Data Void has a conjectural name.

"Who are you? Can you tell me?" — Eggy
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HUH?!.. Where.. am I?

The Data Void makes an appearance in "The Liar Ball You Don't Want" when Robot Flower travels there to send information to Remote. It is accessible using Golf Ball's Rocket. It can be used to download information, but that can only be done if there is a stable connection. It also can tell when someone will die. TV says that he connected with Robot Flower, which resulted in information not being downloaded.


In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", the teams Bleh and A Better Name Than That worked together to build a device to send Robot Flower to the Data Void. While she was inside it, Tennis Ball and Basketball used Robot Flower's panels and legs to control Remote's actions, hoping they could use her to put the Liar Ball into another team's goal.

The connection becomes unstable, and Remote is once again able to control herself. She sends a message into the Void that programs it to download a bomb. Another message is transferred to Robot Flower, which notifies her that her teammates, along with the members of Bleh, are going to die.

Robot Flower is given the option to close the connection, which she previously told her team she wouldn't do. She is torn between going against her team's wishes, and causing them to lose, and risking their lives so they can win a contest.

Robot Flower decides to close the connection to save her team and Bleh from dying. (which has been offered by TV and Roboty), allowing Remote to score in their goal and Death P.A.C.T. to win. Robot Flower then leaves the Void and is brought back to the moon.


  • This is the first area in BFB to be animated in non-pseudo 3D.
  • This is also the first area that is not physical space.
    • It may be the UI of the communicator dish.
  • According to Michael, the 3D animation was made with his After Effects free trial, as shown here.
    • Due to being made on a free trial, it is unknown if this area will be seen again.
  • It can be connected all the way from the Moon.


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