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The Cake at Stake place is a varying location that has appeared across the BFDI series, which is where, as the name implies, Cake at Stake takes place.


BFDI 2-9

  • The CaSP is a pale yellow Annulus.
  • The CaSP has a small cylinder in the middle.

BFDI 10-12

  • The CaSP is now marble white.
  • The CaSP now has squashy yellow seats.

BFDI 13-20

  • The CaSP is now completely white.
  • The seats have been replaced with cylindrical podiums.
  • There are now 3 steps leading up to the CaSP.

BFDI 21-24

  • The CaSP is no longer circle-shaped.
  • The CaSP is now elevated.
  • The CaSP is still white, but now has red seats.


  • The CaSP is adjacent to a huge row of seats.
  • The only visible parts of the CaSP are white platforms similar to the ones in version 3.

BFB 2-6

  • The CaSP now simply consists of ivory platforms.
  • The CaSP is relocated to the Lavatories.

BFB 7-10

  • The platforms stop being used due to Four's permanent death.

BFB 12-15

BFB 18

BFB 19-24

  • Excluding BFB 20, the CaSP place is X's aloe vera garden.
  • BFB 21 uses the platforms.

BFB 27


  • The CaSP is on top of the hotel.
  • Eliminated contestants will now fall directly into the hotel from the CaSP.
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