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Discy is a character who was up for debut in The Power of Two. They failed to join the show though, only receiving 1,574 votes, placing 13th.


Discy is shown to be impatient and eager. They are also shown to be quite irritable and rude, as can be seen by them interrupting Two when announcing that they are halfway through the debut, and them readily conflicting with Two.


Discy is a plastic compact disc with one eye on each side of their body.



  • Disc is a gray disc with arms.


  • Disc is named DVD
  • Disc has no arms.


  • Disc is named "Disky".


  • Disky is named Discy
  • Discy has arms.
  • Discy had a circular rainbow for a body, referring to how discs usually have rainbow-like reflections.


  • Discy is named CD.
  • CD goes back to the previous design that they had.


  • CD was given much thicker lines.


  • CD is named DVD.
  • DVD appears more detailed, with more color and a darkly-colored rainbow scheme. Their outlines are transparent.


  • DVD is named Discy.

BFB 16

  • Discy has a lighter rainbow scheme. Their outlines are now white, and their center is light gray and transparent.



Battle for Dream Island

In "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None", Discy walks into a vat of hydrochloric acid to retrieve the Announcer's marbles.

In "Vomitaco", they're in the crowd of recommended characters watching the Cake at Stake.

In "Reveal Novum", Disky is appears in another crowd of recommended characters.

In "Rescission", Discy is in the crowd that gets obliterated by Pencil.

In "Gardening Hero", Discy is in the second batch of recommended characters who gasp when the Announcer announces the last rejoin.

Battle for Dream Island Again

In "Get Digging", they're the 15th recommended character out of the 25 shown at the ending.

Battle for BFDI

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", they can be seen as Donut flies over the recommended characters.

In "Today's Very Special Episode", they boo Pen's drawing.

In "The Escape from Four", Discy was one of the 26 recommended characters selected by Two as one of the eligible candidates to become a contestant in Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two. Their audition is looking at the camera and revealing what they look like from the side.

Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two

In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", Discy is first shown with the contestants and the eligible debuters on the ground when Two flies up to the top of the Hotel. Due to being high up, the contestants cannot hear Two's calls to do Cake at Stake. After Nickel fails to hear their calls, Two uses their telekinesis to bring the contestants and the eligible debuters up.

When Two announces that there are only 13 possible debuters left, Discy says "Finally!" in an annoyed manner. Two figures that they must very eager, which they are, prompting Two to make them wait for the following result. Which turns out to be that they're out and they are sent falling through the floor. Discy can later be seen as Two and the contestants go down the elevator.


  1. "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None": Walked into a vat of hydrochloric acid.
  2. "Rescission": Disintegrated by a laser shot by Pencil.


  • They are the only character who is never drawn with both eyes on one side, unlike other flat characters such as Leafy or Coiny.
  • They can be hard to spot in some scenes as they often stand sideways.
  • Discy is one of the seven TPOT debuters who had appearances prior to BFB. The others are Battery, Camera, 9-Ball, Nonexisty, Scissors, and Tape.