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Many of the characters in the BFDI series have had their own "OMG" moments, in which they state, "Oh my," and then something relevant to their "God", something related to their object form. For example, Pen's "god" is a Pen Factory, which created him.

Several characters may use the regular "Oh my God/gosh" instead of a thematic variant. These characters include Tennis Ball, Flower, Stapy, Bubble (though it's pronounced "goish"), Bomby, Pencil, Eraser, Yellow Face, Nickel, Gelatin, Pen, and Blocky.

Some characters have "WTH" (what the heck) moments, like Snowball (What The Flake) and Match (What The Woodsicle).


Although not a true "OMG" moment, Balloony says "Oh, for blub's sake" in "X Marks the Spot".

Barf Bag

Barf Bag's OMG moment is "Oh my SAP", where S.A.P. stands for "sick airplane passenger". This is because sick airplane passengers might throw up, and barf bags are used in airplanes for this exact purpose. It was used in "Getting Teardrop to Talk", when Lollipop declined to be on the same team as her and twice in "Don't Dig Straight Down", when Barf Bag started leaking after Naily punctured her and when Bomby insisted on igniting himself so his team could be blown to the surface. She has also said "Oh gag" at 18:26 of "Don't Dig Straight Down".


Basketball says "OMP" in "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?" while mocking Just Not, believing that they were taking the stairs to the top of the building. It is not made clear what it stands for, but it may mean "Oh my pump", as a pump is used to inflate basketballs.


Blocky says "Oh my God" in "Let's Raid the Warehouse", after Woody rejects the cardboard box he is given. This is notable as in an earlier episode, the decision was made for Donut to specifically not say "God".


Book's OMG moment is "Oh my word", which was used twice. This is due to her being a book, and therefore having a lot of words in her, and making up all her content.


Bracelety's OMG moment is "Oh my grip", used once in "The Escape from Four". This is because bracelets are meant to be placed on your wrist, where they will grip on.


Bubble's OMG moment is "Oh my bubble blower!", sometimes shortened to "OMBB!"


Coiny's OMG is "Oh my mint!", and is used three times, in "Insectophobe's Nightmare", "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", and "Don't Dig Straight Down". He also said it in non-canon shorts such as "BFDI and II Finally Cross Over" and "If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge". A mint is a building where coins are manufactured and printed. He also said "Oh my gosh!" in "Take the Plunge/Part 1" before slapping Firey multiple times.


In "Four Goes Too Far" it was considered to have Donut say something along the lines of "Oh dear God", but was replaced with "This can't be real" because according to Cary they didn't want to have God in a BFB episode.

In "Don't Dig Straight Down", Donut says "Oh my bakery" in response to Barf Bag regaining consciousness after being filled with water. This is because a bakery is a place where donuts are baked and shaped.


Firey's OMG moment is "Oh my oxygen!", used once after getting barfed on. This is due to oxygen being required to create a fire.

In "BFDI Is Back", when he discovers the release date for IDFB 1, he says, "Oh my spark!" Similarly, this is because a small spark is needed to create a large fire.

In other episodes, Firey says "Oh my gosh".


Though not a true OMG, Five said "Oh dear math!" in 'Thanks for 900,000 subscribers!'.


Flower yelling "Oh my gardener!"

Flower states her OMG as "Oh my gardener!" in "Insectophobe's Nightmare", "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", and "Let's Raid The Warehouse". This is because a gardener plants seeds, including seeds for flowers.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", though not a true "OMG" moment, Flower says "Holy aphid". An aphid is a bug that feeds on flowers and other plants.

In "Let's Raid The Warehouse", another one of Flower's OMG moments is used, "Oh my dirt." This is because dirt is where plants, including flowers, grow.

In "Take the Tower" and "SOS (Save Our Show)", though not a true OMG moment, she says "Oh, for petals' sake!". There is BFB merchandise with this saying.


Although not a true OMG moment, Foldy says "oh, sheets of paper" in "The Escape from Four" when Stapy retreats back to the EXIT. In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?" she says "oh, flap."


Four says "Oh my gumdrop!" in response to being freed from his cage in "Fashion For Your Face!".


Fries' OMG moment is "Oh my potatoes", used twice. This is because french fries are made out of potatoes.

In "Welcome Back", Fries' other OMG moment is "Oh my tater", used once. "Tater" is another word for "potato".


Gaty's OMG moment is "Oh my plank", used in "The Four is Lava". This is because, being a wooden gate, she is made out of planks.


Gelatin's OMG moment is "Oh my collagen", used once in "BFDIA 6 Deleted Scenes". A collagen is a type of protein, and one of the main ingredients of real gelatin. It was also used in "Don't Dig Straight Down", "Let's Raid The Warehouse" and "Fashion For Your Face!". In "The Tweested Temple", Gelatin's OMG moment is "Oh my gumdrop!" A gumdrop is a similar treat to gelatin, but it has no direct relation.

In "Chapter Complete", Gelatin says "Oh my meat factory" when he doesn't win BFB.


Leafy's OMG moment is "Oh my tree!", used in "Crybaby!" and "The Tweested Temple". This is because trees have many leaves on them.

Also, in "Barriers and Pitfalls" Leafy said "OMZ", although it is unknown what it stands for.

Leafy had yet another OMG moment in "How Loe Can You Grow?", with "Oh my gardenia". A gardenia is a type of flower with leaves on it.


Lightning's OMG moment is "Oh my cloud", used once in "Don't Dig Straight Down". This is due to the fact that lightning comes from clouds (or at least is very commonly portrayed to).


Lollipop's OMG moment is "Oh my sugar", used once in "How Loe Can You Grow?". This is because a lollipop is a type of candy, and thus is made heavily out of sugar.


Marker's OMG moment is "Oh my artist", used once in "Today's Very Special Episode". It was used when he summoned Four in a rock-paper-scissors game. This is because a marker is an art tool, which could be used by an artist to draw something.


Match's OMG moment is "Oh my like, woodsicles!. She also says OMQ" and "OMW" in "Barriers and Pitfalls". A "woodsicle" is not actually a real thing, but it can be assumed to mean a thin stick of wood, just like Match's main body. Match also has had the most OMGs.

In "Cycle of Life", she may have said "OMT", which may mean "Oh my tree" but it may have just been an "OMG". Closed Captions say "OMG", but they weren't set by hand.

Match is the first to say "OMG" or a related phrase (OMQ, OMW) more than 10 or even 20 times.


Needle does actually have an OMG moment, but it was hidden due to an elimination layer glitch. It remains unknown, but it could possibly be "OMNF" which might mean "Oh my needle factory!", similar to Pin's "OMPF". Of course, this is because a needle factory creates needles.


Although technically not an OMG, Nickel has said "Oogily woogily weezer beezers!" once he found out Four would not like Roboty being missing in "Lick Your Way to Freedom" and "Holy roly poly crawling in guacamole!" in "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset".


Pencil's OMG moment is "Oh my tree" because wood comes from trees, and Pencils are made with wood. It has been used twice in both the BFDIA 6 Deleted Scenes video as well as "Welcome Back".

Additionally, in the BFDI "Among Us" video, she said "OMPF", which is assumed to mean "Oh my pencil factory", though this video is a non-canon short.


His OMG moment was "Oh my pen factory", used once in "If X-MAS in Among Us was a BFDI Challenge" after Balloony popped. It's similar to Pin's OMPF (Oh my pin factory).


Pin's OMG moment was "OMPF", and its meaning was revealed in "The Long-lost Yoyle City" as "Oh my pin factory!"


Saw's OMG moment was in "If X-MAS in Among Us was a BFDI Challenge", where she says, "Oh my sheet metal!" which can be abbreviated to OMSM. This is because saws can be made out of sheet metal. In the same video, she also exclaimed "Oh my blacksmith!" after Eggy's death. A blacksmith is someone who works with metal (specifically iron), and thus could create a saw.


Snowball's first OMG moment was said in Don't Lose Your Marbles, where he can faintly be heard saying "oh my god" while complaining in unison with the other bottom third.

His next OMG moment was said at the biggest and final rejoining ceremony of Season 1 as "Oh my snowflakes!" This is because snowballs are made out of a lot of snowflakes.

In "The Escape from Four", Snowball says "Oh my snowstorm!" This is because a snowstorm has lots of snow, which is required to make snowballs.


Taco's OMG moment is "Oh my gordita", is used in "The Escape from Four", "Let's Raid The Warehouse", and "Who Stole Donut's Diary?". A gordita is a Mexican dish, consisting of a pastry stuffed with various fillings. They do not have much relation to tacos, however.

In "If X-MAS in Among Us was a BFDI Challenge", she says "Oh my chipotle!" A chipotle is a smoke-dried jalapeño pepper that may be used as seasoning in Mexican foods, such as tacos.

Tennis Ball

Tennis Ball's OMG moment was "Oh my place where tennis balls are created!" or "OMPWTBAC!" when he found the wall teleporter in "Welcome Back". This is the most basic OMG moment, as most of them simply state a place or component that creates the contestant saying it.


Two's OMG moment was "Oh my gumdrops" which was said in "BFDI: Twosday". This is an unusual OMG moment, since Two does not seem to have any connection with gumdrops.

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