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Watchers are wannabes.

Clock is a male contestant in Battle For BFDI and The Power of Two. He was one of the 30 recommended characters that had a chance to join the show. He, along with Basketball, only got 5 votes and was sent to LOL.

He also had a chance to join BFDIA, but he only got 59 votes.

He had a chance to join IDFB, but he failed to join with 37 votes.[1]

Clock competed in BFB on the team "The Losers!", but he will soon be competing in TPOT.


Clock appears to be a bluish-grey and white minimalist wall clock.

His fastest hand makes one revolution a minute.[BFB3]

Fast clock hands can be triggered by daylight savings time.



  • Clock is badly drawn.
  • Clock is whitish-yellow.
  • Clock has no frame.
  • Clock has a 12, 9, and 6 for hours.
  • Clock's legs are closer to each other.
  • Clock's clock arms are plain and not straight.
  • Clock has arms that indicate minutes, seconds, and hours.


  • Clock has a wooden frame.
  • Clock gains a 3 for hours.
  • Clock's inside is beige, and his frame is brown.
  • Clock's clock arms are designed.
  • Clock is better drawn.
  • Clock has a vintage style design.
  • Clock is smaller.


  • Clock has the initials "CAS" under his 3.


  • Clock loses his numbers.
  • Clock loses his seconds hand.
  • Clock has a minimalist design.
  • Clock's frame is now plastic.
  • Clock's inside is now white, and the frame is blue. The frame is bigger and thicker (proportionally)
  • Clock's clock hands are blue.
  • Clock is scaled down in size.


Prior to joining The Losers!, Clock acted very self-righteously, being quick to condemn Liy, Ice Cube, Bracelety, and Teardrop, despite those last two doing no wrong. He was also slow in forming a truce with Liy and snapping at her when she tried to touch his clock hands to shake them.

When Clock joined his team, he began to act in a more calm and sophisticated manner, and he was very eager to help his team during multiple challenges, such as launching the basket, allowing Needle to use his clock hands to break open jawbreakers, and using his ticking motions to move his team's swing.

He also volunteered to investigate what was cracking the basket in "Four Goes Too Far", showing that sometimes his eagerness to help gets in the way of his proper judgement or common sense.

Clock is also seemingly a character of order and is a stickler for the rules. He relayed to Four in "Enter the Exit" which characters were dead and which were eliminated. Although Stapy simply wanted to stay to watch the competition and see Foldy again, Clock insisted on him being eliminated.

Official Character Guide biography

Clock may seem to be stingy, demanding, and annoying, but he wants to do well in challenges. Specifically, his adept clock hands have helped in multiple team victories. Because of this power, Clock does not like when people touch his clock hands.

Clock stands up for those who have been wronged, especially if they have been wronged by Liy. He now has a truce with Liy, but Ice Cube barged into that truce as well, so now everything's weird.

Did You Know?: Clock can change the position of his hands whenever he wants, but if he waits for them to move naturally, they are infinitely powerful.



Battle for Dream Island

In "Reveal Novum", Clock said "That's good to know" when the Announcer said that they all got at least 3 votes. Clock, along with Basketball, only received 5 votes, placing 23rd, and was sent to the Locker of Losers.

Battle for Dream Island Again

In "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", with 59 votes, Clock only placed 47th to join and was flung to the LOL once again, along with Evil Leafy.


"Hey, isn't it time for Cake at Stake?"

Clock made a cameo appearance in "Get in the Van", standing in front of a glass window with Balloony, displaying the time "CAS" in place of 4:00, alerting Firey that it was time for Cake at Stake.


Clock was given a chance to return in "Welcome Back". However, IDFB 2 was delayed, voiding his votes. However, it was revealed he got 37 votes, only beating Bottle and Bracelety.

Battle for BFDI

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", he makes his first major, speaking appearance in the BFDI series.

He is first seen telling off Bracelety for her support of Liy and Ice Cube's "torture" of Teardrop. Fanny then says she hates Clock, despite him not doing anything bad to her. When asked why, Fanny says that one's actions may be worthy of hate.

After a quick conversation between Fanny and Bracelety, Clock asks Liy and Ice Cube to stop "tormenting" Teardrop. While Liy won't stop, Ice Cube does, and Clock is proud of Ice Cube. However, Ice Cube starts to wiggle Teardrop's vocal cords again shortly after, enraging Clock.

That leads to an argument between Clock and Liy, which was cut short by a fork landing on Teardrop's head and chomping on Ice Cube's legs. Clock is quick to tell off Teardrop for biting Ice Cube's legs. Clock and Liy restore their friendship through a truce. Ice Cube then becomes part of the truce group.

He is seen later with Eggy and Cake, the three of them wanting to join Loser's team.

He is later seen telling Four to "quit his shenanigans", but is dismissed.

During the challenge, Clock is shocked at Pin's ignorance of Loser. Later, he uses his clock hands to launch a basket at X, deeming his team safety.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", he asks Four to bring back the dead objects but is screeched at. His clock hands were used by Needle to crack open a jawbreaker. However, there was no one inside. Gaty was freed from another jawbreaker, securing their team's safety for another day.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", his clock hands were pivotal in winning The Losers! immunity again. After seeing iance use Fanny as a motor for their team's swing, Cake suggests using Clock to do the same.

However, Clock's fastest hands go at 1 RPM, saddening Eggy. Pin calls him lazy. Loser's idea of using daylight savings saved the team.

In "Today's Very Special Episode", he is one of the other witnesses of Lightning's zapping of Bell. He calls it the "biggest zaptation" he's ever seen.

He doesn't participate in the challenge, however, but Eggy and Loser's quick makeover of Four, with X inside, saved them.

In "Four Goes Too Far", he is first seen in the heart scene. Loser's usage of one of X's old baskets temporarily saved his team.

When Bell starts to break the basket, Clock makes it his duty to find out who's causing it. When a hole is made in the basket, Bell passes the Twinkle onto Clock, and at the last second. Since Clock has the twinkle, The Losers! lost. Eggy tells off Clock for making the team lose, but he reminds her that he was the object who won them challenges 1 and 3.

In "Enter the Exit", before X says what the contest is, Clock interrupts X by shouting "Bring back Four!". After many attempts, Four is brought back. When Four was about to ask X who the other eliminated contestants were, Clock interrupted him by saying that he first has to recover their (the contestants') dead friends. Four false-screeches him before agreeing. After Clock lists all the contestants who died, he is asked by Four about who was eliminated while he was gone. He mentions Stapy, who gets upset at him for revealing that he was eliminated and said that he just wanted to stay and watch. This leads to Clock stating that watchers are wannabes (which is a reference to his debut when he says "watches are wannabes"). Stapy was about to finish his sentence before being sucked up into Four. Clock also tells Four that Roboty was eliminated, but before telling them that no one knew where he went, Four zooms away to find him. Later, Four is in EXIT, which means that on the outside, they're just standing blankly, much to Clock's confusion.

In "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", Four indirectly mentions Clock by saying to The Losers! that they were missing someone, and Eggy is stumped, and asks Four if the question was part of the challenge, and said no; and that they were XQZ'D (excused).

In "Return of the Rocket Ship" Eggy attempts to revive Clock, while still failing to remember his name. Clock was not recovered.

In "The Four is Lava", Clock was finally recovered by Four, confirming his death in BFB 10. When his team finally remembers him and Leafy tells him what episode it is, he walks away from them, angrily grumbling to himself.

In "The Escape from Four", Clock can be seen attempting to pull the eliminated contestants out of Four. Clock at first stays with Four but later switches, after the BFDI is replaced with A BFB, to compete on TPOT.


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Season 1
Episode Votes
18 5 (to join)
Season 2
Episode Votes
1 59 (to join)
Season 4
Episode Votes
7 2,166
Total votes
Elimination Total
2,166 2,230


  1. "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None": Walks into a vat of hydrochloric acid.
  2. "Reveal Novum": Is crushed by the Sun with the other recommended characters in the LOL.
  3. "Enter the Exit": Is killed by Four offscreen. (Confirmed in "The Four is Lava")


  • In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Clock shows that he doesn't like his clock hands getting touched.
  • There is an official wall clock shaped like Clock, available on RedBubble. It can be purchased here.
  • His clock hands are shown to be very strong as they moved X's Baskets and the large swingsets with little effort. According to the Official Character Guide, they become weaker when Clock moves them manually.
  • Clock stating that "Watchers are wannabes" in "Enter The Exit" is a direct reference to his first line, "Watches are wannabes."
  • Clock is the first contestant to be screeched twice by Four.
  • Clock is one of the three contestants who have a blue and white color scheme, the others are Pen and Fanny.
  • Clock is the only The Losers! member to be voiced by Satomi Hinatsu.
  • In "Questions Answered" and "This Episode Is About Basketball", he makes ringing sounds when it's time for Cake at Stake.
    • This may have been a reference to "Get in the Van", where Clock's face also displays a time for Cake at Stake.
  • He and Fanny are pretty similar in many ways.
    • Both can act moody and demanding.
    • Both have a blue and white color scheme.
    • Both are armless.
    • Both are voiced by Satomi Hinatsu.
    • Both are self-working machines that aren't counted as mechanical minds.
    • Both have something spinning in their faces.
    • Both were originally recommended characters who had the chance to be in BFDI.
    • Both are probably battery powered because Clock is a wall clock, and Fanny doesn't have a cord to connect to an outlet.
    • Both are in The Power Of Two.


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