM

    You Know The Rules As A Group We Are Making OCs.

    Comment 1: What Species Are They? (Ex: Chair)

    Reply 1: What Are Their Gender? (Ex: Female)

    Reply 2: What's Their Name? (Ex: Chairy)

    Reply 3: How Many Limbs Do They Have? (Ex: No Arms And 2 Feet)

    Reply 4: What Is Their Personality? (Ex: Exciting And Childish)

    Reply 5: Anything Else?

    Reply 6: An Image

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  • MrFlamerBoy

    Rest in peace Al (Mr. Tiger).

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  • Lolli56345

    TTT 2 - I'm vegan

    April 6, 2020 by Lolli56345

    Intro: DABADADABAHSUDUHtAtata oooh The Token TBattle... 🎵

    Tickety: Ok so let's go for the elimination

    Man Token: Wait, so no joke-y?

    Tickety: No, that's my REVENGE!

    Man Token: Dang

    Tickety makes team THE BUTT appear in front of her sitting on chairs

    Tickety: Ok, team THE BUTT, you're up for elimination, we got 2 votes one for Cannon Token and the other for Cold Token, the two CT's on the team

    Cannon Token: it's a tie? N...nobody gets eliminated? Right?

    Tickety: No, we're gonna call the Octopus and he'll decide

    Cold Token: The... Octopus?

    Tickety: He will choose one of you at random

    Tickety teleports the Octopus to the elimination area

    Octopus: Cold Token eliminated

    Tickety teleports the Octopus away

    Tickety: Cold Token is eliminated then

    Cannon To…

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  • NebraskaSeemsNice

    if you saw my last blog, this is the first blog to my new game. ill post a picture of someone from a tv show,movie, etc and you have to guess what its from. ill post a leaderboard at the end of each blog.

    (hint): name starts with N

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  • Epichaxboi


    ???: Hello?... I need help. I'm at a warehouse on Bruh Street. I think I'm the only person left in the entire city. Please prove me wrong. My best friend, Harrison, died 3 years ago, a year after the outbreak started. Most of you would know him as Host Dude. Two other people were with me. They lasted longer, but they left to go scavenge and never came back. Please come. I'm begging you.

    More static.

    This will be like the traditional BFR seasons, but with a more serious tone. Each player will have an inventory, which will start with a somewhat weak weapon. I will award you better gear depending on how well you made your entry. The person with the least points will be killed off in the series.

    Please note I didn't list everything.

    Common …

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  • Randomer3213

    You can find it here, find where your favorite is :)

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  • Blockyfan999

    Please don't kill me kimi for making this blog. This is not made to attack you, I just made it JUST to ask people what they have to say about this conflict for pocket..

    This conflict here vv

    Don't worry, we'll just make this like a jury trial and to see if people want Pocket to be with Fan Block or to stay with Rosey (Not that she's ever with Rosey). No drama contacted with this! this is just something I want to share with the wiki and my watchers on Deviant art.. Because I thought just sharing this on deviant art is plain unfair. So yeah. 

    My story

    Alright.. So you probably know pocket right? The nerdy looking OC that has a crush on Fan Block? (Invented by me) I like to use her for my art work and stuff, I'm sure you've already noticed if yo…

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  • Epichaxboi

    Host Dude: nICKEL. You win.


    Contestant User Place

    nICKEL: Yay I won.

    Fishy Icon: GG.

    Host Dude: You are relevant now.

    Suddenly, alarms start ringing.

    Host Dude: Scientist Guy? What is this?

    Scientist Guy: Oh, ha ha, that's nothing.

    Host Dude: That is literally an alarm. Sometime is happening.

    Scientist Guy: That's the break-in alarm.

    Host Dude: Oh, okay. Cool. Wait, that's not cool!

    A man wearing a toxedo, trench coat, and tophat appears.

    ???: Hello!

    Scientist Guy: Who are you?

    ???: I am Ziggy the Great! Also know as humanized Gas Pump!

    Duct Tape: Okay, wha-

    Ziggy shoots Duct Tape. He drops to the floor, dead.

    Co-Host Girl: OMG Don't kill me!

    Ziggy: Only if you join my gang of evil villains and such!

    Co-Host Girl: Okay…

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  • Randomer3213

    There were 3 viewers.

    • 5 - Taco

    • 5 - Book

    • Book
    • Needle
    • Golf Ball
    • Teardrop
    • Flower
    • Taco

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  • NebraskaSeemsNice

    so if your bored and have nothing to do, I have this new game i came up with. ill post a picture of someone, it will be from a tv show. there will be hints from time to time. There is also no signups, so you can just come over ot my blog page and guess whoever you think the character it. Ill also post a leaderboard  on every one of these blogs so you can keep track of how well you are doing. each time you guess the correct person. One point will be added to you! Good luck!

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  • Sourphie

    where my father came back

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  • RyanGames1

    BFB Viewer Voting 20

    April 6, 2020 by RyanGames1

    Hello and welcome back.

    We got 12 votes. (People voted 4 times for at least 2 characters)

    Only 5 characters got votes.

    Those characters are Loser, Dora, Spongy, 8-Ball, and Gelatin.

    Dora doesn't rejoin with 1 vote.

    Neither does Gelatin with 2 votes.

    Spongy, 8-Ball, and Loser have a 3-way-tie.

    The tiebreaker will be a spinner.

    Whoever it lands on first gets to rejoin.

    It landed on Spongy first, so he rejoins on to Team 6.

    Current Teams:

    Team 1: Fries, Woody, Bubble, Basketball, Teardrop, Clock, and Robot Flower.

    Team 2: David, Pie, Lollipop, Pin, Taco, Marker, and Bell.

    Team 3: Naily, Fanny, Cloudy, Flower, Needle, Saw, and Lightning.

    Team 4: Puffball, Ruby, Book, Rocky, TV, Bomby, and Gaty.

    Team 5: Remote, Ice Cube, Donut, Yellow Face, Golf Ball, Tree, a…

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  • KatThePerson

    if you want

    transparent pics ae allowed but i can't add text. i'm not gonna add text to every pic

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  • Amer1ciuM

    test blog

    April 6, 2020 by Amer1ciuM

    ready for my jammies?

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  • AverageJoe123

    nICKLE 17/20 (FI SAYS: Sucks that LSE delayed this entry so much. I really enjoyed it however, there was a real missed opportunity to recreate the infamous “I don’t feel so good” scene with Corbyns and Krzysztof) (TK SAYS: very funny, did laugh, very good entry in general. i don't really have any other comments. 9/10.)

    Slime 14.5/20 (FI SAYS: I understand that you were somewhat rushed, this entry is probably your weakest so far. But if your weakest is still decent, I don’t see a problem) (like half of the entry was just dedicated to these other characters we haven't ever met, but you did it in the end. r.i.p thanos chicken 2020-2020. much better than your previous entries anyway, 8.5/10.)

    Gucci Fidget Spinner 7/20 (FI SAYS: *sigh* maybe next…

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  • Walten Paperclips

    Enter the Token Store!

    Hello, everybottle! Welcome back to IDFB for Bottle!

    So, what to say? It's time for the elimination!!!

    First off, token usages:

    • Fortune Cookie Bottle used a WIN TOKEN, therefore only half the point subtractions to him will count.
    • Cracked Bottle used a SHIELD TOKEN, nullifying all point subtractions towards him.
    • Gummy Worms Bottle used a SHIELD TOKEN, nullifying all point subtractions towards him.
    • Pixie Dust Bottle used a VENGEANCE TOKEN against Cracked Bottle, directing half her point penalties to him.

    Now, onto the point subtractions.

    It all starts with Fortune Cookie Bottle, who takes all of his points to take away from Gummy Worms Bottle.

    ↑↓ Place Bottle New score
    - 1st Titan Bottle 1934
    - 2nd Fortune Cookie Bottle 1766,50
    - 3rd Gummy Wo…

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