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Excuse yourself Gelatin, I believe the correct term is "Buried Forest, Deciduously Insulated". I've heard stories about these... but I never knew we lived so close to one!

The Buried Forest, Deciduously Insulated, otherwise known as an Inverted Planet, is a large, underground space, seen only in "Don't Dig Straight Down" and the ending of "Return of the Rocket Ship".


It is a hollow sphere with trees on the inside, a glowing light in the middle (presumed to be some kind of sun) attached to a string, some waterfalls and a hot spring. A few meters beneath the hot spring is a vein of magma.


The forest was first teased in "Return of the Rocket Ship", and later appeared in its entirety in the following episode. Spongy cannonballed into a lake several times, causing a crack to form beneath it and exposing Magma. (Earlier, Barf Bag noted that the water Bomby scooped into her was "warm")

The members of Team Ice Cube! barely escaped the forest by means of Spongy, though Naily and Gelatin leaped to the hole the team dug through earlier with ease.

The entire forest would be shown later to be entirely destroyed.


  • The acronym for the Inverted Planet is BFDI, a reference to the first season of BFDI and Blocky's Funny Doings International.
  • Based on the name and their appearance, the trees are presumably deciduous trees.
  • The hot spring at the bottom of the planet is constantly being fed water via two strange waterfall-like things; though there doesn't seem to be an outflow besides the surrounding dirt which may also be where the in-flow is coming from.
  • The yellow sun-like object in the center looks similar to Aura Sphere, a BFB 13 RC, but recolored.
  • The buried forest makes a brief appearance in the non-canon video, Lo-Fi Beats to Yoyle To.
  • Team Ice Cube! is the only team to visit the buried forest.
  • The Inverted Planet's design may be a reference to Agartha, a supposed kingdom that exists in the Hollow Earth conspiracy theory.


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