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All contests in BFDI done over again in BFDI 23.

But what IS this contest?

The following is a list of all the challenges from BFDI, BFDIA, BFB, and TPOT as well as any tokens won or tiebreakers.

Battle for Dream Island

  • "Take the Plunge: Part 1": To stay on a balance beam the longest.
  • "Take the Plunge: Part 2": To sail across the Goiky Canal.
    • Pin receives a Win Token for breaking the finish line ribbon.
  • "Barriers and Pitfalls": An obstacle course. After completing the course, contestants must fill their team's tank with water.
    • Needle won a Win Token by finishing first.
  • "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?": To complete a test of 20 questions.
    • Golf Ball receives a Win Token for scoring the highest.
  • "Sweet Tooth": The first challenge was to bake a cake, which would be judged.
    • The second challenge was to eat 100 chocolate balls.
      • The teams have to do a tiebreaker.
      • Pin wins her second Win Token for making the highest scoring cake.
  • "Bridge Crossing": To cross a bridge.
    • The teams have to do a tiebreaker.
  • "Power of Three": To pass through three islands in teams of three.
    • Pen, Eraser, and Firey each get a Win Token for being the first team to finish.
  • "Puzzling Mysteries": To complete a Jigsaw Puzzle.
  • "Cycle of Life": A relay race, where runners must carry someone on their back.
  • "Insectophobe's Nightmare": A 6-legged race.
    • Blocky gets a Win Token for rejoining the game.
  • "Crybaby!": The first challenge is to fill a tank with tears.
    • The second challenge is a skiing contest.
    • The third contest is a handstand contest.
      • Eraser gets his second Win Token for hand standing the longest.
  • "Lofty": To stay afloat using balloons, while also popping the other team's balloons.

Teams merged, points introduced

  • "A Leg Up in the Race": To climb ladders and reach the top.
  • "Don't Lose Your Marbles": To find red balls and bring them to the Announcer. Maroon balls give you a -10 point penalty.
  • "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None": The rejoin challenge is to pick up the most loaves of bread and put them in the contestant's respective basket.
    • The main challenge is to jump hurdles. Each hurdle you jump over gives you 5 points.
  • "Vomitaco": The contestants can choose between two challenges: Barf Bag or Taco.
    • The Barf Bag challenge is to float on a platform inside a giant barf bag as long as you can, with each second giving you 1 point.
    • The Taco challenge is to make a taco, which the eliminated contestants will taste. 10 points are rewarded per contestant who liked it.
  • "Bowling, Now with Explosions!": A bowling contest. Contestants (with arms) bowl once to try and knock down as many pins as possible. For every pin knocked down, the contestant can subtract 30 points from any contestant's score, including themselves.
  • "The Reveal": To throw frisbees in pairs of two. The team who gets three successful catches gets points depending on how fast they were to complete the challenge. If you don't finish the challenge, you receive a penalty of -1,000 points.
  • "Reveal Novum": The challenge is a staring contest, suggested by CPFAN2000.

Points removed, immunity granted individually

  • "Rescission": A unicycle race. The first 3 people to finish the race get immunity.

Contest is moved to space due to budget cuts

  • "Gardening Hero": The challenge is to get into a spaceship, while also not losing your immunity. Dying (among other things) causes you to lose it.

Contest is moved back to Earth

  • "The Glistening": The challenge is a long jump. Whoever jumps the farthest wins immunity.

Announcer died and is replaced with Firey and Flower Speaker Boxes

  • "Don't Pierce My Flesh": The challenge is (after a vote) to escape a volcano.
    • The tiebreaker is a beauty contest.

Announcer returns

  • "Hurtful!": The challenge is a combination of all 22 previous challenges. In order, they are:
    • Go across the balance beam
    • Choose a boat and sail across the Goiky Canal
    • Climb the rock wall
    • Pass the test
    • Make a cake
    • Go across the bridge
    • Go across three islands
    • Solve a jigsaw puzzle
    • Run to the tree
    • Do the three-legged race
    • Cry, ski, and do a handstand
    • Float across with a balloon
    • Climb the ladder
    • Find a red ball
    • Fill the basket with bread and jump over the hurdles
    • Stand on a platform above vomit and make a taco
    • Knock down all 10 pins
    • Catch 3 frisbees
    • Don't blink
    • Ride the unicycle
    • Get in the spaceship and avoid lasers
    • Do a long jump
    • Escape the volcano

The final 2 episodes have no challenge.

Battle for Dream Island Again


This season has had no challenges so far, and most likely won't due to the plot being character-based rather than challenge-based.

Battle for BFDI

Four and X are gone, Donut is hosting BFB.

X is found and starts hosting BFB.

Four is back and starts hosting BFB with X.

Battle for BFDI is split into TPOT and Battle for BFB

Teams merge, immunity introduced.

Announcer returns and takes over BFB.

  • "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning": The challenge is a combination of all of the previous challenges, like in "Hurtful!". In order, they are:
    • Get a basket to X
    • Save someone inside a jawbreaker
    • Spin in a circle
    • Depict 4 somehow
    • Don't let the plane touch the marked ground
    • Take the twinkle & give it back
    • Get a goal
    • Quiz
    • Basketball
    • Bring back Four
    • Climb the stairs & press the button
    • Identify the imposter
    • Collect X's treasure
    • Get back to Four
    • DON'T split off
    • Bring back X
    • Destroy the tower
    • Grow aloe vera plants
    • Cool down X
    • Give someone a gift
    • Solve a case
    • Free Four from jail
    • Throw a party for the host
    • Collect a totem
    • Eliminate Profily
    • Escape the oven

The final 2 episodes have no challenge. Four returns in the final episode.

Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two


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