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Well, good thing we have this boat!

Boats are items that occasionally appear through the Battle for Dream Island series.

Boats first appeared in "Take the Plunge/Part 2", where Golf Ball shares her plan to the Squashy Grapes to build a motorboat to complete the challenge, while the Squishy Cherries build a simpler, boxy boat, the Squashy Grapes then finish building their motorboat, however, it is too small and only Leafy, Coiny and Ice Cube are able to fit inside, leaving the rest of the team behind.

Later in the challenge, the two boats collapse and the Squishy Cherries' boat is broken into pieces, forcing them to swim to the finish line of the challenge, the Squashy Grapes are sent flying and their boat lands right past the finish line, causing them to abandon it at a desperate attempt to win, they end up losing, however.

The two boats reappear in "Hurtful!", where the challenge is a combination of all the previous episodes' challenges, Flower uses the motorboat and Bubble uses the boxy, wooden boat.

The Squishy Cherries' broken boat makes a cameo in "Get Digging" when Puffball is flying through the Goiky Canal.

The Squashy Grapes' motorboat makes a new appearance in the non-canon short "You're A Loser, But...", where it appears as part of Cloudy's Collection, Pin and Leafy take the boat to give it as a present to Flower, but they end up colliding into her.

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