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Notice the two identical eyebrows facing the same way.

Check-it Eyebrows are frequently used in BFDI when a character is looking at something while having visible eyebrows. Both eyebrows look like an "r" shape and face the same way. This animation graphic is used globally on object shows. SammyShinx coined the term "Check-it Eyebrows" because they reminded him of a face on ROBLOX called "Check it". Since then, staff such as Cary Huang and Satomi Hinatsu, have used the name, making it one of the few fan names to be made official. So far (not counting irregular designed and faceless characters like David, Dora, Yellow Face, and Black Hole), every single character on BFDI has had Check-it Eyebrows except for Evil Leafy, and every character who doesn't use normal BFDI assets. Teardrop was the first ever character to have Check-it Eyebrows.


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