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— Bubble's catchphrase

Bubble is a female contestant in Battle for Dream Island, IDFB, and BFB.

In Battle for Dream Island, Bubble competed on the Squishy Cherries until the merge in "A Leg Up in the Race". She placed 3rd overall.

In Battle for Dream Island Again, Bubble received 556 votes to join (which was enough), but because Flower killed her "permanently", TV disqualified her. She then competed unofficially with FreeSmart starting in "Get in the Van" and was eliminated in "The Long-lost Yoyle City".

In IDFB, Bubble is seen as a free character.

In Battle for BFDI, Bubble competed on iance until the split in "The Escape from Four", when she stayed with Four.

In Battle for BFB, Bubble competed on the Have Cots until her elimination in "Fashion For Your Face!". She placed 10th overall.


Bubble appears to be a spherical soap bubble. The main part of her body is sky blue, which gets lighter toward her center. Her outline is blue, and her shine is white. She is also transparent.

Bubble is a strong and strange liquid bubble, as normal bubbles would pop much more quickly due to air pressure. In addition, she can somehow open her mouth without losing any air. She also didn't float to the top of the van in "It's a Monster" despite being made of air and being submerged underwater. When she couldn't hold her breath anymore, she popped and the air inside her disappeared. A real bubble is just made of liquid and air, so if a bubble were to be submerged in water, it would not pop until it rose to the top and the liquid is a dome over the water. What makes her even stranger is that soap bubbles can have fingers put through them sometimes and not pop.

Bubble has an awkward speech issue, as she replaces some vowels with "oi" sounds in words (e.g. "Leafy" becomes "Loify", "Lightning" becomes "Loightning", etc.), giving her a unique accent.


Early BFDI

  • Bubble has an inconsistent outline.
  • Bubble is now blue.
  • Bubble is now a perfect sphere.


  • Bubble has thin, consistent outlines.
  • Bubble is slightly darker.
  • Bubble's shine is drawn smoothly.


  • Bubble now reverts to the same shade of blue she had in early BFDI.


Bubble is usually kindhearted, carefree and happy, but when she is afraid of something, (e.g. Pencil telling Lightning to shock someone), she will try and prevent it from happening, which occasionally has consequences.

When pushed enough, Bubble isn't afraid of speaking her mind to other characters, like with Leafy when she constantly decides to be friends only to change her mind or to stand up to Flower in "Return of the Hang Glider". Despite this, she is often known to be a pushover towards Pencil and Match, and often hangs around them, despite their actions.

Bubble is very forgiving, as she instantly became friends with Leafy in "Get in the Van" when she returned to Bubble after she had bought Dream Island, although she still seems hesitant to forgive Match for bossing her in "Questions Answered". She seems to be sad ever since she got demoted and Lightning zapped people. Bubble is also shown to have paranoia, as seen in "What Do You Think of Roleplay?" when she thought Match's elimination was caused by her not forgiving Match. Which, as a result, pushed her to hastily forgive every member on iance. After the split she is put on the same team as Leafy but is hesitant to forgive her for the events of BFDI.

There are times where Bubble has fits of eccentricity like "Rescission" and "The Long-lost Yoyle City" where she makes bizarre faces and movements for a short time.

Official Character Guide biography

She might easily pop, but Bubble is still happy and carefree. At first, Bubble might seem to worry a lot, but in reality, she's just looking out for her friends. She is actually very courageous and can be counted on when the going gets tough.

Bubble is easily excited, especially by yoyleberries and yoylecake. Her best friends are Ruby and Match, although their relationship is hot and cold.

What's in a Name!: Bubble subscribes to a how-to magazine that includes issues like "How To Be Transparent with Friends."


  • Popping: Being a bubble, Bubble can pop if she comes in contact with anything.



Battle for Dream Island

Bubble in Battle for Dream Island

In Bubble's first scene in "Take the Plunge: Part 1", she was held by Ice Cube and asked if she liked her. Bubble stammers and answers yes, until she is accidentally popped by Ice Cube. She is revived at the Bubble Recovery Center. After Bubble comes out, she is nearly popped again by Pin, who is being held by Blocky. He then tries to throw Needle instead, but fails to hit Bubble, saying that he was "just in the mood to hurt someone".

When Bubble competes in the challenge, she decides to form an alliance with Pencil and Match. Ice Cube eagerly tries to join, but after she knocks down a few people, including Bubble, Pen, Pencil, Match, and Snowball, Pencil declines and falls into the water.

In "Take the Plunge: Part 2", as Teardrop is picked to be on Leafy's team (which becomes the Squashy Grapes), Flower calls her stupid for not being able to talk. When Bubble asks for Flower to be nice, this angers her and she asks for Snowball to beat her up. He declines, but Blocky accepts. Blocky pops her. The Speaker asks for Pin's team (which becomes the Squishy Cherries) to choose, and Pin says Bubble's name after a suggestion from Pencil. She appears from the Bubble Recovery Center and joins Pin's team.

During the challenge, after the Squishy Cherries' boat is destroyed, the team swims to shore. Pin pops Bubble after swimming too close to her. Bubble's team wins the challenge.

In "Barriers and Pitfalls", during the challenge, Pin makes a few people look for Blocky one of them being Pencil breaking up the alliance for a short time. Match says that she'll wait for her with Bubble. After five minutes, they are still waiting.

During a commercial break, a commercial for Blocky's Funny Doings International appears. It shows Blocky drilling a hole in the Bubble Recovery Center and putting in thumb-tacks, creating an infinite loop of Bubble dying and reviving.

After Pencil returns, Match and Bubble join the challenge. The three of them are on the chairlift, however, it slows down due to Spongy's excessive weight. Even with Spongy's weight, it doesn't break the rope. However, Rocky fell onto and broke the rope of the chairlift, causing the three to fall, resulting in no more contestants reaching the end, thus making the Squishy Cherries lose the challenge. The remaining contestants who fell are revealed to still be there after dark.

In "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?", Bubble and the rest of the failers from the previous episode are retrieved, and the Squishy Cherries have Cake at Stake for the first time. After many people disagree with Key Lime Pie as their cake, Bubble also disagrees but is cut off by the Speaker. Bubble, along with Pin and Pencil, is the second to receive a slice of cake, after Eraser. When Spongy is being lifted as he is being eliminated, he drops onto Bubble due to his weight, popping her.

Bubble was seen joining her alliance mates once again, but she is immediately popped by Match after she is offended by Bubble when she calls her a "guy". Pencil questions Match for doing so, but Bubble reveals how to "kill Bubble in 3 simple steps". She tries to count to three but pops herself before doing so. Pencil calls her "suicidal" and "so dumb she can't even count to three".

Due to the Speaker finding out that Blocky and Pen were cheating, the Squishy Cherries lose for the second time.

In "Sweet Tooth", the Squishy Cherries have another Cake at Stake. All the girls except Pin and Match (thus including Bubble) receive a block of ice since the Speaker didn't buy a cake. When the ice is thrown at Bubble, she is popped. When Pencil appears after being thrown off into the horizon according to Match, Pencil claims she is hallucinating and turns into Bubble, who Pencil calls "dumb."

During the challenge, Pencil reminds Match of how Bubble can't count to three, classifying her as dumb. Bubble attempts to prove the two wrong but is popped by a strawberry in mid-sentence. Bubble later not only counts to three but to eight, proving the girls wrong. Bubble is first up to show her cake. She receives an 8/10 from the Speaker. Flower goes into a fit of rage after remembering she was eliminated, and steps on Bubble's cake. She gives it a 0/10 originally, and later a 1/10 because she's so nice. The die rolled a 4/6, making her final score 13/26.

The Squishy Cherries win this part of the challenge. The Squashy Grapes win the next part, therefore a tiebreaker is held literally, in which the first team to break the necktie wins. Snowball instantly breaks the tie for the Squashy Grapes and wins, and the Squishy Cherries lose for the third time in a row.

In "Bridge Crossing", during Cake at Stake, Bubble received zero votes. After Bubble receives her cake, Needle lands on Bubble, popping her. During the challenge, Eraser pushes Bubble onto the bridge. Snowball then throws Rocky at Golf Ball. Snowball misses and Rocky lands on the bridge, destroying it. Bubble then falls to the bottom of the gorge. Pencil and Match also fall into the gorge to catch Bubble. In the end, there was a tie for the challenge. The tiebreaker was once again to break a necktie. Similar to "Sweet Tooth", Snowball instantly rips the tie, causing the Squishy Cherries to be up for elimination. That meant that Bubble was up for elimination. At the end of the episode, Bubble is with her team at the bottom of the gorge.

In "Power of Three", at Cake at Stake, Bubble receives her very first vote, and after Pin is eliminated, Bubble is paired with Match and Pencil for the teams in teams challenge. They start out in the lead but arrive at the first challenge 2nd. Soon, they drop to 4th but forget about Pencil being locked in a safe. Bubble and Match turn their raft around, putting the other Cherries in 4th place. Soon, the alliance of three manages to speed into 3rd place, making them all safe.

In "Puzzling Mysteries", Bubble isn't seen very much throughout the episode, but she is worried about everyone starving to death in the puzzle room. The Squishy Cherries not only lose the challenge, but they lose Firey as well, being outnumbered by the Grapes 9 to 5.

In "Cycle of Life", during arguments between the Cherries and the Speaker, Bubble suggests that the Speaker Box chooses who competes for the Grapes. During the race, Bubble is the 5th to go but is popped by Match, causing the Grapes to take a huge lead. Eventually, Bubble is left to run for the finish, but she is popped by GB kicking Rocky, and when GB kicks him again, Eraser blames Bubble for their loss.

Bubble eats some Yoylecake.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare", Bubble comes in when the Announcer gives out posters. She laughs, then adds that the speaker does not have to mention it when the speaker said the Squishy Cherries were half the size of the Squashy Grapes.

In "Crybaby!", Bubble, expresses her joy with her team on how they're no longer on a losing streak. Later on, she votes Teardrop to join the Squishy cherries due to Snowball's lack of intelligence. In the skiing challenge, Bubble expresses her surprise of the fact that there was only one pair of skates for each team before getting popped by Blocky. After being recovered offscreen, she is the second Cherry to slip during the handstand contest.

In "Lofty", Bubble votes Rocky to join the Cherries, claiming GB was a "no-no". In the challenge, Bubble remarks how being airborne didn't feel right to her, before accidentally being popped by Pen.

In "A Leg Up in the Race", Bubble is reading How to be Dumb, only to get popped by Leafy. In the challenge, she gets popped by one of the Announcer's water balloons, which forces her to start from the beginning (the BRC was at ground level). She finishes 10th, and also ranks 10th with the new Point mechanic, putting her up for elimination.

In "Don't Lose Your Marbles", Bubble, along with Snowball, Rocky, and Tennis Ball head to the Cake at Stake place, only to notice the redesign. After briefly criticizing and praising it, Bubble is revealed to be the first one safe, and gets a fish for a cake. In the challenge, Bubble proclaims that she found a ball, before being popped and having her ball stolen by Blocky. After complaining about his cruelty, Bubble is assisted by Match and Pencil to find a ball and finds one at the top of a mountain. She finishes 7th on the scoreboard.

In "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None", Bubble comes to Pencil's aid after finding her falling off a cliff, only to be forced to call Leafy for help. She, along with all the other contestants except for Ice Cube fall into a chasm. After throwing shade on the cake presented at Cake at Stake, Bubble converses with Pencil on who to replace Match in their alliance, eventually deciding on Ice Cube. After failing to retrieve the Announcer's marbles, Bubble does surprisingly well in the challenge, finishing 1st (along with Blocky) and Ranking 6th on the leaderboard, away from the danger zone.

In "Vomitaco", Bubble is seen playing catch with Pencil and Ice Cube. After being safe at Cake at Stake, Bubble chooses to do the barf bag portion of the challenge. She gets eliminated after tasting Pencil's 'ice cream', which consisted of a cone, Ice Cube, Rocky's vomit, and whipped cream. While observing the taco contest, Bubble asks Pencil why she's happy she didn't do the taco challenge, only to get popped by her. Bubble finishes with 109 points and places 9th on the scoreboard, putting her up for elimination.

In "Bowling, Now with Explosions!", Bubble receives 23 votes and is safe. In the bowling contest, Bubble is the second to go but she ends up getting a gutter ball. When everyone has finished, she has all of her points drained to zero by Blocky. Everyone except Firey was up for elimination.

In "The Reveal", Bubble is given a pair of springy shoes by Leafy, who immediately takes them back so Pencil can have some. When Bubble is recovered she believes that Pencil and Ice Cube took her shoes and takes them, leaving her with 2 pairs of shoes. She is the second character safe with only 7 votes. In the Frisbee contest, Bubble and Pencil partner up and place first and get 200 points each.

In "Reveal Novum", Bubble gets a cracker piece since she wasn't up for voting and votes Tennis Ball out since Leafy gave her the springy shoes and Ice Cube is in her alliance. In the first round of the staring contest, Bubble is against Leafy. She ends up winning when she throws away the springy shoes since they were making it hard to stare, making Leafy gasp. In round two, she loses to David when he yells "Aw seriously!" which makes her scared.

In "Rescission", with Pencil gone, Bubble doesn't know what to do about her alliance with Ice Cube. In the unicycle race, she pops while trying to ride one. She ends up placing first in the contest and gets to choose someone else to have immunity. Ice Cube says they aren't in an alliance anymore, so she gives it to Leafy.

In "Gardening Hero", when everyone is sent to space, Bubble and Ice Cube play with a star from the big dipper. During the contest she is almost sucked into a black hole, but it's sold due to budget cuts before she and Firey get too close. Firey ends up having his spaceship sold as well, so Bubble shoots him and wins immunity. She, once again, gets to choose someone else to have immunity and gives it to Leafy to prove to her that she's a nice person.

In "The Glistening", Bubble, along with the other contestants, raises her hand when asked about wanting to return to Earth. Later on, she notices that the Cake at Stake Place has been remodeled once again. During Cake at Stake, Bubble utters her definitive catchphrase, only to have Leafy present actual Yoylecake to her. After eating it, Bubble sparkles a bit, before turning into Yoyle Metal during the long jump contest. Because of the sudden added weight, Bubble does not make much distance and gets put up for elimination.

In "Don't Pierce My Flesh", Bubble (or Metal Ball) is safe with 80 votes. As a prize for making it into the top five, Bubble wins a house. Bubble votes to escape the volcano instead of having a beauty contest. After dying numerous times, and losing her metal body, she and Leafy jump across Spongy as he sinks in the magma. Bubble is then killed with the rest of the contestants when the volcano erupts. Everyone is recovered outside of the volcano and therefore tie. The tiebreaker is a beauty contest. The Firey and Flower Speaker Boxes act biased towards their creators so Bubble is up for voting.

In "Hurtful!", Metal Bubble receives a note from FlykydFly about a new Announcer recovery center being built. Later she is forcibly pushed into the incinerator by Flower as all the contestants line up to be killed and recovered. At Cake at Stake, she is crushed by the new Announcer Recovery Center that falls from above, but she is recovered again. During the contest, she picks the large wooden raft. When she gets to the other side Flower is waiting for her to help throw her over the wall obstacle, and is popped when she refuses. She travels over the beam and swims again, this time with Leafy. They find a leftover life float and Leafy lets Bubble use it. When Bubble gets to the other side with Flower still waiting, she gives in and throws her to the top level of the wall, only for her to be punched by a mechanical spring.

Bubble easily climbs the wall and starts the test, but fails three times while everyone else passes it first try. Eventually, Leafy helps her pass before they both pull out clumps of dirt as "cake" for the next mini-challenge. They both do the next several challenges at an equal and rapid pace. Leafy gets stuck on the episode 13 challenge with a maroon ball instead of a red one, while Bubble continues as normal all the way to the volcano. But to her surprise, all the other three contestants follow right behind her. Flower and Firey are the first two to climb up the pole to the finish area, but one of Flower's petals suddenly falls off. Leafy jumps out of the way and accidentally steps on a giant "DELETE POLE" button and Flower and Firey both die. When Leafy lets Bubble climb up, Bubble suddenly opens up to Leafy about how she is tired of her being nice and letting her win all the time. Leafy becomes hurt by this and declares their friendship over. When Flower is back and pulls Leafy into the lava and asks Bubble to help throw her to the top, Bubble carries her but at the last second drops her into the lava, before stepping on a "CREATE POLE" button and climbing up herself, winning immunity into the final 3.


In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2", Flower confronts Bubble and demands an apology for not giving her the immunity last episode. Leafy steps in and apologies for Bubble because she does not want to. Leafy states that friends can get into arguments sometimes, and she wants to make up and be friends again. Bubble says that the two of them are sometimes friends and sometimes not, and she doesn't like the unstable friendship between the two of them, which makes Leafy upset.

In "Return of the Hang Glider", Bubble makes it into the finale, but only ends up getting 228 votes to win, ranking third place. The Announcer says she played a great game, and she was a wonderful contestant. She gets a cashew as her prize. After Firey wins Dream Island, Bubble and the rest of her alliance get to come onto the island. When Dream Island goes missing, Bubble asks the Announcer if he knew where it went, but he refuses to say. Bubble uses the "I'll cry acid" excuse that the Announcer used a few times before, but he did not fall for it. Later in the episode, Bubble stands up to Flower and says that she is tired of her self-centeredness, and comes to the claim that she is tired of Flower and her personality. Flower becomes enraged and destroys Bubble's personal recovery center. She pops Bubble right after, which marks her last appearance in season 1.

Battle for Dream Island Again

Bubble in Battle for Dream Island Again

In "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", Bubble did have enough votes to join BFDIA, but she was disqualified as she was dead at the time.

In "Get Digging", Match and Pencil consider recovering Bubble by blowing her back to life, but Ruby talks them out of it.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3", Match and Pencil want to bring Bubble back. Ruby, however, doesn't want Bubble to be brought back because she thought she would be kicked out of the alliance. Match assures her this will not happen. Then Pencil blows Bubble from a bubble blower. When Bubble is brought back, she kicks Ruby. Match explains to Bubble that Ruby is in their alliance now. To refute this, Bubble gets out the The Book of BFDI's Tips and Tricks. She explains that if the alliance gets to big, they'll become enemies. However, Pencil disproves the book by pointing out that it's over a billion years old and was written by Golf Ball, who got eliminated before all of them before. Bubble is convinced and yells for Ruby to come back, and when she does, Bubble slaps her, saying it's an "apology slap". Bubble is later popped by a shard of glass.

In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", she is revived after Teardrop picks a Hand-Powered Recovery Center for a prize by Pencil and Match. She quickly pops, and Match and Pencil bring her back and warn her about popping and wasting their time. She says sorry but gets popped by Pin when she is running to bring Coiny back. She is then revived by Coiny. She attempts to follow the contestants into Golf Ball's Underground Factory, but Puffball Speaker Box stops her since she isn't an official contestant. Bubble is sad to hear this, so Puffball Speaker Box gives her a soda to cheer her up.

In "Get in the Van", Bubble plays on a swing when Pin comes by to swing with her, which annoys her. Pin wants to be friends with Bubble but Bubble isn't interested They only manage to bond over how much they hate Leafy, who suddenly appears out of no where, surprising them. Bubble and Pin try freezing Leafy with ice syringes, but Leafy is made of yoyle metal and can't be frozen. Bubble quickly warms up to Leafy as they talk more and hands her an onion when she asks for one to eat. Bubble and Leafy then recover all of the dead contestants, including Firey, who Leafy wanted to talk to. Bubble plays on the swing again with Pin when she remembers something and leaves. She is later seen at Match's dance party at the Clubhouse of Awesomeness on the Eiffel tower. Bubble becomes a member of the alliance's new team, FreeSmart. She narrowly avoids getting caught by Firey Speaker Box by pretending to be a tree. Later, she gets eaten by Evil Leafy with all the other members of her team.

In "No More Snow!", Bubble is with the rest of her team as they are about to escape Evil Leafy, but gets randomly popped by Ruby and is absent for the rest of the episode.

In "It's a Monster", Bubble is revived and the team continues the journey riding the FreeSmart Supervan. She holds her breath as they drive through the Goiky Canal, popping numerous times.

In "The Long-lost Yoyle City", Bubble eats yoyleberries along with Ruby, which caused them to turn to metal. She continues forward with the team as they reach Yoyle City, kill and recover Pencil when she's caught by a Fish's tongue, and climb Yoyle Mountain. Later on, when she and all the Freesmarters got onto the summit and won the challenge, Firey Speaker Box asks what she's doing there again and this time isn't fooled by her being a tree. She is then flung away to an unknown location.


Bubble in IDFB

In "Welcome Back", Bubble is seen with FreeSmart at Yoyle Needy, implicating that either the Sender Scoop Thrower missed the Locker of Losers or she died from the impact. When Pencil complains over how 3 years of work have been lost in an instant, Bubble did not feel bad, because she spent her whole life disappearing in an instant. When Pencil is about to fall from Yoyle Needy, Bubble tries to pull her up and save her, but she fails and pops. She is later revived by the FreeSmarters with the HPRC.

Battle for BFDI

Bubble in Battle for BFDI

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Bubble is first seen counting to ten in front of Ruby, Pencil, and Match, when all of a sudden one of the forks Bell knocked down earlier, flies over and pops her. She is revived by the BRC (Bubble Recovery Center), Ruby comments that it is cool that Bubble has her own recovery center, before getting popped and revived again. Match and Pencil are tired of Bubble popping and sets out to find who's popping Bubble. Later, Pencil also demotes Bubble to a "bember" after Bubble tries to stop Lightning from zapping Flower.

During the challenge, her team, iance tries to grab one of X's baskets by jumping below it. Fanny says she hates jumping, so Pencil orders Lightning to zap her. Bubble tries to prevent this from happening, but Pencil reminds her she's a bember, so Bubble gives in. She cries when Fanny is zapped. Bubble is later seen jumping while thinking about Fanny. Match tells her not to think as heavy thoughts would weigh her down. iance isn't able to get the basket down before any of the other teams, so they are up for elimination.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Bubble was up for elimination along with the rest of iance. Bubble was safe with 147 votes and got a cake. Match congratulates Bubble for surviving the elimination. After Pencil was eliminated, Match asked Bubble what to do after Pencil was gone. Bubble remembered Ice Cube was an alternate and could replace Pencil for the time being, but Match replies stating that Book and Ice Cube are on a different team and dead. In the challenge, Bubble licked the jawbreaker and freed Ice Cube. Bubble asks Ice Cube if she can join their alliance, but she walks back to her team instead.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Bubble asked Match if she could talk "alliance" stuff with her, while Match tries to put Fanny on the fulcrum.

In "Fortunate Ben", Bubble pops suddenly during the elimination, and Bottle playfully exclaims that Bubble is dead.

In "Four Goes Too Far", Bubble is recovered by Four from being killed the episode prior. During the challenge, she gets inflicted by the Twinkle of Contagion. Match decides to start a staring contest with Bubble, and they pass the Twinkle onto each other. This causes a sound, which causes Pen, who was previously closing his eyes, to look at them and catch it.

In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", when Taco says that Loser is dead, Donut says that he's in a jawbreaker and throws it, accidentally crushing her. Bubble is scared by this and throws the Liar Ball away. During the challenge, Bubble asks why everyone is acting so murderous in the challenge, to which Lightning replies is because Loser is gone and the contestants don't know what is right or wrong without him. He then goes to zap the other contestants in an attempt to win the challenge, much to Bubble's dismay.

In "Questions Answered", when Donut says the first question, she didn't know the answer. Match and Snowball got mad at her, and Match gave Bubble a warning about her Bembership. Bubble didn't get the next question right, and was demoted once again, but this time to a "bemb". Donut later asks what his favorite season is. Bubble was about to answer "summer" when Puffball pushes a fake buzzer in place of iance's buzzer, and Bubble presses the button on the fake buzzer instead of the actual one.

She repeatedly presses the "button" yelling "SUMMER!", but Donut doesn't respond to her. Free Food steals her answer and are the last ones safe from elimination, meaning iance is up for elimination...until Match shows Donut footage of their buzzer being replaced. Donut then puts Free Food up for voting. Bubble is seen at the episode's stinger, where she is told by Fanny that Match didn't know the answers either, despite her getting mad at Bubble for the same thing. Fanny exclaims how Match is a hypocrite and how she hates her.

In "Enter the Exit", she rejects Match - possibly for her actions in "Questions Answered" - when she greets her. Later, she is popped by a cake thrown by X that was supposed to be for Balloony. After being recovered, Bubble ignores Match.

In "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", she finally confronts Match about her behavior in the past few episodes. Match reveals that she was acting like Pencil to set an example to her teammates, but Bubble says that just hurts everybody. Realizing the error in her ways, Match apologizes and offers Bubble a promotion, but she declines it and reveals that when she struggles, she doesn't need a stern leader like Pencil... but she needed Match all along. Match apologizes to Bubble for being "somebody else," but Bubble says that she will need time to forgive her, which Match, despite a bit of reluctance, accepts.

In "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", Bubble is, again, the first person safe at Cake at Stake. She receives a slice of a burger, although she doesn't seem too pleased with at first. When Match is revealed to be eliminated, Bubble tries to say something, but Four quickly sucks Match up. Bubble blames herself for Match's elimination, saying that she didn't actually want her to be eliminated. Fanny tries assuring her that she doesn't need her, but Bubble protests, saying Match was her friend. She blames herself even further by believing she wasn't forgiving enough, and Match got eliminated because Bubble did not forgive her. She then goes to forgive all the other contestants so they don't meet the same fate. She forgives Ruby for "trying to replace her", Flower for her attitude, and Snowball for something which is never heard because he pops her before even stating what she was forgiving him for. Bubble is then recovered via the request of Fanny. During the challenge, Bubble goes back to Snowball believing he is sorry for popping her and forgives him before being popped by him for the second time.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", Bubble is first seen when Fanny requests that Four recover her. Later on, she comments on Fanny's head being reattached to her body. When Flower points out to her and Ruby that their alliance only consists of two members now, she argues that Ice Cube is part of their alliance, but her being on another team disallows her from helping. However Ice Cube shows up and proclaims that she is joining iance, when Flower tries to points out that she can't do that, Bubble shushes her and tells Flower to let Ice Cube believe what she wants. After telling Ruby digging with shovels would be faster than with teeth, she and the rest of iance dig down a hole. Later when Lightning hears screaming above them, Bubble says that the other teams must have followed them down the hole, and she doesn't want to have to forgive them for doing so, and she fears they'll all die on impact When Snowball suggests that they just dig sideways, they all do so, but Bubble stops to pick up her shovel and she's crushed by Team Ice Cube. It's revealed however that Bubble is not dead, as she lifts up the entirety of Team Ice Cube, all resting on Spongy. However, she points out that she can't lift them for much longer. When Flower realizes that another team is about to land on Bubble, Ruby devises a plan that saves Bubble by blowing Beep into another hole, it works. however, Flower accidentally lost her balance and fell on Spongy with the rest of Team Ice Cube, popping Bubble.

In "The Escape from Four", Bubble is recovered, and is one of the 14 remaining contestants who decided to continue participating in Four's show, now renamed Battle for BFB.

Battle for BFB

In "X Marks the Spot", Bubble is placed on the Four Colored Team. She reveals to Ruby that she is nervous about Leafy being on her team since they never got out of their sometimes friends and then not so much phase. In the challenge, her team uses the FreeSmart SuperVan to pick up X. However, they leave Teardrop behind and have to turn around, which causes the lasso that's pulling X to snap, and he lands on Loser's marked spot. So Bubble's team is up for voting first.

In "Take the Tower", during Cake at Stake, Bubble talks about how "noirvous" she is. Gelatin helps her pronounce nervous correctly. She is the 4th safe with 8,114 votes. Gelatin starts using her accent, which Bubble calls out as not fair. She is then popped by him. After being recovered she asks Balloony for a recap on who got eliminated. Upon realizing Balloony is out, she begins building a tower in order to grab him back from the sky. During the challenge, Bubble and Lollipop attempt to trick the X-Colored Team into thinking that they're Flower. Both fail and arrive back to their team. Bubble is later seen approaching the bracelet that Loser used to connect a bridge to her team's tower. Her team ends up winning when the other team's tower breaks apart.

In "How Loe Can You Grow?", after Cake at Stake, Bubble tells X that his aloe vera won't grow in the biome they are in, due to there being to little sun. Later, X asks Bubble how she knows so much about aloe vera. She replies by showing X her aloe vera, which she uses to keep her "skin" moist so she doesn't pop from dryness. She then demonstrates by rubbing some on herself. Later, her team flies in a cardboard spaceship that Blocky gave to Gelatin. Blocky meant to set their ship on fire, but Spongy's ship ends up getting caught on fire. Her team is up for elimination, as the Have Nots made the aloe vera grow taller.

In "A Taste of Space", she is the first contestant safe with 10,498 votes. She blows air to Ruby through a straw since they are in an alliance. Lollipop asks if she can do the same for her, but without a straw, which makes Bubble angrily slap her. After Cake at Stake, the Have Cots land on the sun. Bubble is at first afraid of getting off, fearing she might pop, but gets out later perfectly fine. After dumping ice on the sun fails, her team tries multiple strategies to affect the sun and X. Bubble and her team are then teleported back to earth because time ran out. Her team ends up winning when Leafy pours ice on X.

In "Let's Raid The Warehouse", Bubble offers Gelatin some jello and he accepts it with no hesitation. However, Gelatin realizes that Bubble only gave him jello because she wanted something out of him. Bubble admits that he's right and did it because she wanted some friends since Ruby got eliminated. Gelatin says she'll never have to worry about being alone and they hug, only for Gelatin to say that she can be friends with Teardrop. Bubble angrily says she wanted to be friends with him, which annoys him since she indirectly declined befriending Teardrop, and then has Teardrop pop her. Bubble gets recovered and selects Teardrop and Gelatin as fellow shoppers for the contest. While at Yellow Face's Warehouse, Gelatin wonders if Lollipop might like forks, but Bubble figures she wouldn't since she always uses fork repellent. They both settle on getting her spoons instead. Teardrop picks out Leafy's gift and they head back. They manage to win the contest with 8/10 points from Leafy and 3/10 from Lollipop. When Blocky gets angry at Woody for making them lose, Bubble stands up for him, only to get popped by Flower.

In "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", Bubble is first seen partying with her teammates after hearing from Lollipop that Leafy is gone. She and the other Have Cots are later teleported into the courtroom by Four. Where they are given the task of finding out which Have Not stole Donut's diary. Bubble volunteers to ask questions and interrogates Four first. She acts skeptical towards Four's side of the story, which angers him since he genuinely knew nothing about the whereabouts of the diary. Four then pops her and she remains absent for the entirety of the episode.

In "Fashion For Your Face!", Bubble asks Lollipop if she values her as a teammate/friend. Lollipop tells her her bubbly personality always blows her away. Bubble then questions why Lollipop did not recover her when Four killed her, and fusses about Leafy bringing her back instead of her. Lollipop tells her she was going to wait for Bubble's birthday to recover her, to which Bubble asks her when her birthday is. Lollipop tells her she was going to ask when she was available. When Gelatin asks why Four is imprisoned, Bubble tells him it could be because he murdered one of Gelatin's friends, hinting that Bubble is his friend. Gelatin is oblivious, and says he doesn't remember any of his friends being murdered, offending Bubble. When it's down to Bubble, Gelatin, and Lollipop during the Cake at Stake, Gelatin tells Lollipop their newbie alliance is screwed since Bubble got the most votes last time. X proves him wrong, revealing that Bubble got the least votes. Bubble appears in the stinger in the BRB, alongside the other eliminated contestants. While in the cage, Bubble realizes Flower's sweater is protecting her from popping because of how thick and fluffy it is.

Bubble can be seen spinning inside the BRB for the first time in a stinger ending in "The Tweested Temple" and "The Hidden Contestant".

In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Bubble, still wearing her sweater, is released from the BRB in order to help with the challenge. For the BFB 2 challenge, she is placed inside of a jawbreaker and gets freed by Gelatin.

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", Bubble, no longer wearing her sweater, tells Teardrop that being third is cool and that she should be honored. The Announcer then comes to shush her, and tells her to just say her catchphrase, which she does reluctantly. Much later, she begs Flower not to let the show end by not donating her $50,000 to save it.

In "Chapter Complete", Bubble is first seen when the Announcer is showing her his plans for this season's Grand Cake, which she admits may look even worse than the first season's. When the eliminated contestants vote for who should win, Bubble enthusiastically votes for Gelatin. Later, Bubble joins the contestants who chase after Four. After X tells the group Four's backstory, Bubble points out how mean he had been to them. She expresses frustration when the group is unable to find Four in the Temple. When Four begins flying the BRB toward the Sun, Bubble reminds Ruby, who seems to be having fun, that they are not in a happy situation. When the group is trying to reassure Four, Bubble brings up that she liked doing challenges and receiving a sweater. Bubble later has fun at Four's party. When Flower asks if Bubble and Ruby want to eat the Grand Cake with her, she excitedly accepts the offer. Bubble is last seen listening to Gelatin's reading of his comic book, which she says Teardrop would love.


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Season 1
Episode Votes
3 0
4 0
5 0
6 1
13 4
16 23
17 7
22 80
23 97
25 228 (to win)
Season 2
Episode Votes
1 556 (to join BFDIA)
Season 4
Episode Votes
2 147
12 511
18 8,114
20 10,498
23 6,374 (Eliminated)
Total votes
Elimination Save votes Total
870 24,986 26,640


  1. "Take the Plunge: Part 1": Pops when Ice Cube squeezes her too hard.
  2. "Take the Plunge: Part 2":
    1. Pops when Blocky kicks her.
    2. Is accidentally popped by the tip of Pin.
  3. "Barriers and Pitfalls":
    1. Is popped by a metal shard when Flower's announcer crusher explodes.
    2. Is popped twenty-five times in a Blocky's Funny Doings International segment.
  4. "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?":
    1. Pops when Spongy lands on her.
    2. Is popped by a pencil shard.
    3. Pops when Match slaps her
    4. Is popped by Needle.
  5. "Sweet Tooth":
    1. Is popped by an ice cake.
    2. Is popped by a strawberry.
  6. "Bridge Crossing": Pops when Needle lands on her from space.
  7. "Power of Three": Is popped by Eraser's body as Pin grabs him as she's flung to the TLC.
  8. "Puzzling Mysteries": Is popped by the Announcer.
  9. "Cycle of Life":
    1. Is popped by the Announcer, again.
    2. Is accidentally popped by Match when she squeezes her too hard.
    3. Is popped by Rocky, who was kicked by Golf Ball.
  10. "Crybaby!": Is popped by Blocky's skis.
  11. "Lofty": Is accidentally popped when Pen tightens her balloon string.
  12. "A Leg Up in the Race":
    1. Is accidentally popped by Leafy.
    2. Is popped by a water balloon dropped by the Announcer.
  13. "Don't Lose Your Marbles":
    1. Is popped by Snowball.
    2. Pops when Blocky kicks her.
  14. "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None":
    1. May have died when she fell down a cliff.
    2. Walks into a vat of hydrochloric acid.
    3. Is popped by a giant buzz saw.
  15. "Vomitaco":
    1. Pops when she falls into a pool of vomit.
    2. Pencil pops her with her finger.
  16. "The Reveal": Pops when she lands on the ground too hard.
  17. "Rescission":
    1. Is disintegrated by a laser.
    2. Accidentally pops herself trying to ride a unicycle.
  18. "Don't Pierce My Flesh":
    1. Burned in lava 9 times.
    2. Dies when the volcano erupts.
  19. "Hurtful!":
    1. Melts in a furnace.
    2. Is popped by the Announcer recovery center.
    3. Is popped by Flower.
  20. "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2": Is popped by the Announcer 14 times.
  21. "Return of the Hang Glider": Is killed "forever" (until she was revived in the next season) when Flower pops her.
  22. "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3": Is popped by a shard of glass.
  23. "Zeeky Boogy Doog": Bubble pops twice.
  24. "No More Snow!": Bubble is popped by Ruby.
  25. "It's a Monster":
    1. Bubble pops when the Supervan fills up with too much snow.
    2. Bubble pops numerous times when she loses her breath underwater.
  26. "Welcome Back": Bubble pops when she tries to lift Pencil.
  27. "Getting Teardrop to Talk": Is popped twice by forks launched by Bell after she destroyed Gelatin’s fork structure.
  28. "Fortunate Ben": Pops offscreen.
  29. "Enter the Exit": Is popped by a slice of cake thrown by X.
  30. "What Do You Think of Roleplay?": Is popped twice by Snowball.
  31. "Return of the Rocket Ship": Is popped by the weight of Team Ice Cube! and Flower.
  32. "X Marks the Spot": It is revealed that Blocky has killed Bubble a total of 2,734 times not mentioned in this list.
  33. "Take the Tower": Is popped by Gelatin.
  34. "Let's Raid The Warehouse": Popped by Teardrop and Flower.
  35. "Who Stole Donut's Diary?": Popped by Four.

Non-canon deaths:

  1. "Michael's Best Comic": Popped by the tip of Pencil's led.
  2. "Last BFDI": Turns into Golf Ball when covered by David's smashed up body.
  3. "BFDIA 5b": Pops when she comes in contact with a wall or object (this includes the HPRC, leaving Bubble in an infinite-death loop once she dies).
  4. "Battle for Dream Island: Official Character Guide/Instagram Promotion": Popped by Taco.
  5. "Eraser swings, Eraser MISSES!": Popped by Naily's point.
  6. "If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge": Is sucked into Black Hole.
  7. "Life of an Ice Cube 2": Popped by a snowball thrown by Match.
  8. "BFDI: Claustrophobe's Nightmare": Dies from the heat death of the universe (offscreen).


Total kills: 30+

Character Number of times killed Episodes
Announcer 25+ "Hurtful!" (13 times)
"Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" (12 times)
Firey 3 "Gardening Hero"
"Hurtful!" (along with Flower)
"A Taste of Space" (along with Lollipop, Gelatin, Teardrop, and Leafy)
Flower 1 "Hurtful!"
Pencil 1 "The Long-lost Yoyle City"

Non-canon kills:

  1. "Woody's Incredible Journey to the Escape from Eternal Terror": Kills Woody if they come in contact.
  2. "Vote Yoylecake": Pops Blocky (offscreen).



  • Bubble, Blocky, and Coiny are the only characters who were included in the Earliest "First BFDI Animation" before it was left unfinished.
  • Bubble is one of the three contestants who "died forever" in "Return of the Hang Glider"; the other two are Woody and Flower.
  • Bubble is one of the five transparent contestants, the others are Ice Cube, Teardrop, Gelatin, and Bottle.
  • Bubble, along with Leafy, Firey, Ice Cube, Cheese Orb, Pie, and the Announcer are the only characters to have their own personal recovery centers.
  • Bubble weighs less than 1/10th of an ounce, which was revealed in "Return of the Hang Glider" by Golf Ball; the same applies to Firey and Leafy.
  • Bubble is the first character confirmed to not have a brain, the second being Eraser.
  • Bubble and Cloudy are the only contestants with accents that make them switch sounds in words.
  • Bubble was one of the only four contestants who never switched to Two's side in "The Escape from Four". The others were Firey, Leafy, and Flower.
    • Coincidentally, they make up the final four of BFDI.
  • Bubble is one of the eight characters who have been recommended variants of themselves (Evil Bubble and Popped Bubble, in Bubble's case). The others are Marker, Four, Flower, Puffball, David, Spongy, and Cake.


  • Bubble is the first contestant to create an alliance on BFDI.
  • Bubble is the only original finalist who was never at any point a member of the Squashy Grapes.
  • She is the first and last contestant to receive an Immunity Ticket.
  • In BFDI, Bubble holds the record for highest votes given to a least voted contestant in a single episode, with 97 votes in BFDI 23.
    • Coincidentally, in BFB, Bubble also holds the record for the lowest amount of votes to stay, despite being the most voted contestant at 10,498 in BFB 20.
  • Bubble, Firey, Ice Cube, and Rocky are the only original contestants who have never been put up for a vote to rejoin.
  • Bubble always ranks the lowest out of the finalists.
  • Bubble has gone the longest avoiding the bottom 2 out of the original contestants, being in it for the first time in "Fashion For Your Face!".
    • It is also the only time she has been in the bottom 2 due to it being her first ever elimination.
  • Every time Bubble was declared the first safe in BFB, a member of her alliance got eliminated.
  • Bubble and Pen are the only contestants who have been the first safe in a Cake at Stake in every team they're on.
  • Bubble is the only contestant who has been the first safe in a Cake at Stake in both Battle for BFDI and Battle for BFB.
  • Bubble was the only contestant in BFDIA to get flung by the Sender Scoop Thrower without receiving elimination votes.
  • Bubble is one of the BFDI/BFDIA contestants to never be sent to the TLC or LOL. The others are Firey, Gelatin, Bomby, Leafy, and Yellow Face.
  • Bubble is one of the three contestants who have less than 1,000 total elimination votes. The other two are Cake and Pin.
  • Bubble is the first contestant to be announced safe in BFB.
  • Bubble is one of four original contestants that never received the most elimination votes, the others being Golf Ball, Tennis Ball, and Firey.
  • Bubble, Firey, Ice Cube, and Tennis Ball are the only season one contestants who have never been voted out with elimination votes.
  • Bubble has the fourth least amount of elimination votes in BFB at 658. The ones with the third, second, and first least are Coiny, Tennis Ball, and Pin, who have 526, 500, and 305 votes respectively.
    • While she has the 4th least total votes, Bubble received the lowest votes ever at a single Cake at Stake at 147.
  • She and Ice Cube are tied for the most times safe with the least votes at eight.
  • Counting both votes to save and eliminate, Firey and Bubble are tied for being the first safe in Cake at Stakes, at nine instances each.
  • Bubble is the only original finalist who doesn't make it to the merge in BFB.
  • Bubble is the first contestant to get the fewest votes right after the episode where they got the most votes, the second being Firey, Lollipop is the third, and Teardrop is the fourth.
  • Bubble and Gelatin both got the least votes in their respective season finales. Coincidentally, both were the longest lasting member of a prominent alliance.


  • Throughout BFDI, Bubble expresses excitement by yelling "Yoylecake!"
    • Her catchphrase may stem from an elongation of her pronunciation of "Yay" alongside "cake" which is a recurring item in BFDI.
    • She dropped the catchphrase in BFDI and wouldn't say it again until BFB 21.
  • Bubble is the first contestant to die in BFDI, IDFB, and BFB.
    • The first death in BFDIA is instead taken by Yellow Face.
  • Bubble is extremely durable for a soap bubble, being able to last on Earth's atmosphere and even in space indefinitely without popping.
    • She is also incredibly heavy for a bubble, since she doesn't ever float upward, even when underwater.
  • Bubble is the only blue original contestant to not be a member of Bleh.
    • She is also the only original transparent contestant to not be a member of Bleh.
  • Bubble has a Speaker Box that was recommended in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2".
  • Bubble has a brief cameo in "Get Digging" as one of the prizes Coiny could possibly win.
  • Bubble's name changes to Metal Ball when she turns into metal.
  • The only original contestants who haven't popped Bubble are Coiny, Tennis Ball, and Woody (ignoring David).
  • Bubble has been the first character killed by the Announcer, Bell, Blocky, Eraser, Golf Ball, Ice Cube, Match, Needle, Pen, Pin, Rocky, Snowball, Spongy, and X.
  • BFB 23 to BFB 30 mark the most consecutive episodes where Bubble doesn't pop.
  • Bubble is the only contestant with another method of recovery that doesn't involve a recovery center or Four, as shown in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3" where Pencil uses a bubble blower to revive her.
  • Bubble, along with Pin, was the first character ever seen by fans (due to the thumbnail of the video of the first episode).
  • Bubble has been shown to pop when she strains her body, as seen in "Welcome Back", when she pops from trying to lift Pencil. However, in "Return of the Rocket Ship", she is able to hold up all of Team Ice Cube! without popping from the pressure of their combined weight, albeit popping when Flower's weight was added.
  • Aside from Evil Leafy, Bubble is the only contestant whose evil version appeared without a recommended character crowd.
    • Evil Bubble is the only evil character to have a speaking role.
  • Bubble's OMG phrase is OMBB; referring to "Bubble Blower".
  • She was the first contestant to be shown dying in BFDI.
  • Bubble uses Aloe Vera to keep herself from popping from dryness.
  • Bubble was most likely a different object before she became a bubble, as she said she purchased a bubble transformer from Yellow Face.
  • In 2009, Bubble was isolophobic, which means she was scared of being alone. Whether she still is, or if this is still canon, is unknown.
    • Cary made her this way because he was obsessed with phobias at the time.
  • As of now, Bubble is the only finalist without an official plush.
  • Bubble was once on the side of the Fantasy Food truck in 2016, amongst other fictional cartoon characters.
    • She is also holding a slice of Yoylecake, which the food truck was selling.
  • Bubble is the only contestant from post-spilt to not appear on any of the season 4 thumbnails.


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