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The information in the article below contains spoilers for the BFDI series. Please watch the episode(s) in question if you haven't seen them already.

I really did win, didn't I?

"Chapter Complete" is the 30th episode and the season finale of Battle for BFB and the 62nd episode overall. It was originally announced to be released sometime in March 2021[1], but the actual release date was moved to April 9, 2021, as confirmed in This Is BFB: Season Recap (Lyric Video) — BFB 30 on APRIL 9, 2021.

A preview of the episode was shown on April 3, 2021, at the end of Inanimate Insanity Invitational Episode 1, "Stranded in Paradise". It contained the scene of Blocky voting for himself when the contestants were voting for who should win. Viewers were also encouraged to watch Inanimate Insanity Invitational at the end of the episode.


Before the intro

The episode starts in Four's subconscious, where Stapy and Match are talking about Four being their favorite host. Four suddenly shows up and announces that the final two are Bracelety and Pencil, who are also very fond of them. Pencil showers Four with compliments and gets every contestant in the E.X.I.T. chanting their name. Suddenly, they hear Flower wondering where they are. The eliminated contestants also hear Flower and want Four to explain what she's talking about. Four gets shaky and nervous, causing the entire desert to shake. The earthquake opens three holes in the ground in the shape of a face. Four tells Flower and Gelatin to let them stay in the ground forever and to leave them alone. Flower gets scared and decided to tell the Announcer, even though Gelatin is calm about the situation.

The episode then cuts to Profily talking to X, who is sitting on the exact spot Four melted into the ground, refusing to leave his side. Profily decides to sit with X. X then thanks Profily multiple times in an upsetting way.

The Announcer then shows the grand cake, made of all the season's prizes, to Bubble, who is disgusted by the cake. Flower and Gelatin show up, trying to tell the Announcer what happened. He cuts them off and tells them to sit down for Cake at Stake.

Cake at Stake

The Announcer tells the finalists that there's a big crowd watching; however, Birthday Cake was the only one who came, cheering and thanking Announcer for inviting them, only for the Announcer to find out he forgot to give out the other invitations. He shows the first prize, the grand cake, to the finalists, making Flower and Gelatin uncomfortable. He said that it took a day to make, only getting the same response again by both of them. The Announcer then shows the next prize, a BFB, as Gelatin beatboxes. The Announcer then sighs to reveal the last award, a BFDI.

The Announcer is curious and asks the eliminated contestants who they wanted to win. Blocky says that he wanted to win, but Announcer tells him he isn't part of the final two. Blocky, in his opinion, wanted to fudge the rules, though the Announcer tells Blocky to be quiet. Each of the eliminated contestants then shares their opinions: Balloony votes for Gelatin, while Spongy votes for Flower as he wants to be a contrarian. Ruby also votes for Flower. Spongy realizes that they're the majority opinion, so he asks the Announcer if he can change his opinion, but Announcer denies this. Loser votes for Gelatin, who he appreciates a guy who "knows how to strut his style". He also refers to the fact that when he impersonated his style and got sent to jail. Meanwhile, Taco and Bubble also vote for Gelatin, where Taco makes a point about how one vote can mean everything. Realizing her point, Blocky votes for Flower but then votes for Gelatin after being notified by Taco that they were buddies. However, Blocky quietly tells the Announcer that he'll lock his vote onto Flower, whom the Announcer announces through a megaphone.

Firey and Woody also vote for Flower, while Profily has complex relationships between the two finalists and cannot decide. But today, they feel like a nature lover, so they cast their vote on Flower. Purple Face wonders why Profily can vote, so he also votes, despite Gelatin. Lollipop redundantly votes for Flower. A surprised Gelatin asks why contrasting their connections of the Newbie Alliance. Lollipop says that when she gave him her coloring, she thought that he threw it away for a purpose. Gelatin says that he wouldn't do that and that he only suffered a fiery death, and when he got recovered, he was normal again. After realizing this, Lollipop changes her vote to Gelatin, pleasing him. Leafy votes for Flower as they are both plants, and also the fact that she voted her last time. Finally, The Announcer says to Teardrop if she wants to vote, and, this time, she votes for Gelatin while pointing at him.

The Announcer says that the votes are all tied up in a 7-7 ratio, which means that it comes down to the viewers' votes after all. The Announcer says that he needs a drum roll. Birthday Cake attempts to do this, only to be flung away by the Announcer via Sender Scoop Thrower. The Announcer tells the eliminated contestants to do a drum roll, so Profily, Lollipop, and Leafy try to do the drum roll with their voices. The Announcer is surprised at how close the votes were, though he is only pretending to be surprised that it was a close tie. Gelatin then finds out that the Announcer made his vote count out of paper; he said that he was trying to make the votes closer to preserve Gelatin's feelings by making it look closer than it was.

Flower wins by 48,891 votes, out of the total 77,131 votes. Gelatin congratulates Flower for winning BFB. Then the BFB starts to shine and "deep fries" itself. Ruby adds mustard on it, saying how good it is, but the Announcer takes the BFB away to give it to Flower. After that, she also gets the grand cake; after that, one of the carrot cakes came out to provide Flower with a happy thought: Gelatin winning BFB and Flower congratulating him. Firey asked her what her happy thought was, but Flower said she would only tell him if she trusts him, to which Firey agrees. Flower said that she knows that she won, but Flower then told him that she could also feel happy if Gelatin won too and asks if she can share the prize with Gelatin. Firey tells Flower when he was in the same position as Flower but made a mistake (referencing how Firey didn't let Leafy in Dream Island), so Firey says for Flower to make a choice.

Lollipop told Gelatin that she was proud of him for making it in the final two. Gelatin forgot that he was completing for 3-4 years. Gelatin congratulates Flower for winning, but Flower said that he won in many different ways, Gelatin was confused by that, and she said that he made a lot of close relationships with others. Flower then gives Gelatin the BFB. Gelatin asks why she is giving him this, and in response, Flower wanted to win the show and nothing more; that was her goal. She knows that he likes the BFB. Gelatin thanks Flower for sharing the BFB with him. Lollipop wanted to understand how the BFB worked, so Gelatin opened it to see a full compilation of BFB playing. Gelatin skips through some of the episodes, pointing out where everyone is in excitement. He is then able to find his beatboxing section and plays it on repeat. Lollipop laughs at it for a while but quickly gets tired of his joke due to how long his beatbox was played for. She then asks him to stop. Lollipop then thought about how the BFDI contains the entire first two seasons (same with how the BFB does). Gelatin said that it's a beatbox. Lollipop then asks why Four would do put such a monumental effort into making these prizes. Gelatin noted that he's dumb, and Lollipop ironically sarcastically says that that is the answer.

BFDI is stolen

The Announcer hesitantly handed over the BFDI to Flower, but when Flower reached to get it, the Announcer wouldn't hand it over. Purple Face soon bursts out of nowhere, takes the BFDI, and runs to the golden bus with Taco, Firey, Flower, Announcer, Leafy, Blocky, Spongy, and Woody chasing him. When Purple Face went into the golden bus, he hid the BFDI under the back seat, but Spongy saw him hide the BFDI while trying to relax. Purple Face and Spongy made a deal that Spongy wouldn't tell anyone as long as he would be able to rest. When the gang got onto the bus, Spongy revealed precisely where the BFDI was. Purple Face was angry that he told where it was, but Spongy said that Purple Face broke the deal by not letting him relax. Purple Face snatched the BFDI, and when Taco asked why Purple Face was doing this, he said that if one looked at the top of the screen in the "Final Fourteen", he was there with enormous wings. However, Firey criticized him for lying (probably as Announcer and Profily had said the same thing) and demanded the truth. This time, Purple Face answered that he wasn't cared about. Leafy and Flower said he did great, but Flower grabbed the BFDI and demanded him to give it back, with Purple Face responding that he deserved a prize for his hard work.

The BFDI fell out of their hands and landed in front of the Announcer. He said it was his show now, so the BFDI was his, but Firey kicked him and said he deserved it the most since he won the first season. Taco made the excuse of wanting to watch the Barf Bag contest, but Leafy soon came and demanded Taco to give it back to Firey because Leafy let Firey lose one prize. Woody took it, saying that everyone to stop arguing or else no one gets it. Still, he was soon hit by Spongy, saying that he should get it since he got eliminated four times. Still, Blocky finds out that his show's name (Blocky's Funny Doings International) spells BFDI, so he tries to grab it. Everyone soon was holding on to the BFDI, pulling and tugging to win the BFDI. The bus went off the side of a cliff and was dangling off of it, and everyone hopped out except for Flower, Announcer, and Purple Face.

The three started arguing over it, soon with all of them stopping with the Announcer announcing that this was the last complete copy of the first two seasons of BFDI. Later, Purple Face hops out after Flower talked about how he was known. Flower thought that the BFDI belonged to the Announcer after her talk with Purple Face, so she gave it to him. The two of them hopped out of the bus, with the Announcer holding the BFDI, but Leafy soon realizes the desert isn't Four-colored anymore, so they all rushed back to Profily. Profily tells them how the rest of the crew went on to chase Four and tells them he will need help setting something up.

Four runs away

After the stinger in "SOS (Save Our Show)", Four told the finalists to leave him alone. The crack promptly closed afterward, which horrified Flower and Gelatin. Then suddenly, when Profily asked Four to come back, he tells Profily to leave him alone, which causes Four to run away and turn the desert back to normal. This prompts the Have Cots (except Leafy), including Loser, to come chase after him. Ruby gets out the FreeSmart SuperVan™ (repaired after Four destroyed it in "How Loe Can You Grow?"), and soon a chase begins. Four possesses certain things while fleeing, including a tree in the Evil Forest, then on the journey back into The Pillary Ruins, the High Speed Express Train (which Lollipop accidentally mentioned which caused Four to possess it), The Courtroom, and finally the Big Rotating Building. On their journey to chase Four, Lollipop and Gelatin ask X of Four being a fan of BFDI. X explains how Four was the "biggest fan" with him sitting in front of the TV watching the show, memorizing all the episodes, and telling X one day he would be famous. X explains how after BFDIA, Four compressed all his show's recordings into one big block, thus creating the BFDI.

Eventually, they got to the BRB. Teardrop runs up the BRB alongside the rest of the Have Cots and Loser. Four says how he warned them to leave him alone and wanted to be in solitude, making him fly towards The Sun, detaching the upper half of the BRB from its original location and sending the Have Cots with it.

Once on The Sun, Four soon becomes the Sun. Four demanded the contestants to leave him alone and said that he moved on. While Firey and Flower were setting up the party, Flower wonders how rescuing Four is going. Just then, The Sun turns blue, and Flower says: "As well as I expected." Meanwhile, a quick cameo from TPOT had a terrified Clock noticed that the Sun appeared to be blue and wanted Two to do something about it, which Two ignored, saying that he wanted to stay out of whatever was going on and that they were green.

Worried, the Have Cots and Loser beg Four to come back, prompting Gelatin to rant about the things he had done to him and other people during the season, but soon sees X's expression and apologizes. The other contestants soon remarked about the good memories about the whole season, and Gelatin soon shows all the moments through the BFB to Four. This calms Four down and restructuring him back to his usual self.


Four is excited to see that X was back when he was on The Sun and the Big Rotating Building, which Four detached from The Pillary Ruins. Four gives Gelatin the thumbs up and congratulates him for winning, even though Flower won. Four acknowledges Gelatin placed 2nd, and Gelatin points out that Flower was the winner of the season, with Four saying this may be a problem since he had a lot of money betting Gelatin would win.

After Four returned, he apologizes, forgives the Announcer. He thanks him when he reserved the prizes and regretted wasting the budget, nearly canceling the entire show. Four also finds out Purple Face saved the show, which he is thankful for.

Profily sets up a party for Four, which he is impressed with, and thanks him. Then, they appreciate the party together. Gelatin hanged out with the hosts, and the rest of the BFB post-split eliminated contestants, partied, ate food, and enjoyed the time.

Leafy and Firey watch the winners of BFB, and their friends enjoy their prizes, so she brings up Dream Island's situation with Firey. After a brief discussion, they agree to leave Goiky and find a new island to make it their "Dream Island". Gelatin and Flower start a new steak house & fashion store as Four, X, Announcer, and Purple Face all plan another season. Gelatin finishes reading the comic he made to his friends and said he got the inspiration from Teardrop. Ruby wonders where she went, and Lollipop reassures her, saying that she thinks they'll see her sooner than they think. Flower asks Firey and Leafy if their search will be safe. Firey assures her by asking her to try recovering them every once in a while. Flower wishes them good luck, and Leafy tells her she deserved to win. Flower says she'll miss them as they ride off on a boat, and Gelatin tells Flower that Blocky and Woody need guests for their show and asks her if she wants to go, and she agrees. Flower realizes that she won by making new friends and becoming a better person before running after Gelatin, as Firey and Leafy head into the sunset, ending the episode and the fourth season.


At night during the stinger, when Firey and Leafy are still out in the ocean, they argue and try to cooperate about how they should make the first and last words of BFB the same (just like BFDI did), which is, "Hey!". X then unexpectedly shows up, saying that he needs their boat's propeller for something, and takes it, leaving them stranded in the ocean. Because of this, the two both shout, "Hey!", completing their goal unintentionally.


77,131 votes were cast during the initial 48-hour voting period, which were ones used in the episode. However, the voting period was extended to 10 days, which ended on February 22, 2021, 8:31 AM PST.[2] If 100,000 votes were submitted, there would be a Season 6.

The amount of votes in the 10-day period is confirmed to be 91,424,[3] which means that Season 6 is unconfirmed (so far). However, Cary stated that it will "be TPOT's honor to break" the 100,000-vote record, meaning that there is a possibility that Season 6 could be confirmed if a future episode of TPOT hits 100,000 votes.

For the 48-hour period:

Icon Contestant Votes Percentage of votes Percentage swing
Flowerbfb29winpose.png Flower 48,891 63.59% +32.07%
18641352-D865-4F19-8897-3229745FB8C2.jpeg Gelatin 28,240 36.41% -23.35%

For the 10-day period:

Icon Contestant Votes Percentage of votes Percentage swing
Flowerbfb29winpose.png Flower 57,687 63.2% -0.39%
18641352-D865-4F19-8897-3229745FB8C2.jpeg Gelatin 33,547 36.8% +0.39%


  • This is the fourth episode to not have a public flash file. The first three are "Welcome Back", "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", and "SOS (Save Our Show)".
  • This episode is the first proper season finale of BFDI since the first season ("Return of the Hang Glider" being its finale), nine years after that season ended.
    • This is also the first episode without voting since "Return of the Hang Glider", since they are season finales.
  • Since Flower won:
    • The season winner is a former member of iance, Have Nots, and the Newbie Alliance.
    • She is the second season winner:
    • She is the first female winner.
    • She is also the first plant winner.
    • Gelatin is the second green runner-up.
    • Gelatin has been eliminated for the first time ever.
    • She is the first person to win the final challenge and go on to win the entire season.
    • She is the only first eliminated character to win the season.
    • Every contestant who reached the merge in Battle for BFB has had the highest number of votes at least once.
    • The Have Nots have two former members that have won in a season.
  • If Gelatin were to win:
    • The season winner have been a former member of Team Ice Cube!, Have Cots, and the Newbie Alliance.
    • He would have become the second male winner.
    • He would have become the first season winner:
    • Flower would have been the second runner-up to be a plant. The first was Leafy.
    • Despite reaching the finale, Flower would have been the only contestant to have reached the merge this season, yet never had the highest number of votes at least once.
  • BFB 30 received the most votes ever in Battle for BFB, surpassing the previous voting record of 71,828 votes from "SOS (Save Our Show)".
  • This is the first episode since "Four Goes Too Far" to have David seen in his normal white color scheme, though this David is imaginary as the real David that is in the EXIT is still orange-colored.
  • All of the Have Cots, except Leafy, follow X to get Four back, with Loser being the only Have Not member alongside them.
    • On the opposite side, all of the Have Nots, except Loser, follow Purple Face to get Flower's BFDI back, with Leafy being the only Have Cot.
    • Similarly, Taco is the only Gelatin voter that helped Flower get her prize from Purple Face, and Ruby is the only Flower voter that helped save Four.
  • This episode marks Profily's first canon death.
  • This is the second episode with a direct nod to the BFDI wiki as the deep fried BFB has a shot of Four's infobox on it. The first episode is "Don't Dig Straight Down".
  • When Purple Face gets on the golden bus, the bus's time says 4:30, likely referencing the season and the final episode number.
  • This episode shares the same name as one of the BFB songs. It also plays at the end of the episode.
  • There are 2 unused songs in this episode. They can be found on @Cepookie & @111robloxdude's twitter pages.
  • This is the longest individual episode, clocking in at 43 minutes and 12 seconds long.
  • Imaginary Dora and imaginary Roboty have no lines this episode.
  • This is the first time Niall Burns has voiced both of his characters in the same episode.
  • The name for this episode is likely named after the OST of the same name. Notably, the song is also heard at the end of this episode if one listens closely.
  • This is currently the only episode to be missing from the Most Popular BFDI Videos by Jacknjellify playlist, as they forgot to update the playlist since February of 2021.
  • This is the only post-split episode that Satomi Hinatsu animated.
  • When Ruby points out how Teardrop hasn't been seen for a while, Lollipop says "I'm sure we'll see her again sooner than we think."
    • This was foreshadowing on how we would see Teardrop compete for The Power of Two.
  • In the scene where Clock shows Two how the Sun is blue, Two is seen playing with Blocks, foreshadowing how the second contest of TPOT would be about stacking blocks.
  • BFB in hexadecimal is equal to 3067 in decimal. Coincidentally, there are 30 BFB episodes, and there were 67 total episodes in the entire series as of the episode's release.


  • Profily is popped after hugging a Four cactus.

Continuity references

  • The episode continues on from both the stinger of "SOS (Save Our Show)" and "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?".
  • The season ends with Lollipop still missing half of her coloring and with her scribble.
  • The Announcer saying that he was expecting a better response after saying that he worked really hard on the grand cake is likely referencing "Don't Lose Your Marbles", when the contestants up for elimination all gave better responses to the remodeled elimination area, after giving negative ones at first.
  • As the season finale, this episode includes many references to the season 1 finale. These include:
    • The large crowd of people watching from the bleachers, however, this time there's only one recommended character, Birthday Cake.
    • Firey and Leafy drifting off into the sunset in a boat, just like they did with Snowball's hang glider at the end of Return of the Hang Glider.
    • The Announcer telling Bubble that the grand cake isn't so hideous now, just like how she said it was before.
    • The last word of the season being the same as the first: "Hey".
      • However, the last word is not said by the same person as Pen switched to TPOT, unless Leafy saying "Hey" as the first word in BFB 17 (The start of Season 4B) counts.
    • The eliminated contestants choosing who should win.
      • Leafy also votes Flower for being a plant like Flower did.
      • The Announcer specifically asks Teardrop if she's going to vote. Unlike last time, she actually does, voting for Gelatin.
    • Firey still wanting Dream Island from season 1.
  • Loser references the time Gelatin impersonated him and got arrested for doing so.
  • Taco saying that one vote can mean everything more than likely refers to how she was eliminated by a single vote.
  • Gelatin tells Lollipop about his death in "Uprooting Everything", which caused him to lose the purple coloring that Lollipop gave him upon being recovered.
  • Ruby calls the BFB tasty again like in "The Escape from Four".
  • A Carrot Cake gives Flower a happy thought, just like Four in "The Four is Lava".
  • Clips from numerous episodes are shown in the scene where Gelatin shows Four the good memories they had.
  • Lollipop references how she seemingly forgot that she was going to avenge X for something, which she said she would do back in "How Loe Can You Grow?".
  • Balloony and Gelatin both mention the time Four pulled fingers out of the former's hand.
  • Purple Face references the final 14 screen, claiming that they were above everyone and had been there the whole time.
  • The FreeSmart SuperVan is brought back. Lollipop also brings up how it got wrecked, but Ruby reveals that she fixed it.
  • Ruby almost sings due to the radio not working like in "Take the Tower" and "How Loe Can You Grow?", which Lollipop quickly stops.
  • Purple Face brings up how nobody ever thanked him for his TV idea in "SOS (Save Our Show)" and claims that everyone would probably be happier if he was still in his box.
  • Flower mentions the sweater that she gave Purple Face in "Fashion For Your Face!".
  • Taco wanted the BFDI so that she could rewatch the barf bag contest from "Vomitaco".
  • Leafy recalls how she stole Dream Island from Firey after the latter didn't allow the former in.
  • Spongy says that he's been eliminated four times, which is the record for the most times a contestant has been eliminated.
  • Blocky wanted the BFDI because that show and his own show share the same acronym.
  • Firey mentions Gelatin's earth classes, referencing the many classes Gelatin took in "A Taste of Space".
  • Purple Face references the one time he appeared in a Yellow Face commercial.
  • Flower brings up when Purple Face both hosted a Cake at Stake and explored World's Largest Oven with them.
  • Lollipop says that she's been on the sun three times in total.
  • Four is finally given a proper party.
    • It includes pictures from BFB 1, 10, 17, and 28 and The Year's Hottest Look from BFB 4.
  • One of the images at the end of the episode shows Flower and Gelatin opening a joint steakhouse/fashion store together, which is a reference to Gelatin's Steakhouse and Oh, For Petal's Sake/Glitter For Your Face.
  • Another image shows Woody trying to get over his fear of the color gray by facing a gray cube while Blocky and Taco cheer him on.
  • Gelatin says that his comic was inspired by Teardrop's comics.
  • Gelatin tells Flower that Blocky and Woody need guests for their new show, possibly referring to Woody's Fear Destroyer International.
  • After Announcer told Blocky to be quiet, Blocky makes the same face Eraser did in "Insectophobe's Nightmare" and "Return of the Hang Glider".
  • This is the first time that The Beach appears in 11 years since "Take the Plunge".
    • The boat that Firey and Leafy get on towards the end of this episode and in the post-credits stinger is similar to the boat that the Squashy Grapes traveled on in said episode.
    • Also, this is the first time that the Evil Forest has been seen since BFDIA.
  • When Ruby slaps Balloony, he makes the same pose that he did when Woody dabbed in BFB 2.
  • When Announcer starts the intro, the visuals are a callback to the very first BFB episode.

Cultural references

  • When Teardrop pointed at Gelatin, the sound effect for every spawning line from the "GET STICK BUGGED LOL" meme is heard every time a line appeared from her finger, just with a slightly lower pitch. Notably, the lines Teardrop created had the same cream color as the lines seen in that meme.



The number 0 is slightly higher than the other digits.

  • When the camera zooms in on Four at 1:21, Roboty has his old asset where his teeth lines overlap his mouth.
  • When Gelatin's votes were revealed, the 0 is slightly higher than the other digits.
  • Gelatin's bar on the graph is less than halfway Flower's bar on the graph, despite the number of votes being higher than half of Flower's.
    • However this could just be because the graph cuts off a number above 0, causing the bar to be shorter than it would be if the cut off line was 0.
  • When Bubble says that this isn't a good time for Ruby to cheer about flying, she is seen holding hands with two objects, Balloony and one underneath her, despite X being the one underneath her, who doesn't have object limbs.

    The ground disconnected as seen on the right.

  • When the Have Nots, Leafy, Purple Face and the Announcer are fighting for the BFDI in 24:52, Spongy is not present.
  • When Four is growing, the ground can be seen disconnected on the right side.
  • At 22:16, the closed captions are misleading as Four’s line was “If you move the camera up, I was there, ALL ALONG!”


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