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Conch Shell is one of the former eligible debuters for TPOT.  


Conch Shell is silent and always seems to have a blank, unimpressed expression. Conch Shell also seems very goth like, and doesn't seem too interested or concerned about certain things. This is shown by how they barely give a reaction like the other failed TPOT debuters when being eliminated from the debut.


Conch Shell is based off a seashell, though their design is more distinctly segmented than a standard conch. They are a creamy orange color, and they appear to have one eye concealed by the whorl (resembling "someone's hair covering their eye"). Their face is in the aperture.


BFB 10

  • Conch Shell is a more saturated orange color.
  • Conch Shell is armless.

BFB 13

  • Conch Shell now has arms.

BFB 16

  • Conch Shell is now a more cream color and has more color variation overall.


Conch's audition shows them staring at the screen in a bored manner and blinking.


  • Conch Shell is the first character to only have one eye shown.
  • A version of Conch Shell wearing a wizard hat named "Magic Conch" also appeared as a recommended character in multiple episodes before their debuting appearance in "The Escape From Four".


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