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AHH!, this girl is cursed from the Temple of DOOM!! I'm not going NEAR her! I'm out of here!
— Carrot Cake #1, "The Hidden Contestant"

The Carrot Cakes are characters that first appeared in "The Hidden Contestant". They appear to fear "cursed contestants" and can fly and speak.


All cakes have a brown batter and an off-white frosting.

The cakes that were thrown at Flower, Teardrop, and Gelatin all didn't talk, and had a dollop of frosting on their side.

However, the cakes that were thrown at Lollipop and Leafy both had carrots instead, with the former (credited as Cake 1) having it on their tip, and the latter (credited as Cake 2) having it on their side.


The cakes appear to be highly opinionated and are prejudiced towards those who were "cursed" during the challenge of "The Tweested Temple". They are easy to change their minds as well, such as when Flower was upset that they grabbed her and made her let go of Profily.



Battle for BFB

In "The Hidden Contestant", two inanimate Carrot Cakes are given to Teardrop and Flower for winning immunity. However, every time a Carrot Cake is tossed to the contestants who turned in cursed totems in "The Tweested Temple", they instead fly into space, not wanting to be near the cursed contestants. Later, two of the Carrot Cakes hear Flower's cry for help from space and rush back to help her. One of the Carrot Cakes "save" Flower by making her hold onto it instead of Profily, making their next objective being to remove Teardrop and Lollipop from Flower. Flower tells them that she needs to hold on to Profily to win immunity and threatens them by saying she'll be furious if they make her lose. The Carrot Cakes are surprised that she's blaming them and decide to drop her.

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", a Carrot Cake almost crushes Flower with a piano, saying it's what she gets for disrespecting them, and hits her in the face as it flies off.

In "Chapter Complete", a Carrot Cake is seen on top of the grand cake that delivers Flower's happy thought.



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