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For the BFB contestant, see 8-Ball.

If the viewer wants to subscribe, g-great! But if they don't want to subscribe, that's cool too.

Eight is an algebralian, and a recurring character in the subscriber milestone videos. They are the winner of Battle for Permission to Meet 10.


Eight is a gray number 8 but without any holes. Eight has a thick outline.


Eight, unlike most of his number friends, seems to exhibit a lot less emotion than them. He speaks in a deadpan tone and he's rather aloof, being indifferent about Seven not leaving the subscriber count. However, he's also easy to get along with and is quite reasonable, being the only one so far to relinquish his place from the subscriber count without force, and telling the viewers to only subscribe if they wanted to.


In "X Finds Out His Value", Eight is one of the numbers in the Equation Playground, saying "Huh?" when Four touched them and put them on the seesaw.

Eight appeared again in "Thanks for 700,000 subscribers!", when Four asked Eight about the fact that Eight may be the next number on the sub count. Eight responds with the fact that they don't really care about it and it's up to the viewers to subscribe. Four then praises Eight, only for Eight to remind Four that he called Eight "too heavy" in "X Finds Out His Value".

In "Thanks for 800,000 subscribers!", Seven refused to leave the sub count. Eight didn't care if they were in the sub count, but Four says Eight should be in the sub count. They also pointed out that Six was spinning around the Earth to Four. Eight didn't seem enthusiastic about Nine showing up and questioned Nine's plan when they stood still. When Seven still refuses to get off the sub count, they tell Six that they "know what to do" and Six kicks Seven off the sub count so Eight can take their place. Eight looks unamused and unenthusiastically says "hooray".



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