The seven safe contestants will each get an Earth!

The Earth is a planet and the Cake at Stake prize used in Why Would You Do This on a Swingset".

For unknown reasons, when something happens to one of the small earths, it also affects the real Earth (e.g. Balloony touching his earth causes his finger to crush the area he touched).

Although, this may actually be showing Four getting crushed on the small Earth, as he was still alive after he got crushed. This means either the real Earth mirrors the changes of the Cake at Stake Earths, or it never happened at all, a fantasy.

They can also fix metal, as demonstrated when Roboty gets one.


  • The earth was the same sprite in some of Cary's old projects, (like The Large Stuff, Goime 500, Scale of the Universe 2, etc.) until it was changed in BFB.
    • This further proves that BFDI takes place on Earth.
  • The Earth prize for Cake at Stake used to be called the Globe.
  • Earth was the last planet to be added to Cloudy's planet collection.
  • This is the only Cake At Stake prize that is also a location
  • The land and oceans of this earth are different than the ones on the real earth.
  • The upper mid-left continent is where Goiky is located, as Balloony’s finger touches that continent right before his finger crushes it, the twinkle in BFB 6 was on that spot when Saw looks at Earth, and in BFB 10, Four appears to be rising from the same spot when getting Loser.
  • A world map of BFDI's Earth appears to be present in "Don't Dig Straight Down" as a character recommended by Glen A, while iance is digging away from the lava.
    • If we assume that the contestant that Saw caught the Twinkle of Contagion from while in space in "Four Goes Too Far" was near the location of the Bathrooms, we can expect that the 4th season takes place in the Northern Hemisphere and Eastern Hemisphere (according to the world map). We can also expect that Goiky is located in the Northern Hemisphere and Eastern Hemisphere.


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