Need some money fast and soon? Then buy our box of Paper Slips!
Yellow Face, in an advertisement in "Crybaby!"

Paper Slips are magical pieces of paper in the world of BFDI that turn into dollar bills when a number gets written on them. They were in a commercial in "Crybaby!" and they have been used several times by Pen and Leafy, the latter of which used them to buy Season 1's prize, Dream Island.


It is used like a dollar bill, except the slips start off blank. When a number is written on it, the paper slip magically turns into a dollar bill with the worth of that number.


  • "Vomitaco": Pen asks how much he has to pay for Leafy to lend him a taco. Since Leafy was mad at him, she made the price 200 vigintillion dollars. Pen says "Well, what do you know?" while holding up a paper slip with the price in one hand and the box of paper slips in the other. Unfortunately, this makes the eliminated contestants know he cheated, making him fall into the danger zone and, ultimately, eliminating him entirely.
  • "Gardening Hero": His rejoin campaign speech is if someone votes for him, the voter will get 500 million vigintillion dollars while holding the paper slip with this amount. However, in the next episode, after he learns he didn't get enough votes, he recites the usernames of the people who voted him and says "I owe you 500 million vigintillion dollars each because I can't afford to pay you right now" before getting teleported to the TLC again.


  • "Return of the Hang Glider": The Box of Paper Slips play a key point in this episode. After Firey rejects Leafy from Dream Island, Leafy calls up the Announcer and gives him $1,000,000,000,000 drawn on a paper slip to buy the island to get revenge on Firey, which leads to the plot of this episode. In the end, when she almost dies, Firey saves her with a hang glider and reveals his true feelings for her.


Yellow Face

Need some money FAST and SOON?

Then buy our BOX OF PAPER SLIPS!

At first it might just seem like a blank slip of paper, but you can scribble a number on it, and *POOF*!


This person managed to buy a TV. ($2,000)

This person bought a HOUSE! ($500,000)

THIS PERSON BOUGHT THE WORLD!! ($1,000,000,000,000,000)

So yeah, BUY NOW!
Bfdi box of paper slips commercial!

Bfdi box of paper slips commercial!



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