• Wot did u just say Official


    Leafy-Mini Muffin


    Flower-Posh Pear (not likely)

    Ice Cube-Cool Cube


    Book-Apple Blossom




    Fries-Fiona Fries

    Donut-D'Lish Donut







    TV-Tammy TV

    Cherries-Cheeky Cherries

    Balloon-June Balloon

    NOTE: This blog is UNFINISHED, wait for another day or so for this to be finished.

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  • AlexShir2003

    Hi it's me again and I got some more news. This is about character's appearances. I know i got some crazy ideas but don't judge me. Ok first one is Match's design. Well the first design will be the same as before, as well as everyone's else. I'm not sure about their second design, except Eraser's but the third design will be the final ones, except Match, Pencil and Eraser's. So, Match's third design will be drastically changed. She will like in her second design will be a cyborg, but her third design will be an improvement. She will have everything else as before except she will have an eyepatch on her right eye and a scar on the same one and at the end of her scar will be a figure which looks like a flame and almost everything she have, e…

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  • TotalDramaJunior22


    October 3, 2016 by TotalDramaJunior22

    Ok guys so im trying to get every single BFDI/IDFB contestant on here. If you have the poses be sure to post them here.

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  • Sonicthehedgehog223

    Announcer: The challenge is to stay on the Beam.

    Firey: I can melt Ice Cube

    Icy: Ahhhhh!

    Pencil: Bubble, I have to pop you.

    Bubble: Wha.... (Pop!)

    Snowball: I will shove you GB!

    (They both fall off)

    Tennis Ball: Why'd you do that? She was on our team.

    Flower: Out of the way! I need my space!

    Firey: (Gets put out by TD)

    David: Aw Seriously (Boom!)

    Announcer: Team blue has lost!

    Contestant reason lost rank in challenge time in Team
    David winner 1st 3:00 Red
    Tennis ball Blown off By david 2nd 2:55 Blue
    Woody Blown off by David  3rd 2:52 Blue
    Flower Blown off by David 4th 2:50 Red
    Pin Blown off by David 5th 2:49 Red


    Tried to push GB off 6th 2:39 Blue
    Golf ball Pushed off By SB 7th 2:39 Blue
    TD Jumped into Firey 8th 2:20 Blue
    Firey killed By Teardrop 9th 2:…

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  • Jonofdoom

    Check it out!

    October 1, 2016 by Jonofdoom

    Fandom (wikia) just released the designs for all of the Battle Of The Fantasy Foods Final 4's! They will be served at NYCC. Find them on wikia's twitter page. @wikia. Also, follow the BFDI wiki on twitter @bfdiwiki. We have lots of cool stuff there including fan of the week! So yeah, go check it out!

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  • Sonicthehedgehog223

    • Firey (Captain)
    • Leafy
    • Flower
    • David
    • Pencil
    • Blocky
    • Eraser
    • Match
    • Coiny
    • Pin

    • Bubble (Captain)
    • Spongy
    • Rocky
    • Ice cube
    • Tennis ball
    • Pen
    • Snowball
    • Golf ball
    • Teardrop
    • Woody
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  • Sonicthehedgehog223

    My object show

    October 1, 2016 by Sonicthehedgehog223

    delete this

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  • Whitingjack


    October 1, 2016 by Whitingjack

    Comment if you collect wiki badges!

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  • CaptainSquid13


    October 1, 2016 by CaptainSquid13

    Hey guys is there any camps going on that I can join as I am active from 6:50/8:30 Am to Pm

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  • Enzosmile

    this is great lol

    September 30, 2016 by Enzosmile

    2012 people. 2012

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  • Wmarzec06.wm

    This is very important.

    September 28, 2016 by Wmarzec06.wm

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  • Meester Tweester

    Such a happy time :)

    I still have homework, though.

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  • Jonofdoom

    Production Started!

    September 25, 2016 by Jonofdoom

    I started to build the "Yoylecake B.O.F.F Run" page. Help me finish it!

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  • Jonofdoom

    2 things

    September 25, 2016 by Jonofdoom

    1. NEW POLL!- I made a new poll. With Cary headed to college tomorrow (9/26/16), IDFB 2 will come out December 1st. But do you think he will make it to the BFDI meetup in New York on October 6th? Let me know on the poll on the BFDI wiki Twitter page! (@bfdiwiki) Poll ends September 29th. I'll make another poll soon so stay tuned!

    WANNA CHAT?- I am avalable to chat on the BFDI wiki chat right now, So come on over! 

    Thats all for now!

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  • Jonofdoom


    September 25, 2016 by Jonofdoom

    The breaking news is IDFB 2 will be delayed untill December 1st 2016. Don't beleve me? Go to the jacknjellify youtube page to see for yourself. HOWEVER, a short cartoon will be out on October 1st. The #NYCC meetup will still happen on Oct.6th, Follow the BFDI wiki's twitter page @bfdiwiki for the latest.

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  • Jonofdoom

    BFDI wiki twitter!

    September 25, 2016 by Jonofdoom

    Go search "BFDI wiki" on twitter and follow the page! That was my persional twitter so don't look too down please.

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  • Sdsadasadsadsa
    • as confirmed by jacknjellify, IDFB stands For Battle For Dream Island. backwards! not as in like as...elttaB roF maerD dnalsI. like, the letters are backwards. not the words.
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  • IIF210

    Comic - FreeSmart In Jail

    September 21, 2016 by IIF210

    Update 04/03/2017: I've made a sequel of this.

    Alternate Title: FSIJ 1: Punished

    Reason: Look at the top right corner for a hint.

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  • IIF210

    Hey objects. IIF210 here. Back then, I said that my LibreOffice wasn't working, but now it is working again! Now I will make my comics with LibreOffice Draw or Impress, and use Google Slides only as a backup!

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  • AlexShir2003

    Some news

    September 19, 2016 by AlexShir2003

    Hi, it's Alexsey and i got some news. My own object show will come out very soon, but i don't know when i'm going to add the first episode. Also it got some lazy things, but it's the only thing what i'm thinking about. It's gonna be a camp, not like BFDI and II camp, BFDI Survivor, etc. It's a camp with EVERY object show i like and i mean besides BFDI ( Inanimate Insanity, Object Mayhem, Object Universe/Twoniverse and Brawl of the Objects. ) But there's gonna be my personal contestants but they are lazy too and i mean cars. Also, some of the characters from BFDI will have drasticaly changed personalities and designs and i mean for Pen, Match, Pencil, Eraser and Blocky for an example. So stay tuned for more news.

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  • AlexShir2003


    September 19, 2016 by AlexShir2003


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  • Jonofdoom

    Update (9/20/16) I shortened the link.

    UPDATE: The website is up!!! Here is the link!

    By now you know, that yoylecake is in wikia's fantasy food truck, and won the battle of the fantasy foods. As I stated in my previous article, I said something about Object show awareness month. Well, I want to explain it more.

    As people head to NYCC, they will go to the food truck. And people will order from the menu. And they will notice yoylecake and maybe, just maybe, try it. They may watch bfdi. So we may get more people to watch object shows. Therefore, October 6-9 (Thursday is not part of the weekend, but I don't care) will be object show awareness weekend!

    Here's what we can do. Raise awareness by doing…

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  • Vv cephei a

    Woody: 6 years old

    Pin: 15 years old

    Needle: 10 years old

    Teardrop: 7 years old

    Golf Ball: 16 years old

    Coiny: 16 years old

    Snowball: 14 years old

    Match: 17 years old

    Eraser: 17 years old

    Pen: 12 years old

    Blocky: 17 years old

    Tennis Ball: 17 years old

    Pencil: 17 years old

    David: 13 years old

    Ice Cube: 6 years old

    Rocky: 6 years old

    Spongy: 16 years old

    Flower: 16 years old

    Bubble: 12 years old

    Leafy: 13 years old

    Firey: 16 years old

    Announcer: 31 years old

    Firey Speaker box: 21 years old

    Flower speaker box: 23 years old

    Book: 13 years old

    Ruby: 10 years old

    Yellow Face: 15 years old

    Nickel: 16 years old

    Bomby: 8 years old

    Gelatin: 14 years old

    Fries: 11 years old

    Puffball: 9 years old

    Dora: 15 years old

    Donut: 13 years old

    TV: 26 years old

    Puffball Speaker Box: 39 years ol…

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  • FlamingPeaO'Fire

    Just Starting

    September 18, 2016 by FlamingPeaO'Fire

    Hi! I just found an error on the Everyone and Coiny page! I am sorry that I cannot link it, but it is doing better! I decided to do more stuff around the wiki just because I am bored and helping a wiki is the only thing I can do right now. I wonder who will rejoin Oct. 1st, 2016! 

    (btw: how do you link pages?)

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  • Jonofdoom

    Well, lots of stuff happened in rhe world of object shows. Lets recap

    1. IDFB 1 So BFDI(A) 6 just came out under the name IDFB 1. A new season has started. I wonder what will happen this season?

    2. Yoylecake's battle of the fantasy foods 2016 run Well, after a 6 rounds and some extentions, yoylecake won BOFF and is in wikia's food truck at NYCC this October. We should make October 6-9 object show awarness weekend (even though Thursday is not in the weekend, and maybe friday too)

    Maybe we can get more people to watch object shows!


    I am in the writeing prosess of the yoylecake article. Should be done soon. Then i'll write it on the wiki.

    I want to make a BFDI wiki twitter page. Should I do it? Let me know in the comments.

    That's all for me, s…

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  • IIF210

    A Reveal - Code 2

    September 17, 2016 by IIF210

    01001001 00100000 01101010 01101111 01101001 01101110 01100101 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01010000 01101111 01101100 01100001 01101110 01100100 01100010 01100001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01010111 01101001 01101011 01101001 00101110 00100000 01001001 00100111 01101101 00100000 01101110 01101111 01110100 00100000 01100111 01101001 01110110 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01100001 00100000 01101100 01101001 01101110 01101011 00101100 00100000 01110011 01101111 00100000 01100111 01101111 01101111 01100100 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01100110 01101001 01101110 01100100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101101 01100101 00100000 01101111 01101110 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100001 01110100 00…

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  • IIF210

    A Reveal

    September 17, 2016 by IIF210

    01001001 00100000 01101100 01101001 01101011 01100101 00100000 01010000 01101111 01101100 01100001 01101110 01100100 01100010 01100001 01101100 01101100 00101110 00100000 01001001 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01101110 01101011 00100000 01001001 00100000 01110011 01101000 01101111 01110101 01101100 01100100 00100000 01101010 01101111 01101001 01101110 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 01101001 01110010 00100000 01110111 01101001 01101011 01101001 00101110

    Decode it.

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  • IIF210

    I Now Take Comic Requests!

    September 17, 2016 by IIF210

    If you read the title, then you know what the update is about. So go ahead and request comics.

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  • IIF210

    Good News and Bad News

    September 17, 2016 by IIF210

    I'm back from my second hiatus! The reason why I was gone to a hiatus is because I had a vacation in real life and I couldn't inform you about it. So myself, welcome back! Oh and btw, the normal software will continue. Firefox for articles, Google Slides for comics, YouTube channel on hiatus... so yeah.

    My school starts this monday, so I will be less active in weekdays. But I will still try to be acitve as possible.

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  • II And BFDI

    This is my bfdi camp. the first episode tells that vote for someone to join!

    Recommend a bfdi character such as Spongey,Golfball etc.

    comment in this blog to vote someone to join and recommend a BFDI character also it will be short because animation is really hard!... Here is the first EPISODE! ---->

    Vote now voting ends in Which the second episode released!. 2nd Episode release in september 20

    Vote the four characters in here:

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  • DylanheBuilder


    September 14, 2016 by DylanheBuilder

    Hi. i just wanted to pot someting,

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  • Ploy2546

    What should I do?

    September 11, 2016 by Ploy2546

    I feel love this object show. Start from I was 11 years old. I don't know about this unitl 6 days I feel very love in my life.And I love this in 1 year

                                                          And now.What should I do?

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  • Enzosmile

    i also made a picture of him if he had limbs

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  • Haruka Suzumiya

    Hand & 2318

    September 9, 2016 by Haruka Suzumiya

    Hand & 2318 is a channel television series and movies and TV shows the Nickelodeon and ABC

    in September 14th, 2003 and September 4th, 2016.

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  • Haruka Suzumiya

    Hand & 20

    September 9, 2016 by Haruka Suzumiya


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  • Jonofdoom

    I feel like Yoylecake should have it's own wiki page. Should I do it? Let me know!

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  • Jonofdoom


    September 6, 2016 by Jonofdoom

    Im jakethedog88 (I should have thought of a better name.) And I will help the wiki!

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  • MallyTheAwesome


    September 4, 2016 by MallyTheAwesome

    Hiya! I'm new to the BFDI Wiki. I started yesterday tho, I'm still pretty much new. ^-^

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  • OnePunchKnockout

    My Very First Vote!

    September 4, 2016 by OnePunchKnockout

    I voted for the very first time! It was so great they brought back the comment to vote.

    I voted for Pen to come out of the TLC.

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  • 9K

    Hello everybody on BFDI wiki, I'm 9K. I was leaving here for a long time, but this time, I just have come here back to make a blog, for some reasons.

    As somebody knows, I have wanted to create an Object Show, nope, many Object Shows since around 2014, or 2015. Do you know how many OSes have I created? -None.

    So in past I asked a question "How can I create an Object Show" on this page to find answers "Adobe Flash" and "Anime Studio". So at that time I planned to buy the software, but in fact, I haven't done yet.

    Now, what software do I have? I currently have VSDC Free Video Editor, ゆっくりMovieMaker, AviUtl, Pencil2D, etc and when I found the article this article, I found AviUtl may be effective to create an Object Show. I haven't done that, thou…

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  • Geometry dash koreaball


    September 2, 2016 by Geometry dash koreaball

    I just new contestant and doesn't wot 2 be eliminated m8s ><

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  • Fweeby dude


    September 2, 2016 by Fweeby dude

    ew blog

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  • DrowsySnow

    This is my recommendation for this reddit page: (dont judge my drawing)

    His voice turns high pitched and low pitched time to time.

    Also ufo is a pretty nice guy but hates puffball because of what she did in bfdia 5. he can only lift 6 contestants without gelatin saying: "There is Not enough room up here" also he is a boy.

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  • 2147483648Aceg

    BFDIA 6 is out!

    September 1, 2016 by 2147483648Aceg

    What on earth is IDFB? 

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  • IIF210

    Get the reference?

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  • Qubit2222

    the hype is real

    September 1, 2016 by Qubit2222

    BFDIA 6 tomorrow :D

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  • TheNigerianBook51
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  • Sonicthehedgehog223

    I'm back

    August 30, 2016 by Sonicthehedgehog223

    I will try and be more active, but I am busy editing on peppa fanon, gumball wiki, and inanimate insanity wiki.

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  • TheNigerianBook51

    If any admin is reading this, should I be unblocked in OSC? Vote on either the poll or the comments. (Normal users can vote too)

    Because i'm now Nice.

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  • Thereselovesyou


    Don't forget to enter to our giveaway for a chance to win 2 tickets to New York Comic Con. Share and retweet this so all your friends can enter!

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