• PossiblyKimi

    come out my house

    January 17, 2020 by PossiblyKimi

    I mean you guys, you guys have officially made me LOSE MY MARBLES!!!!

    (kid gasps)

    Me LOSE-





    ​​​​​​​ I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my--


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  • Justamobileuserwhocantchangetheirpfp

    This Is The Save Gaty Squad. Together, We Are Very Huge Fans Of Gaty And Want Her To Win BFB.

    If You Are A Big Fan Of Gaty And Want To Join This Group, Use One, Some, Or All Of The Following Templates:

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  • Blockyfan999

    Do you guys remember the attractive scale? ---->


    Well, for this case.. I have made another scale, but it tells how athletic you are, now don't get me wrong. I have NO IDEA how strong or mighty you are at all, I just thought this would be fun... If you feel offended for being called a weakling.. Then don't comment, I might obviously be wrong of course, so feel free to correct me.  

    Instead of using words, I'm ranking you with this scale vvv(Goplu said it was fine to post this)  

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    Hello people of FANDOM and welcome to the camp, Camp 21! You're host is Donut inside TV!
    Ok, anyways, here's how it works!
    - You guys sign up as a character that's a non-object or not.
    - Your character competes in challenges every Saturday and usually challenge deadlines come Fridays
    - There will be eliminations and those eliminations are camp-contestant votings
    - There are tokens as well but we'll get to that later

    Ok, now that you know about Camp 21, let's get to the contestant sign-up rules!
    1. You guys sign up as a character that's a non-object or not.
    2. You list their gender ( nonbinary contestants are okay too )
    3. Unlike Camp CAMP ( Closet-jr/my old account's camp ) your characters can be images from the internet!
    4. your characters cannot b…

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  • AnonymousUser the II

    Welcome back to BFDI Death Battles! Last time, Firey won against Leafy and Pencil and Match went up against each other. Time to see the votes.

    Pencil: 4


    Match got more votes, so she will advance and fight Firey in round 2. Pencil loses and will die.

    (Match snaps Pencil in half)

    Remaining Contestants: 



    Time for the third match of round one and it's Bubble versus Book, former FreeSmart members and once close friends. One of them will, as expected, win and move on to round 2 while the other dies and does not move on. Vote for who you want to win in the poll right here. Whoever gets more votes will advance to round 2.

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  • Redoct878

    I just wanna see what people would do.

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  • TheNerdyChive835

    8 voters cast 40 votes.

    Lightning, Puffball, and Book got 0.

    Rocky and Cloudy got 3.

    Bottle got 4.

    Pillow got 6.

    Pen got 9.

    Pencil got 15 and is eliminated.

    42nd: Pencil

    8 voters cast 40 votes.

    Team 2 got 2.

    Teams 4 and RC got 5.

    Team 1 got 10.

    Team 3 loses with 18.

    Eliminate someone on Team 3! (You get 5 votes)

    [A]- Remote

    [B]- Basketball

    [C]- Liy

    [D}- 8-Ball

    [E}- Naily

    [F]- Gaty

    [G]- Barf Bag

    [H]- Pie

    [I]- Lollipop

    Vote for which team should lose. (You get 5 votes)

    [01]- Team 1

    [02]- Team 2

    [03]- Team 3

    [04]- Team 4

    [05]- Team RC

    Voting ends January 18, 2020 at 4:00 PM CST.

    Episode 36 comes out January 18, 2020 at 4:10 PM CST.

    Team 1

    Team 2

    Team 3

    Team 4

    Team RC

    Angry Dora


    Bolf Gall



    Placement Contestant Episode Eliminated Vote Count Previous Placements Notes

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  • Coldswaff

    I AM GOD

    January 16, 2020 by Coldswaff
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  • BendyApproved

    I draw your comments

    January 16, 2020 by BendyApproved

    Credit to Blubflubberfan27 for this idea but one thing, The drawings will not be shaded and not fully detailed. Well, its better then nothing they will be colored drawings anyways, so request away!

    Note: the only things i will not draw is Fetishes, Backgrounds, Innapropiate content, or anything containing dark subjects.

    Request already im bored

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  • Epichaxboi

    i have decieded to cut out the "My Thoughts" part to save time. If you are curious about that, tell me.

    Contestant User Points Tokens Earned Place
    Poyo Amer1ciuM 90 COPPA Token

    Yoylebook YoyleBook 80 Gordon Ramsey Token
    HU and CU Blockyfan999 75 Canon Token

    Disgusting Boar: Is that cuz i'm uglt? :(

    Co-Host Girl: YES!!

    Scientist Guy: Next time period.

    Muncie, Indiana, 1986

    Bob Ross: I'm so glad you can join me today!

    Everyone: Bob Ross!

    Bob Ross: That's me!

    Host Dude: The challenge is to paint and epic drawing of your adventures with Bob Ross! Go!

    Yoylebook - Disney+ Token, To Prove The Power Of Flex Tape I Sawed This Boat In Half Token, Communist Token x2, Morgz Token, Canon Token, Hold Up Token, Gordon Ramsey Token

    HU and CU - SHUT UP STINKY HEAD Token…

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  • Redoct878

    2,000th edit

    January 16, 2020 by Redoct878


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  • CWinternet

    don't use gradients

    January 16, 2020 by CWinternet


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  • YTPmachine123
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  • YTPmachine123

    Don't get mad if yours isn't here.

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  • PossiblyKimi

    a new fresh one

    January 16, 2020 by PossiblyKimi

    I had to start another one because the Violety drives thing just turned out to be a tournament match.

    this is not Violety drives this is a random roleplay

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  • ShinyAipom

    I want to do a BFDI viewer voting, not BFB so we're starting with the OG 20. So, let's refresh your memory on who was on what team

    Squishy Cherries:

    Squashy Grapes:

    So yeah, I know David is technically an OG but he was a debuter and we'll do debuters later.

    So to freshen things up, I'll have the Squishy Cherries lose instead of the Squashy Grapes because yes.

    - [A]
    - [B]
    - [C]
    - [D]
    - [E]
    - [F]
    - [G]
    - [H]
    - [I]
    - [J] 

    You can vote up to three different characters btw.

    ShinyAipom (talk) 17:27, January 16, 2020 (UTC)

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  • ClarenceFTWRobot ChickenFTL

    Sotp Sign and Winner Debuts

    Woody got 0 votes Balloony,Cloudy,Rocky are Safe Nickel and Roboty are out

    Pen,Basketball,Spongy,Yellow Face,Clock,Pencil,Cloudy,Saw (wow the votes are Coming in Fast)

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  • CWinternet


    January 16, 2020 by CWinternet

    A gallery for any OCs from users! Post OCs in the comments (please make it a transparent image). If you don't want your OCs on here please tell me. Sorting is in slow progress

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  • PossiblyKimi

    alright cute bois it's time for another roleplay, brought to you by Jerkdooky Failsateverythinger aka Kimi.

    i am the yeast of thoughts and mind

    anyone can start

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  • Epichaxboi

    Washing Machine: Hey buddy!

    Neon Grassy: FREEDOM!!

    Neon Grassy crashes through the wall, escaping.  

    Washing Machine: Well, it isn’t surprising that he acts like that, since he’s been kept in there for so long.

    Nachoy: It says they caught him yesterday.

    Washing Machine: Hey, he’s probably just a little restless!

    Nachoy: Also, there was something else in there.

    Nachoy pulls out the Chetno flag.

    Washing Machine: IT’S THE FLAG! GIVE IT TO ME!

    Nachoy: Nope.

    Nachoy tosses the flag out of the castle.

    Washing Machine: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

    Cut to Katana, First Aid Kit, Army Hat, Bear Trap, Candle, and Report Card.


    First Aid Kit: I actually like this song.


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    VYOND Network Original Shows
    No. Show Rating Aired Canceled Seasons
    1 Moxy Show TV_Y 1993 2000 5
    2 Space Ghost Coast to Coast TV-Y







    3 Eric Show TV-G-D 1995 2010 20
    4 Dexters Labatory TV-Y 1996 2003 5
    5 Jhonny Bravo TV-14 1997 2004 4
    6 Cow & Chicken TV-G 1997 1999 3
    7 I am Weasel TV-G 1997 2000 4
    8 PowerPuff Girl (1998) TV-Y7-FV 1998 2005 7
    9 Ed ed n eddy TV-G 1998 2009 10
    10 Courage the Cowardly Dog TV-Y 1999 2002 17
    11 Spongebob Squarepants TV-PG 1999 TBA 12
    12 Samurai Jack TV-PG-V






    13 Whatever Happen to Robot Jones TV-Y7 2002 2003 2
    14 Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy TV-Y7-V 2002 2008 9
    15 Evil Con Carne TV-Y7-V 2002 2004 3
    16 Codename Kid Next Door TV-PG 2003 2008 9
    17 Star Wars Clone Wars TV-14-…

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  • PopkornHUPIKO2

    this is telephone. he's a boy. he is usally bossy and gets furstrated when he's about to lose an argument or a challenge.

    fun fact: whenever he wants to speak, he rings. another (non)object must pick up the phone. he can then say anything from the other side of the call.

    it is unknown if it is actually him speaking on the other side.

    but thats just a theory, a game theory

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  • YoyleBook

    BFBVS.IO 23

    January 16, 2020 by YoyleBook

    Elimination time.

    Donut and Woody are safe with no votes.

    Tennis Ball as well with three.

    So it's down to Yellow Face and Lightning.

    With seven votes...

    Lightning is eliminated. Yellow Face survives another round.


    64th -
    63rd -
    62nd -
    61st -
    60th -
    59th -
    58th -
    57th -
    56th -
    55th -
    54th -
    53rd -
    52nd -
    51st -
    50th -
    49th -
    48th -
    47th -
    46th -


    Hardly Edible

    Shine and Glow

    Mostly Green





    Those last 8


    Team Mostly Green is up for elimination.

    [A] to eliminate

    [B] to eliminate

    [C] to eliminate

    [D] to eliminate

    [E] to eliminate

    [F] to eliminate

    You get up to two votes, they can be for the same contestant or different ones.

    Voting ends 14:00, January 18th, 2020 (UTC)

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  • Dabberboi12

    testing tempaltes

    January 16, 2020 by Dabberboi12
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  • Dabberboi12

    BFBR 4:

    January 16, 2020 by Dabberboi12

    it's time

    everyone expect firey jr. and spongy are safe with 0 votes.

    Firey Jr...

    Gets to stay with 2 votes

    Bye Bye for Spongy With 4 votes


    Beep loses

    you may vote twice and voting ends on monday cuz i cant be here on friday so yeah

    shoutout to yoylebook for being a awesome firend so he can vote 3 times

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  • Gmo666

    Up to 100. 100 is the most painful

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  • CrimtheMonkey

    I've seen everyone's art, they've done a good effort on it

    Comment anything you want lol

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  • Person1631

    im back

    January 16, 2020 by Person1631

    yeah I’ve been gone for a little bit. remember me? probobly not

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  • Corbyns

    BFB new Mouths

    January 16, 2020 by Corbyns
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  • CrimsonRedGhoul

    Ghoul gets hanged

    January 16, 2020 by CrimsonRedGhoul
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  • Walten Paperclips

    Enter the Token Store!

    Hey'o people'o! Welcome back to IDFB for Bottle!

    So, good to know more people did the challenge than last time! No one gets strikes today, and that makes me happy. Cracked Bottle, Tree Bottle and Message in a Bottle didn't do the challenge, but asked for XQZ'd tickets, so they don't get struck.

    Also, Tombo, whether you're miffed or not about this... you're fired.

    And since he didn't judge, he's getting replaced by the Die of Judgement, again. With the same functionality of the last challenge; it'll only get a number between the lowest score from a different judge to the highest.

    Now, TO THE SCORES!!!

    Place Bottle Ratings Total Score
    Walten (me) Die of Judgement The Devil Yeti
    1st Apple Soda bottle 10/10 10/10 8/10 10/10 9,5/10 …

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  • ExitSign45


    chslaps Roboty and Pillow*}}


    [B] [C] [D] [E] [F]}} Read more >
  • Sourphie

    i am doing a daily thing now so instead of making a blog for each drawing i do (that obviously won't go noticed) i will post them there

    if your name is nonexisty and you're the one interested in my art, please stay tuned to the updates of this blog

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  • Junie522
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  • Psychomaster35

    From here

    Our votes are on! We got 32 votes! This match’s winner is...


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  • Blockyfan999

    I know I should have made this blog a long time ago.. But now I'm gonna finally reveal the hidden wiki user messages that were hidden in Chapter 3 of Liy the death preventer.. How many did you find? If you don't know about the wiki users.. Then finding these is not possible, but for the people that do!! How many did you notice? 

    Here are the ALL the hidden messages that describes a wiki user (Easter eggs) I thought adding these would be funny!! LOL although for a couple of the messages have been taken down by the owner themself. It wouldn't be confusing if you were on the wiki in August - October. 


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  • Epichaxboi

    join or die

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  • Epichaxboi

    tell me

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  • AnonymousUser the II

    Welcome back to BFDI Death Battles! Last time, Leafy and Firey went up against each other and we asked you to vote who you think should win and advance to round 2.


    Leafy: 4

    So Firey wins this battle and will move on the second branch. Leafy, however, loses and will suffer a penalty.

    (Leafy gets burned by Firey)

    Leafy: Aaaaahhh!!

    Remaining Contestants: 



    Time for the second match of round one and it's Pencil versus Match, two BFFs and fellow alliance members. However, only one of them will stand while the other loses and dies. Vote for who you want to win in the poll right here. Whoever gets more votes will advance and fight Firey in round 2.

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  • Tidedit101

    Idk why I made this but

    January 15, 2020 by Tidedit101

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  • MapleSugarThirtynumber

    my own domain lol

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  • OfficalBalloony459 V2


    • OfficalBalloony459 V2 (Leader)
    • Wiki Cat (Co-Leader)
    • Blockyfan999
    • Pancaiks&Butter
    • TheNerdyChive835
    • TheBigOrangeLiam
    • ArkaTheDragon1039
    • Epichaxboi
    • BFDI Rocky
    • Cutiesunflower
    • Grasserina
    • Green Marker Official
    • CrimtheMonkey
    • NebraskaSeemsNice
    • Gmo666
    • PopkornHUPIKO2
    • Walten Paperclips
    • Thesuperawesome75
    • Coldswaff
    • Tidedit101
    • Justamobileuserwhocantchangetheirpfp
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  • Dr Cow Andrew


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  • Bfdi is ok i guess

    im not sure if a blog is the right place to talk about this, but on the yellow face page, theres two images for his supposed "debut" and "pre-debut" and its the guy from the gumball commerical in episode 2 and the face from the catalog that bfdi was in but is there any confirmation that these were actually yellow face?? i want to delete them because i'm pretty sure it hasnt been confirmed that these were yellow face but if they were i wont do it

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  • NCMapper

    Who is better

    January 15, 2020 by NCMapper

    Hello everyone it is time for the votes 6 votes marker is the better

    Now who is your other favorite leafy vs fiery who side are you on leafy or firey

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  • PossiblyKimi

    need help yes

    January 15, 2020 by PossiblyKimi


    So I'm doing yet another "group photo"

    you know, when I grab everyone's oc and yeet 'em to a pic.

    This time, I'm trying to make it something similar to this

    plz don't judge if you must pay the pRice 

    Anyway, yea. I have to use notability. I don't have sketchbook on this iPad so yea. feed me ideas

    Note: I am not asking for OCs. I'm asking for a movie theater.

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  • Taerdrop

    to admins:

    January 15, 2020 by Taerdrop

    nvm i putting the proof on popkorn talk page in a sec

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  • DaBlueToad

    BFB Neon is Complete!

    January 15, 2020 by DaBlueToad

    This wiki is stinky and it won't let me upload the image, so I posted it on Deviant Art and posted it instead. This probably took about 10 hours in total, and think it turned out pretty decent.

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  • TheJoChannel

    Here are some things i'd really like to see happen in future BFB episodes, just some of my (garbage, unnecessary, biased) thoughts:

    • Lollipop being eliminated (The Most).
    • Balloony makes it farther than Lollipop (Then i'll die happy, doesn't even need to be that farther away, 2 episodes is enough).
    • Some teams are combined at some point (Extremely, i really wanna see how Barf Bag and Lollipop would react if they were in the same team, maybe they could become friends? Wow, that sounds really weird coming from me).
    • Salt and Vinegar Alliance (My own personal pick, no clarification needed, Barf Bag, Balloony and Rocky is my dream team).
    • Leafy gets forgiven, because it wasn't even her fault she was flammable to Firey's ferris wheel, Firey's just a sens…

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  • YoyleBook

    Remade Evil Lighter

    January 15, 2020 by YoyleBook

    So, I decided to redo the asset for my character Evil Lighter. Some changes were squaring the corners a bit, moving the lid/body division lower, and giving a slight curve to the top to make it look more like a Zippo lighter. The shading was also changed, it may not be 100% correct but I think it's better than the previous version.

    And here is his redone pose with the new asset. Mostly recycled from the original, with some of the lines made thicker.

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