Eggy in BFB 7

"Who are you? Can you tell me?" - Eggy
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Stop breaking my window, Coiny!
— Cloudy after his window gets broken in This Episode Is About Basketball.

Cloudy's Collection is a pile of stuff owned by Cloudy, which first appeared in Getting Teardrop to Talk. Most of the items are references to items from old episodes of BFDI, BFDIA, and BFB.

Cloudy seems to like this stuff and is very protective of it, as he got angry at Snowball and Coiny for breaking his window. In BFB 9, Cloudy gets angry at Coiny again for the same reason. In "Enter the Exit", Cloudy gets angry at Bottle for hitting Golf Ball towards his window.

List of items in the collection

* This wasn't present in the pile in BFB 1: Getting Teardrop to Talk.




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