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"Camera sounds like a boy, even though she's a girl, and that's just... WRONG!" — Pen
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Here's the footage!
Match and Eraser, when they pulled out Camera, "Questions Answered"," Enter the Exit".

Camera is a recommended character that appeared in "The Reveal" and was recommended by rememberREACH417. They have also reappeared in "Return of the Hang Glider", this time recommended by siss980. They returned in "Welcome Back" as FreeSmart's camera for the video diaries. However, Ruby left the lens cap on, obscuring their face from being seen and recording the video diaries.

Camera returned again in BFB 7 when Donut was hosting Cake at Stake. Lightning pulls them out during the scene to take a picture of Donut.

In "Questions Answered", Match uses footage from Camera as proof that Free Food cheated.

Camera appears in The Tidepool in the Uber-Evolved mode as a level 91 creature. In them, Camera loses their tripod and is named "Camera of Joy".

Camera is up for voting in "The Escape from Four" to join Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two.



Camera appears to be a digital single-lens reflex video camera, a portable small camera for general photography and film recording. Their body is a dark gray, the zoom lens is a smoky gray, the lens' shine is a light gray, and the recorder is a dark cobalt blue. They have a white face on the front of the lens that shows when they are used to take pictures.



  • Camera is about as tall as Grassy (tripod included).


  • Camera is as tall as Ice Cube (tripod included).


  • Camera is significantly downsized to the size of Bracelety or Rocky.


Camera has never spoken. Appearances without a note in parentheses are non-speaking.


In "The Reveal", Camera appears as part of the large crowd watching the elimination for that episode along with the rest of the recommended characters.

In "Return of the Hang Glider", Camera appeared twice, the first as part of the episode 17 crowd, and once again as a unique recommended character for the episode 25 section.

In "Get Digging", Camera made a cameo in Teardrop's flashback.

In "Welcome Back", Camera appears once again as part of FreeSmart on the Yoyle Needy and is recording video diary day 1127. Pencil finds out that Ruby left the lens cap on it, and for that reason, the video diaries are worthless. It makes its physical appearance when Bubble tells Ruby that she has to remove the lens cap before recording. Camera is also seen next to Bubble and Ruby while they eat the gumdrops they saved. Bubble then violently shakes Camera and says how much she loves green gumdrops and then ate it. Camera once again appears at the zoom out of Book asking Ruby if she left the lens cap on Camera the whole time, and she says "maybe". Pencil replies upset and says that 3 years of video diaries vanished. After the Yoyle Needy zoom in, Camera disappears, it might be possibly a mistake.

In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", Camera made a cameo appearance with Lightning. They were used to take a picture of Donut. They initially were fully zoomed in, until Lightning zoomed out to see Donut.

In "Questions Answered", after the (fake) voting screen comes up, Match destroys it and goes to Donut saying they truly won. Camera, angry, replays the footage of Stapy and Puffball cheating, and as a result, and thanks to Camera, iance is safe from elimination.

In "Enter the Exit", Eraser shows Foldy the footage of Stapy cheating.

In "BFB 13 this Thursday.", some clips from The "Liar Ball You Don't Want" were shown, including Camera being held by Lightning, and being zoomed in on Donut.

Camera does not directly appear in "The Four is Lava", but a recommended character with the same name appeared in the second recommended character crowd during the credits was seen that was a blue recolor of them.

Camera became eligible to become a contestant in "The Power of Two". In their audition, they replay footage from "Welcome Back", only to be interrupted by Clapboard, and stops playing the footage.


  • Camera and the Announcer are the only characters to have their interfaces shown.
    • However, Camera's interface changed between IDFB and BFB, with a red Lightning replacing the standard rec flag symbol and their face being shown in their interfaces when on.
  • Although Camera has yet to speak actual dialogue, Satomi Hinatsu confirmed that she has a voice in mind for Camera.[1]
    • However, it is confirmed that she is not going to voice them.[2]
  • Camera is currently the only recommended character to reappear in IDFB that wasn't able to join the game.
  • Camera is the only non-joining recommended character that has appeared in all seasons of BFDI.
  • According to Cary in his BFB 7 reaction video, Michael Huang drew Camera's asset.
  • When they are used, a faint face can be seen if looked at close enough.
  • Camera was used again in "Questions Answered" to show the footage of Stapy switching the answer boxes to win and take Bubble's answer. Ultimately, Camera saved iance from elimination.
  • So far, the only contestants to use Camera are Lightning, Pencil, Ruby, Book, Bubble, Match, and Eraser.
  • Camera's appearance in "The Escape from Four" is the first time their face has been fully animated.


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