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Aw, seriously?
— David's catchphrase

David is a male contestant in Battle for BFDI and was a contestant in Battle for Dream Island. He was created by TDICaitlincookegroup on YouTube after 39 voters voted for him to be eliminated, even though he wasn’t up for elimination at the time.

David joined the game due to him being the recommended character with most votes in "Reveal Novum" at 102, beating Bomby at 73 votes.

David had a chance at joining IDFB in "Welcome Back". He got 1,234 votes, which was not enough to join.[2]

He was on the team Beep in Battle for BFDI but got eliminated in "Enter the Exit" with 11,292 votes.


David is a stick figure that is poorly drawn. His outline and facial details are gray, and his face is white. He turns red and has yellow zig-zagged lines that resemble lightning bolts surrounding him when he gets angry. He appears to have a blank stare most of the time.


Due to a lack of things that he can say, David's personality is somewhat of a mystery. However, him saying "Aw, seriously?" shows us that he can be quite whiny and a person who complains a lot.

David is also quite antisocial, often refusing to follow the directions of others and quick to shout his catchphrase whenever greeted with conflict. This ties into his public status, as many of his peers find him odd and unnerving.

David is more dynamic in BFB. Though at times he is helpful to his team, he still has bouts of unruliness and stubbornness. This is best exemplified in "Fortunate Ben", where David helps his team by piloting the plane, but also falls asleep whenever he wants to, or in "Lick Your Way to Freedom", where David initially refuses to lick the jawbreakers. David fought against getting eliminated and ran away twice.

Official Character Guide biography

David is a human, but not like anyone you've ever met. He is allergic to sunrises and can duplicate his head when he sings. He's immune to bugs and the power of black holes.

David's personality is a mystery. He is antisocial. When conflict arises, he yells out his catchphrase, "Aw, Seriously?" David has been cloned many times, to the point that a sea of Davids has populated a region called Davidland.

Did You Know?: "NazzBliss" was the first mention David in a YouTube comment in February 2011, which had no explanation.


  • Yelling: In BFDI 18, David can yell a distorted version of his catchphrase. Although this doesn't seem to have the stunning effect of Four's Screechy, it can still surprise and unnerve others. This is ineffective against Pencil.

David yells at Bubble.

  • Auto-tuned voice: In "Rescission", David is shown to be able to auto-tune his voice to "Mary Had a Little Lamb".
  • Head growth: In the same episode, David was shown to be able to grow 3 extra heads. It is unknown what purpose this serves.
  • Poison immunity: David was the only contestant in BFDI to be immune to bug poison.
  • Inflatable head: A David clone was able to get his head inflated in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" to be a stand-in for Bubble.
  • Leaf shredding: In "Return of the Hang Glider", David votes for Leafy to win Dream Island by having leaves grow from his body.
  • Wind manipulation: Using the "hair" on his head, David could control the wind and act as a makeshift sail in "Fortunate Ben".


  • Flammability: Contrary to Dora, David is easily flammable and will be reduced to ashes if he comes into contact with fire.
  • Sunrise allergy: It's been stated that David is allergic to sunrises in "Reveal Novum". However, the only reaction he seemingly has is forcefully blinking.



Battle for Dream Island

In "Vomitaco", David was first recognized when the Announcer explained that even though he was not even a contestant at the time, he had received 39 elimination votes. This was one of the few episodes where he said something else other than his catchphrase, saying "Yeah?"

In "The Reveal", it is revealed that 1 out of 30 handpicked recommended characters could be voted into the game. Being one of the 30, David campaigns by turning red and throwing a temper tantrum, screaming "AW, SERIOUSLY?"

In "Reveal Novum", he joins with 102 votes. David's first day of competition begins when he receives the most votes to join the game. During the staring contest, he uses his red-faced temper tantrum ability to scare his opponents, causing them to flinch, blinking in the process. This strategy does not work against Pencil, however. David eventually blinks the next morning upon seeing the sun, due to his allergy to sunrises. Despite not receiving any points at the start of his game, he manages to earn second place in the staring contest and get 30 points on the scoreboard, avoiding is not up for elimination.

In "Rescission", David, along with Ice Cube, Rocky, Bubble, and Leafy all avoid the mud-caked shovels that the Announcer throws at them during Cake at Stake. This upsets Announcer, who proceeds to cry acid all over Ice Cube, Rocky, and David. David's points are later traded for 30 teddy bears. During the unicycle race, David (literally) begins beeping "Mary had a Little Lamb" as an 8-bit melody and has 3 heads at the end. Right before reaching the finish line, he runs into Firey and burns to ash. Unable to finish the race, he is put up for elimination along with Ice Cube and Spongy.

In "Gardening Hero", David is eliminated with a record of 331 votes. It is later announced that a loser is going to rejoin the game. David campaigns by saying his catchphrase. When Announcer demands that he should say something else, he yells, "NO!" This marks the 2nd episode in which he said something other than his catchphrase.

In "The Glistening", David is one of the 10 eliminated contestants to vote Ice Cube to be eliminated, saying "Aw...-Ice Cube!" while turning into Steven. This marks the 3rd episode David says something other than his catchphrase. It is later revealed that David received 41 votes and placed 7th in the rejoin, so he can't rejoin.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2", because he is immune to bugs, David is the only contestant to survive the bug attack. Announcer then decides to recreate everyone by cloning David 20 times, 17 for the TLC members and 4 all dressed in costumes for the final 4 contestants. It is unknown if the true David is present among the clones. All the Davids disappear when everyone returns.

In "Return of the Hang Glider", his final appearance, David chooses to say his catchphrase instead of saying "Cake at Stake!" with the rest of the eliminated contestants. At the final Cake at Stake, David votes Leafy to win Dream Island, expressing his opinion by transforming into "Leafy David" from "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2". After Firey wins Dream Island, he is initially reluctant to let David in, but is convinced when David says his catchphrase. After David enters Dream Island to find it gone, he does not appear for the rest of the episode.

Battle for Dream Island Again

In "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", David only gets 251 votes to join, which is not enough to compete in BFDIA. He is flung to the LOL along with all of the other ineligible contestants.

In "The Long-lost Yoyle City", Team No-Name was traveling on Puffball through Davidland, which (as the name implies) is a land full of Davids.


In "Welcome Back", David is trapped inside the Locker of Losers along with all the other contestants who didn't compete in BFDIA. He is also seen trying to escape the LOL by using his "yelling" while repeatedly smashing himself on the lid.

David escaping.png

Battle for BFDI

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", David's appearances are few. He is first seen almost getting sucked into Black Hole before the intro. David is the second-to-last person to be picked for a team since Gelatin deems him "weird". Despite this, Leafy brings David onto Beep, stating she wants to help him. When the team name is being discussed, David is impressed by it, saying, "Aw", instead of, "Aw, seriously?" David does not play an active role in the challenge, but repeats his catchphrase after his team wins.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", David refuses to start licking jawbreakers, much to the anger of Balloony. Beep loses the challenge. In the stinger, David is seen still licking jawbreakers, but Nickel tells him to stop, for they already lost. Taco is inside of the jawbreaker that David was licking.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", David falls into the bottom two of voting but survives with 3,934 votes. Cloudy is disgusted when he finds out David is a man, and that David is what a man looks like, causing Cloudy to almost vomit. David does not actively participate in the challenge, as Cloudy does the challenge for his team.

In "Today's Very Special Episode", David is heard making a disgusted grunting sound due to the cake Beep made for the challenge, for the cake batter is made out of Rocky's vomit. Once again, Balloony is angered by David's reaction.

BFB5 dead david-0.png

In "Fortunate Ben", David manipulates his (assumed) hair to direct the team paper airplane, which earns him compliments from Roboty and Cloudy. However, he soon falls asleep, causing the plane to fall downwards in a nosedive. David is then woken up by Rocky's barf — to the relief of Balloony — allowing him to resume control of the plane and steer it away from the cliff. However, these efforts are wasted when Stapy causes the cliff to suddenly jut out, making Beep crash and lose the challenge. David is up for elimination once again.

In "Four Goes Too Far", David is in the bottom two for voting again. To this, he replies, "Aw, dreariously?" He survives when it is revealed that Roboty received more votes than him. When the challenge begins, David is one of the first contestants to get the twinkle of contagion, but he immediately gives it to Match. Clock has the twinkle after three hours, keeping David safe from elimination.

In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", David does not appear at all despite being alive and present on Earth.

In "Questions Answered", David can be seen with his team at their buzzer.

In "This Episode Is About Basketball", David is told by Cloudy that he and Woody are the only (present) members of their team with arms, therefore being the only ones who can throw balls into the basket. However, he replies with "Aw, seriously?" and doesn't cooperate when Woody tries to give him a ball. His team ends up losing the challenge, so they are up for elimination.

In "Enter the Exit", David is once again in the bottom two for voting. However, this time he is eliminated with 11,292 votes. He is told by X to "be eliminated" like Stapy, but he refuses and runs away. David is eventually caught at the edge of a cliff and stuffed inside X's head. X keeps David stuffed inside him until Four is recovered and picks him out, leading to him trying to run away again. However, Four grabs him and sends him to the EXIT. Once all the eliminated contestants who weren't sucked up by Four get sucked up, they find themselves in the EXIT. Four tells the class that one of them will be rejoining the show, followed by David saying "Aw, seriously?" In his rejoining audition, David just says "Aw", twice.

In "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", David only receives 1,255 votes to rejoin, which is not enough to rejoin so he stays in EXIT. He says his catchphrase in response.

In "The Four is Lava", David is mentioned in Book's happy thought that she receives as a prize for being safe at Cake at Stake, where the events of "Reveal Novum"'s debut with Book being the winner. In it, David is mentioned in Book's dictionary with the same definition as "Reveal Novum".

In "The Escape from Four", David attempts to escape the EXIT with the other eliminated contestants. He can be seen chanting for Loser as he builds their tower to Four's mouth. When Spongy shows to be an even closer path, he climbs in through Spongy's holes, having a hard time getting to the outside world as he keeps bumping into everyone else. David manages to reach the surface briefly but is sucked back in by Four.


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Season 1
Episode Votes
15 39 (wasn't a contestant yet)
18 102 (joins the game)
20 331 (eliminated)
21 41 (to rejoin)
Season 2
Episode Votes
1 251 (to join)
Season 4
Episode Votes
3 3,934
6 4,995
10 11,292 (eliminated)
11 1,255 (to rejoin)
Total votes
Elimination Total
20,552 22,240


  1. "Rescission":
    1. He is killed when he comes in contact with Announcer's acid.
    2. Burns to dust when he comes in contact with Firey.

Non-canon deaths:

  • "Last BFDI": Has his head cut off by a knife.


  • Michael Huang claims drinking lots of water helps him voice David.
  • So far, David has said 9 things other than his catchphrase: "No!" (three times), "Yeah?", "Seriously?", "Aw!", bleeping (noise) the song "Mary Had a Little Lamb", "Ice Cube!" (while turning into Steven), "!wA", a disgusted groan, and "Aw, dreariously!"
  • David's catchphrase was said several times by Needle and once by Pen before he joined the game.
  • David is the only original contestant that has never killed another contestant.
  • In "Reveal Novum", David beat 29 other recommended characters and joined BFDI.
    • Coincidentally, he beat Bomby, the runner up, by 29 votes.
  • He is one of 3 competitors that is not named after the object they are (he is called "David" instead of "stick-figure"). The only others like this are Dora and Loser.
  • David is allergic to sunrises, which was revealed in "Reveal Novum".
  • David is immune to bugs, along with Gelatin.
  • Dora rapidly said that she and David are not related in "Get Digging", where she also said that she had tried to kill David many times but failed.
  • David, Dora, and Robot Flower are the only contestants who can move without moving their limbs.
    • This excludes limbless/legless contestants.
  • In "Vomitaco", David got 39 votes, even though he didn’t join until "Reveal Novum".
  • David said his catchphrase 35 times in BFDI and 12 times in BFB.
  • David is so far the only contestant to be cloned.
  • David and Dora are the only official contestants (not including other recommended characters that did not debut) that resemble humans.
  • David ranked 18th to join BFDIA out of the original 21 BFDI contestants.
  • David was the last contestant to be created in the series (as seen in B.A.G.U.E.T.T.E 1B).
  • Even though David was in BFDI, he was not included in the intro after "Reveal Novum".
  • In BFDIA, Ice Cube's favorite screen is 3 Davids. It seems as if she is good friends with David.
  • David is one of the 6 classic characters to not join BFDIA, along with Woody, Pen, Eraser, Blocky, and Snowball.
  • There's a place called "Davidland", where the ground is filled with copies of David.
    • Its origin might be the David Cloner.
    • It was first shown in BFDIA.
    • It is considered dangerous by the characters.
  • There is a recommended character called Steven that looks just like David but with a smile.
  • David is the only contestant to be eliminated in BFDI by the Double Laser Powered Teleportation Device.
  • David was the first person to be eliminated after the points were gone.
  • David's asset is often used to make human characters (see Variations of David for more).
  • David is the only contestant in the BFDI(A) series to have both a join audition and rejoin audition.
  • David is one of the four contestants who have tried to avoid being eliminated, the others are Flower, Match, and Roboty.
  • David is the only contestant to never have his appearance change, unless becoming orange is counted.
  • Despite having no visible tongue, he was shown licking a jawbreaker in "Lick Your Way to Freedom".
  • David appears to hate vomit, as he was the only member of Beep who was disgusted with the cake his team prepared for Four in "Today's Very Special Episode".
  • David survived his first elimination in "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset".
  • David can fly planes using his outline as a controller.
  • David has always been in the bottom two when he has been up for elimination.
  • David is one of the five contestants not included in the BFB credits, the others are Dora, Teardrop, Remote, and Roboty.
    • It is unknown why David isn't listed, because unlike the others, he actually has a voice actor. This could be because most of his lines are recycled, but he still does occasionally have a new line, such as in BFB 6.
  • In both episodes where David gets eliminated, a rejoin happens, and in both episodes he fails to rejoin.
  • David's elimination in BFB follows the same pattern as Woody's from BFDI: bottom two twice, then eliminated.
  • David is the first contestant to get more than 20,000 overall votes.
  • David is the first contestant to get more votes than a previously eliminated contestant while still being safe in an elimination.
  • David is the only contestant to have his voting letter be [I], excluding Flower in "Questions Answered", whose team was up for elimination but was quickly declared safe.
    • He's also the only contestant to have 4 different voting letters.
  • David was the first non-object to compete in BFDI.
  • David's "Aw, seriously?!" is voiced in such a way where it can mean both pleasant and unpleasant surprise depending on the context.
  • David and Dora are the only contestants in EXIT with a permanent change.


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