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I'm pretty sure, this is Davidland.

Davidland is a gigantic sea/land of Davids.

It made its first and only canonical appearance in "The Long-lost Yoyle City" when Team No-Name was flying over it. When Fries said that Davids were annoying creatures, all of the Davids said "Aw, seriously?" simultaneously, in an echoing voice.


Davidland is made up of only Davids, and this made it hard to understand the geography of the area. However, when Team No-Name went over it in "The Long-lost Yoyle City", Firey said that Davidland is made up of "The Sea of Davids." The Sea of Davids may be an actual geographical area sea made out of Davids, or else it could be possible that Firey was just using a metaphor.


  • Golf Ball stated that Davidland is a very dangerous place, and suggested that her team should take a different route (although Puffball kept saying that it was a shortcut). Firey and Gelatin also looked scared with the possibility of falling into the sea of Davids.
  • It is revealed that Davidland was made by the creators a year before its first appearance in The Long-lost Yoyle City, mainly for fun. After that, they decided to use it in episode 5e.[citation needed]
  • It is implied that Davids only say "Aw, seriously?" when they are provoked.
  • According to the Official Character Guide, the Davids in Davidland were made from the Announcer's David Cloner.
  • Davidland made a non-canon cameo reappearance in Lo-Fi Beats to Yoyle To where Puffball is seen flying over it.
  • Puffball calls Davidland a shortcut, which suggests it borders Yoyleland.