The bridges are structures that have appeared in "Bridge Crossing" and (debatably) "Insectophobe's Nightmare".


The bridges appear to be simple wooden suspension bridges. It is revealed that they are incredibly fragile, with the planks appearing to be unevenly shaped and glued together and the bridge railings being made up of black straws held together with tape.


The bridges make their first appearance in "Bridge Crossing", where they are used as the first challenge. Bubble is the first to start crossing, but then falls off the bridge after Snowball throws Rocky at the bridge (originally intending to hit Golf Ball). Leafy, Ice Cube and Needle then cross a second bridge spotted by Pen, but that bridge also gets destroyed when Snowball removes the supporting poles (calling them "dumb sticks"). Pen then attempts to hang on to the bridge railings, but Eraser points out that the railings are just bendy straws, which then inevitably break under Pen's weight.


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