Match, Pencil and Ruby

Pencil's alliance is an alliance made by Bubble, Pencil and Match in the first episode. After Match's elimination, Pencil lets Ice Cube join the alliance. In season 2 Pencil makes a team called FreeSmart for her alliance members.


  • S1E1-14: Match, Pencil, Bubble
  • S1E15-18: Ice Cube, Pencil, Bubble
  • S2E1: Match, Pencil
  • S2E2: Match, Pencil, Ruby
  • S2E3-5d: Match, Pencil, Bubble, Ruby, Ice Cube, Book
  • S2E5e-S3E1: Pencil, Bubble, Ruby, Ice Cube, Book
  • S4E1: Match, Pencil, Bubble, Ruby
  • S4E2: Match, Bubble, Ruby
  • S4E12: Bubble and Ruby
  • S4E13: Bubble, Ruby, Ice Cube (possibly)

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