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Quick, Match! Activate the elimination prevention pla-AAAAAAAAA
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Pencil tying the Elimination Prevention Plan rope to Match's legs

The Elimination Prevention Plan is a tactic used by Pencil's Alliance. It is used to prevent getting sent to the Tiny Loser Chamber or EXIT when one of them is eliminated. The way it works is when it is announced that Match or Pencil is eliminated, either Match or Pencil quickly ties a rope to the person eliminated and to the ground, and when they are supposed to be sent to the elimination area, the rope catches them in midair, allowing them to stay in the game.


In "Get in the Van", Match was eliminated, so Pencil set up the Elimination Prevention Plan by tying one end of a rope to Match's foot and the other end to the chair. When the Sender Scoop Thrower went to send Match away, she flew in the air, and the rope sent her flying back down, which made Match and Pencil cheer.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Pencil was eliminated, so she told Match to set up the Elimination Prevention Plan, but before she could finish saying the sentence, she was sucked into Four and was teleported to the EXIT.

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