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Can you use that magic on me, X?

CRT (short for Cathode Ray Tube) is a genderfluid[1] recommended character who appeared in "Uprooting Everything". They are a CRT monitor that nobody knew and everyone pushed around.


CRT is a CRT monitor, a monitor powered via a tube ray typically for computing purposes. Their screen is a dark unsaturated green in color with a beige colored plastic shell. They have their facial features drawn in white.



  • CRT is named "CRT Monitor".
  • CRT Monitor is grey.
  • CRT Monitor's screen is black.
  • CRT Monitor has legs.


  • CRT Monitor's limbs are longer.

BFB 26

  • CRT Monitor's name is shortened to "CRT".
  • CRT loses their legs.
  • CRT is white.
  • CRT's screen is purple.
  • CRT has red facial features.

BFB 27

  • CRT now has white facial features.
  • CRT's screen is green.


CRT tended to be positive and passive to those around them. They agree with other characters' opinions on a whim even if they didn't know them, being judgmental and aloof as a result. They wanted to be included within others, trying to involve themself in their conversations.


In "Uprooting Everything", CRT randomly appears on Four's bus, occasionally jutting into the scene throughout the episode and being questioned as to who they are. They eventually were given magic by X to feel room-temperature in the World's Largest Oven and left the bus. CRT eventually followed Leafy, Gelatin, and Purple Face to a room in the back of the oven, where they were all trapped temporarily. Once they got out, Leafy and Gelatin began to argue about how nice Leafy was, and in order to prove that Leafy was nice, she throws CRT into the oven's glass door, burning them into ashes.


  1. "Uprooting Everything": Scorched to death on the glass door of The World's Largest Oven.


  • CRT is the second recommended character to use they/them pronouns (along with she/her).
  • Due to being genderfluid, they are the second canonically LGBTQ+ character, the first one being Profily, and the third and fourth being Winner and Price Tag.
  • They are the fourth character with arms but no legs, after Lightning, Stapy, and Shopping Cart.



  1. Discord screenshot. Sam Thornbury clarifies that his previous statement of CRT being a girl was incorrect, and CRT is actually genderfluid.