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Cloud Timer is a conjectural name.

The subject of this article or section has never been given an official name stated either via in the Battle for Dream Island series, or by jacknjellify; the current one is unofficial.

You have 15 minutes! Begin!

The Cloud Timer is used to mark the time left in a challenge. It can be conjured up by Four, and temporarily Donut.

It has been used in "Today's Very Special Episode", where it was set for 15 minutes, and in "Four Goes Too Far", where it was set for 3 hours.

The objects, upon seeing the timer, know when time is running out, like when Golf Ball was rushing to draw Four. Pen in a later episode saw he had two hours to pass the Twinkle to Free Food. Taco also mentioned that she had one hour to do her job of directing the Twinkle in the same episode.

The Cloud Timer can apparently be seen from extremely far distances, as Taco and Saw were able to see it, despite being many miles away from the location where the challenge was held.


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