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So this is the equation playground?

The Equation Playground is a fictional place where Algebraliens are living and playing in. It appeared in "X Finds Out His Value", as well as "The Number Playground Chronicle!", "Thanks for 700,000 subscribers!", "Lo-Fi Beats to Yoyle To", "Thanks for 800,000 subscribers!", "Thanks for 900,000 subscribers!", and "Thanks for 1,000,000 subscribers!".


In "X Finds Out His Value", it was shown for the whole video when Four and X were in the equation playground.

In "Thanks for 700,000 subscribers!", Four climbed a mountain to go to the Equation Playground. There, Four announced that Seven could take Six's place on the subscribe count.

In "Thanks for 800,000 subscribers!", Seven, Four Eight, Nine and X helped Six get back on the ground. Then, Six kicked Seven so that Eight could take Seven's place on the subscribe count.


  • According to "X Finds Out His Value", there is at least one tree, one bench, and several equation see-saws there.
  • As shown in "Thanks for 700,000 subscribers!", it is located on the same "Math-Earth" as Elsewhere.