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Aww, man. Looks like I gotta find some new reading material.

Donut's Diary is a diary that appeared in BFB 7. It has the same cover as Creatures of Goiky, suggesting that they are the same book, both the same blue color with the same odd symbols. The only difference between the books being the picture of Donut in the yellow oval in Donut's Diary. As the name implies, it is a book owned by Donut expressing his thoughts and findings. It was in the possession of Loser inside the Liar Ball until BFB 16. As of BFB 13, there appear to be sticky notes in some of the pages, as Loser must be taking note of some of the interesting finds in the diary.

The second copy of Donut's Diary was seen in "The Escape from Four". However, it is cyan and has the number two in roman numerals next to Donut on the emblem on the front cover.

Known entries

  • "Dear Diary, I regret to inform you that I discovered something very horrific about Bomby today. You see, he—"
  • "Why do I have filling, but also a hole?"
  • (Cryptic message) (What it says is unknown, but in BFB 11, Loser says "Wait, is that some kind of cryptic message?")
  • "Dear Diary, today I experienced a feeling I never imagined possible. I felt myself combine with the factor of four. Becoming a number revealed so much to me. I learned what's really inside the speaker box. It contains...It contains... Well, it's getting late. I’ll tell you tomorrow Diary."


In BFB 7, Donut tries to eliminate Loser by trapping him inside a Jawbreaker. Once Donut finally succeeds, he accidentally leaves his diary in there.

In BFB 16, the second diary is briefly shown when Loser grabs it from Donut, stating that he "needed new reading material".

In BFB 22, Donut's Diary II was used for Cake at Stake and was ripped apart by Four given to the Have Nots team for surviving the elimination.

In "Lo-Fi Beats to Yoyle To — BFB 21 on Friday, July 3", Donut was seen writing in his diary and listening to some music.


  • Donut's Diary's color was changed to be much lighter in BFB 22.
  • Donut's Diary (II) got ripped apart by Four in "Who Stole Donut's Diary?".
  • Blocky’s piece of Donut's Diary (II) contains at least 58 pages.
  • Donut's Diary (I) may have been left in the E.X.I.T.
  • Donut's Diary looks identical to the book in "BFDI Is Back".
  • Pieces of Donut’s Diary can be seen in the Grand Cake.
  • A new diary appears in the non-canon short "BFDI: Claustrophobe's Nightmare" that Donut wanted to win in a claw game, but at the end of the short it ends up going missing with no trace.
    • Donut is only mildly bothered by this and brushes it off.


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