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This article lists all of the creatures that appear within the Goiky Canal throughout all seasons of Battle for Dream Island.


Take the Plunge/Part 2

These creatures were seen when Ice Cube, Coiny and Leafy were in the Squashy Grapes's boat flying across the Goiky Canal.

These creatures were later seen again in "Barriers and Pitfalls", when Flower was flying through the air after being blasted away when her Announcer Crusher blew up at Cake at stake.

Weird Cannon

The cannon appears to be a pillar with a circle and a small rectangle that shoots strange fat lines in the air.

Strange Sea Creature

These creatures look very similar to the Fish Monster, except its head is more round and it doesn't have teeth. it shoots its tongue in the air at random times.

It is unknown if it is actually a sea creature or if it can be on land and water, but as of now it was only seen in the Goiky Canal.

Strange Chomping Plants

These creatures have small heads and have teeth. They look similar to a Venus flytrap.

Strange Worms

These worm-like creatures can spit colored balls out of their mouths.

Strange Faces

These faces were floating in the water. When they first came on the screen, they looked sick and had a green tint for a few seconds, then they looked normal and had a yellow color. It is possible that it is Yellow Face, or at least clones of him since there are multiple faces. However, it has not been confirmed to be Yellow Face.

Fish Monster

Fish Monsters are seen lunging at the boat and attempting to eat it as it flies by.

Main article: Fish Monster

Purple Fish monster

The purple fish monster is a variation of the Fish Monster. It is purple with orange teeth and does not open its mouth.

Weird Scribbly Creature

The weird scribbly creature appears to be a badly drawn green scribble. It has a thin line that somewhat represents its body, a weird shape that represents a mouth and 2 ovals that represent its eyes.

Moving Square

It appears to be a cyan box that keeps moving up and down.

It is unknown if it is alive or not.

Expanding Ball

Around 7:21 in "Take the Plunge: Part 2", a yellow ball flies across the screen. After a few seconds, it expands and disappears. It is possible that crashing into something causes it to expand, since both the ball and the two fish appeared around 7:21 and the ball expanded a few seconds after passing by/crashing into the two fish. However, it's unlikely since the ball seemed to go right past the two fish.

It is unknown if it's alive or not.


Both orange and green fish are seen jumping out of the water.

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Barriers and Pitfalls

All the creatures from "Take the Plunge: Part 2" appeared when Flower was flying through the air.


Giant Tower

Main article: Unnamed Mountain

When Leafy and Ice Cube were trying to get away from Bubble, they accidentally drove their unicycles off a tower. Here are the things that made up the tower (from top to bottom):

  • The piece of land the challenge took place on:
  • A big piece of dirt that says "WATCH BFDI"
  • A bunch of bright-pink stuff
  • A brown squiggly line
  • A rainbow box
  • A Firey sculpture
  • A grey squiggly line
  • A pillar with a bar attached to it that says "this bar is 1 kilometer long"
  • A bubble blower (possibly) with bubbles coming out of it
  • A black line with trees
  • A house on top of a cage with blue lasers