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Caedmon Johnson is a former[1] animator for Battle for BFDI. The first episode they worked on was "Fortunate Ben", and they have animated every episode of BFB up to "What Do You Think of Roleplay?".

Unlike Michael, Cary, or Satomi, not much is known about their personal details.


  • They have a YouTube channel named "SuperScratchKat", where they make animations. Their YouTube channel can be found here.
  • Caedmon uses he, they, and she pronouns, and is fine with being referred to with any of them.[citation needed]
    • Caedmon also prefers being referred to under the online alias, "Scratch", as opposed to their real name.
  • They left Jacknjellify on or around October 6th, 2018 due to creative differences.
    • However, he and the team are still on good terms.[2]
  • They are the first person to leave the BFB team.



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