Evil Forest
Evil forest
Puffball, Gelatin, and Needle flying over Evil Forest.



First Appearance

"Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know"

Last Appearance

"The Long-lost Yoyle City"

Biome type



Evil Leafy


Sunny (although most light is blocked out by trees), snowy near the west entrance, occasionally rains basketballs

Puffball! Our team members are in there! Follow them!

The Evil Forest is a location in Battle for Dream Island. It is presumably named after Evil Leafy, who is known to lurk there, though it isn't confirmed.


It was first featured in "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know" when all the contestants were chasing after Leafy for stealing Dream Island.

In "Get Digging", Puffball, Gelatin, Needle, Book, Spongy, and Ice Cube but Book, Spongy, and Ice Cube been pushed off by Gelatin. As they were passing over Evil Forest on their trip to Yoyleland to get yoyleberries for yoylestew.

In "Get in the Van", the contestants have to reach the summit of Yoyle Mountain, Puffball, Fries, Firey, Gelatin, Golf Ball, Tennis Ball, and Rocky were flying over Evil Forest as Gelatin pushes half of the team again, Golf Ball, Tennis Ball, and Rocky making them crash into the Evil Forest, get chased by Evil Leafy and eaten by her.

In "No More Snow!", Fries and Puffball are still floating over Evil Forest while FreeSmart are trying to escape from Evil Leafy to only be chased by her and kill Fries and Puffball.

Team No Name have just started to walk into Evil Forest until Pin get stuck in slush. As Evil Leafy chases the remaining contestants of FreeSmart they pass through a lot of things including a surprise cameo from some recommended characters and the Announcer, when the remaining FreeSmarters climb up a tree and cut a rope holding a 9,042 kg weight and kills Evil Leafy, Puffball, and Fries.

In "It's a Monster", the remaining contestants have to crank The HPHPRCC until finally the HPRC finally gets created and when they recovered the contestants that have died FreeSmart, Team No-Name, and Yellow Face continue the adventure except until Yellow Face gets stuck in slush.

In "The Long-lost Yoyle City", all the contestants leave Evil Forest.


  • All contestants have passed through Evil Forest.
    • This also includes eliminated ones, as the TLC have been transported to Yoyleland.


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