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Dab it, my boyonoceros!

Dabbing is a dance move that was first performed by Woody in "Lick Your Way to Freedom", and was a key plot point in "Fortunate Ben". When someone performs it, the person's face moves toward their left, as their two hands and arms point diagonally to the top-right. Characters without arms have also performed it by using their legs instead. It has been a point of controversy at one point in the BFDI fandom.

Dabbing count

Person Count
Balloony 1 (originally 2)
Nickel* 1
Rocky* 1
Woody 3
Fidget Spinner 1
Compass** 1
Loser 1 (in BFB 17 intro)

*Dabbed with legs instead of arms


  • Used to display excitement.
  • Changes air flow.


  • It can also be done with legs, as shown by Nickel and Rocky.
  • Currently, only contestants on Beep have dabbed.
    • The only contestants on Beep that haven't dabbed are Roboty, Cloudy, and David (all of whom are presumably physically unable to dab).
  • Whenever a member of Beep dabbed, their team ended up losing.


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