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Davids are clones and/or friends of David. Most of them look the same and live in Davidland. Many Davids were cloned with the David Cloner, and others are variants of existing characters, including characters from other media. They can also be Davids with accessories or different names. It has been stated multiple times by characters that Davids are Humans.

After the 20 remaining contestants got killed by bugs, David was the sole survivor, apart from Announcer as seen in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2". The Announcer replaced the contestants with non-recommended variants of Davids until he realized that the contestants faked their deaths. It is debatable whether or not the Davids cloned by the announcer make up the entirety of Davidland.

Davids based on characters from other media (with the exception of Dora) have not appeared since "Hurtful!" because jacknjellify doesn't want legal issues in their hands.

A recommended character named "David Army" consists of 16 unaffected Davids.


(Note: Although only a couple of Davids have been seen using these abilities, it can be assumed all other Davids can use them too.)

  • Yelling: Davids can yell a distorted version of their catchphrase. Although this doesn't seem to have the stunning effect of Four's Screechy, it can still surprise and unnerve others.
  • Pitch-Shifted voice: In "Rescission", the David competing in BFDI is shown to be able to auto-tune his voice to "Mary Had A Little Lamb".
  • Head growth: In the same episode, the same David was shown to be able to grow 3 extra heads.
  • Poison immunity: David (alongside Gelatin) does not suffer any harmful effects when bitten by a bug and inflicted with its poison.
  • Inflatable head: A David clone was able to survive getting his head inflated in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" to be a stand-in for Bubble.
  • Wind manipulation: Using the "hair" on his head, David could control the wind and act as a makeshift sail in "Fortunate Ben".


  • Flammability: Contrary to Dora, David is easily flammable and will be reduced to ashes if he comes into contact with fire.
  • Sunrise allergy: It's been stated that David is allergic to sunrise. However, the only reaction he seemingly has is forcefully blinking.

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