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The character of this page has only appeared in non-canon BFDI pieces, videos, or shorts.

Chompy is a non-canonical fish monster, and the only one with a confirmed name and gender. She appeared in the short "Fish and Chips" and apparently appeared in "The Long-lost Yoyle City".

It is presumed that she is also the main fish monster that makes major appearances in "Take the Plunge/Part 2" and others.


Chompy can be shown to be quite murderous for her apparent time in "The Long-lost Yoyle City" and for most of "Fish and Chips", eating or threatening multiple people. However, in the latter, she can also show a soft and cooperative side, attempting to think along with Fries and Ruby.

In spite of this, the former seems to overpower her nicer traits, due to the revealed secret "Plan for World Domination".


Battle for Dream Island Again

In "The Long-lost Yoyle City", she wrapped Pencil in her tongue, who was later sawed in half and killed. She somewhat-accidently murdered Rocky, FreeSmart, and Team No-Name.


In Fish and Chips, Chompy eats Woody, Lollipop, Loser and Gelatin, and is hunted down by Rusty Coin and Anchor, Ruby and Fries. Rusty and Anchor attempt to find and kill her, such has been their goal for quite some time, and Ruby and Fries attempt to save her. Chompy tries to think of a plan to get away from the first murderous duo, but her and the second duo's work is cut short when everything gets resolved on their own terms.