BFDI Commercials - Bubble Transformer

BFDI Commercials - Bubble Transformer

Bubble Transformer is a product advertised by Yellow Face in Puzzling Mysteries.

Yellow Face says that Bubble Transformers are a way to get "smooth and soft" skin. However, the Bubble Transformer turns anyone who uses it into a bubble (because, as stated by Yellow Face, bubbles have super smooth skin). Unfortunately, as a side effect, whoever is turned into a Bubble will pop, and since no personal Bubble Recovery Centers are sold, they die, which would make it a reason not to buy it. In Getting Teardrop To Talk, it can be seen in Cloudy's pile of items.


Yellow Face

Want skin that's SMOOTH and SOFT??


It will turn you into a BUBBLE! And bubble's skin is SUPER SMOOTH!

None of the people in our survey said that they didn't like it — because they popped before they could contact us... and we don't sell personal Bubble Recovery Centers... so they died.

(sad face) euuuhh...?

(happy again) So yeah, BUY NOW!


  • It looks identical to the Box of Paper Slips.
  • The Bubble Transformer is the first product advertised by Yellow Face.
  • However, the first ad Yellow Face appeared on was the Gumballs ad.


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