The Cake at Stake place is a location that has appeared across BFDI, BFDIA, and BFB.


BFDI 2-9

  • The CaSP is a pale yellow Annulus.
  • The CaSP has a small cylinder in the middle.

BFDI 10-13

  • The CaSP is now marble white.
  • The CaSP now has squashy yellow seats.

BFDI 14-?

  • The CaSP is now completely white.
  • The seats have been replaced with cylindrical podiums.
  • There are now 3 steps leading up to the CaSP.


  • The CaSP is no longer circle-shaped.
  • The CaSP is now elevated.
  • The CaSP is still white, but now has red seats.


  • The CaSP is adjacent to a huge row of seats.
  • The only visible parts of the CaSP are white platforms similar to the ones in version 3.


  • The CaSP now simply consists of ivory platforms.
  • The CaSP is relocated to the Lavatories.


  • The CaSP loses its platforms.

BFB 12

BFB 18


The Cake at Stake place was first used in "Barriers and Pitfalls", where the contestants were seated to do Cake at Stake. Usually every season there's a new cake at stake place. The cake at stake place was last used in "The Four is Lava".

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