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Cliffside is a conjectural name.

The subject of this article or section has never been given an official name stated either via in the Battle for Dream Island series, or by jacknjellify; the current one is unofficial.

The Cliffside is a location that has only appeared in Battle for BFDI.


The Cliffside includes one large bluff that has two layers, possibly in the form of two plateaus.

Consisting of dark grey rocks and pale yellow-green grass with small green bushes, the cliff overlooks a large abyss. Though the altitude of the rock formation is unknown, they appear to be pretty high, as there are still clouds in the abyss below the cliffs.

On one side of the lower cliff, there appears to be a face, jutting out of it, suggesting that it could be a path of some sort.

The atmosphere of the area boasts elongated mauve clouds in a dark blue sky, bearing a striking resemblance to the IDFB intro sky; however, below the edge of the cliffs, large puffy clouds form.


So far, it has only appeared in "Fortunate Ben" and "Enter the Exit". The Cliffside was used for the paper plane challenge in "Fortunate Ben", and is the place David fled to after being eliminated in "Enter the Exit" (X would eventually catch up to him).

The cliffside also appeared in the non-canon announcement video HELP US get to VIDCON 2019.


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