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For Flower's fashion line, see Glitter For Your Face.

The information in the article below contains spoilers for the BFDI series. Please watch the episode(s) in question if you haven't seen them already.

Contestants, I was jailed last night, for the crime of trespassing into a courtroom I didn't own!

"Fashion For Your Face!" (formerly "Glitter For Your Face") is the 23rd episode of Battle for BFB, and the 54th episode of the overall series. It is the last episode before the merge occurs. The episode was released on Friday, August 21, 2020.


Cold open

The episode begins with Flower presenting her new fashion line to her friends. They react negatively to the sweaters that were presented. Flower reacts angrily to the reviews that they gave to her fashion, mostly Woody's, as she angrily goes to kick him, though at the last second Woody steps out of the way, placing Blocky into her path and thus causing him to be kicked into the air. It then cuts to Bubble complaining to Lollipop about how she hadn't recovered her the episode before despite the two being friends, in which Lollipop tries to evade the questions asked by Bubble. Gelatin then shows Leafy his shirt that Flower gave him. Leafy asks for the explanation of having the shirt since he doesn't like it, in which Gelatin responds to by mentioning what happened to Blocky. Then Leafy gets a sweater from Flower and shows it to Firey. X calls the Have Cots for Cake at Stake.

Cake at Stake

X states that the Have Cots lost and one of the members will be eliminated. X then asks why they all have ugly sweaters, to which they respond by getting closer to X to warn him, only to decide it's pointless since Flower is already coming. Leafy is the first safe with 28,401 votes. Leafy yells out "Yoylecake!" for being the first safe. Leafy then asks X where Four is. X answers Leafy by pointing to where Four is. Leafy looks where X is pointing and is shocked. At the edge of a cliff, we see Four in jail. Everyone else then sees it, and Gelatin questions why Four is in prison. Bubble thinks that Four is guilty of murdering one of Gelatin's friends. Gelatin responds with a long "Oh!". But doesn't remember any of his friends being murdered. X continues the ceremony. Teardrop is safe with 8,790 votes. Gelatin is worried about his and Lollipop's newbie alliance when it's down to them and Bubble. X reveals the rest of the votes, with Bubble eliminated at 6,374 votes, and snaps her to the BRB. Flower suddenly arrives and kicks X for insulting her sweaters.

The challenge

During Cake at Stake, Four is shown in jail, he gets the contestants' attention by making obnoxious noises and then states the challenge is to release him.

After saying "go," Blocky's the first one to indicate the plan to climb the cliff. Flower refuses to help, not wanting to touch any moss. Teardrop writes another document on the typewriter (making it the second time she used it, the first being "Who Stole Donut's Diary?"). Lollipop thinks she's just writing another comic, but once read ("Tools needed for breaking prison bars: 12-inch titanium lock-cutter, butane blowtorch, 8-inch garden shears.), she said, surprisingly, it could be useful.

Gelatin asks where the Have Cots are gonna get the tools, Lollipop says that he was there (Yellow Face's Warehouse), then he remembers. Just before the team goes to the warehouse, they find the train on the tracks burnt. Firey comes in and apologizes, saying he was cleaning the railway (as Four's punishment) and he set the train on fire. Gelatin complains that they need to walk, but Lollipop mentions that they can ride the 200-year-old steam train.

Meanwhile, Blocky encounters a boxing glove that nearly punches him off the cliff and tells his team to watch out. Woody grabs a punching boxing glove and uses it to fling himself to a higher one. Blocky says that's "wicked cool," and he does it as well. They continue doing this until there are no more boxing gloves, only to find that the top of the cliff is too far over them to be climbed. Blocky asks Flower to put a trampoline below them, so he can jump higher and she listens. During the train ride, the Have Cots start to feel itchy in their sweaters and decide to take them off, thinking Flower would have no way of knowing. Unfortunately, Flower still senses what they've done and bounces off the trampoline to kick them. This sends the trampoline away from the cliff, causing Blocky to hit the ground.

When the Have-Cots arrive at the warehouse, Gelatin warns Leafy about the box that says "DON'T OPEN, PURPLE INSIDE." Since they took off Flower's glitter sweaters, she kicks them inside the warehouse, where they fly into the same "DON'T OPEN, PURPLE INSIDE." box. The box cracks and Purple Face busts out, wanting to eat the team.

Meanwhile, the Have-Nots (Except Flower) decide the most they can do is jump as high as they can from the highest boxing glove. They continue to do this over a 7 hour timelapse with no progress.

Teardrop gets an idea while stuck inside Purple Face which is to cut someone out. She tests how loud her teammates can scream when threatened, and settles on Gelatin when he screams the loudest. Four hears Gelatin scream to death and recovers him. Gelatin greets him and tries to spark up a conversation, much to Four's discomfort. The bar he leans on bends and he finds out the bars were just cardboard tubes, allowing Four to escape and making his team win.

Four thanks Gelatin, stating that he'll forever be grateful for his heroic deed. Four then flies away, leaving a very confused Gelatin atop the cliff. X, still flying from Flower's kick, says that the Have Nots lose. Blocky is upset that they lost, but compliments Woody for his boxing glove strategy.


All of the contestants are shown spinning in the BRB, and Bubble compliments Flower's sweater by calling it "thick and fluffy". She also says that it's keeping her from popping.

Meanwhile, Purple Face asks Flower why she's been kicking people. She replies with a "they deserved it", only later to admit that she was a little harsh. She then goes about how passionate she was with distributing her own fashion line, only for everyone to end up bashing it. Purple Face says that he likes her sweaters and Flower becomes happy and places a sweater on Purple Face.

As Flower and Purple Face celebrate, the on-screen text reveals that Flower's clothing line "Fashion for your Face" outsold her previous venture six-fold. It also boasted an incredible 17% approval rating. However, Flower's products turn out to do more harm than good, as her source of glitter and the materials made for the sweaters are revealed to have been made from rare natural resources that are difficult to get and are part of an endangered species respectively, placing Flower under the brink of bankruptcy while causing ecological devastation worldwide. Furthermore, research has shown that the Yoyle dust, which was used for the glitter, is toxic on human skin, which can lead to itchiness and, in rare cases, death. Flower has no lawyer available, should disaster strike.

Despite all this, we congratulate Flower on her first satisfied customer.


59,779 votes were cast.

Icon Contestant Votes Percentage of votes Percentage swing
Leafy TeamIcon.png Leafy 28,401 47.50% +30.09%
Teardrop TeamIcon.png Teardrop 8,790 14.70% -3.12%
Gelatin TeamIcon.png Gelatin 8,363 13.99% -0.64%
Lollipop TeamIcon.png Lollipop 7,851 13.13% -2.53%
Bubble TeamIcon.png Bubble 6,374 10.66% -9.37%



  • Since Bubble was eliminated:
    • There are no more remaining members left from FreeSmart or Pencil's Alliance in BFB.
    • Flower is the only standing (and last) member of iance remaining on BFB.
    • Firey is the only BFDI finalist and contestant to not be eliminated once.
    • Everyone on the Have Cots is voiced by a different person.
  • Since the Have Nots lost for the 4th time, this makes them surpass Beep and Team Ice Cube! for being the team with most loses in BFB.
  • If one doesn't count her getting 3rd place in BFDI 25, this is the first time Bubble has been eliminated.
  • This is the first episode of Battle for BFDI / Battle for BFB where Purple Face was seen outside of an ad.
  • This is the first time that X did the intro pose.
  • This episode introduced new voting icons (being created by polysided) due to AStoneWeeg being fired.
  • This is the first post-split episode that does not contain animation made by AStoneWeeg.
  • Leafy managed a total of 28,401 votes, which was the highest ever vote count in the history of BFDI. Along with that, it was the 3rd time Leafy broke some sort of record at any point in Season 4.
  • This episode marks Teardrop's 4th time in a row being the second contestant safe from elimination.
  • This marks the second time that X hosts an episode due to Four's absence. X's first time hosting was in "Enter the Exit".
  • In Cary's BFB 23 reaction video, he said that the original title of the episode was "Glitter for Your Face", but misspelled it and decided to keep the title.
  • The members of the Have Nots (excluding Flower) each jumped off the top punching bag 63 times totaling 189 times.
  • This episode marks Lollipop's second time in the bottom 2 since "The Four is Lava".
  • This is the last episode to feature Graham Taylor as the voice of Gelatin, before being replaced by Ian Woodside.
  • This is the first episode since "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" where Justin Chapman voices Purple Face.
  • This is the second episode after BFDI to have only season one veterans up for elimination, the first instance was in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3", along with the subsequent episode "The Game Has Changed".
  • According to Cary's reaction, he originally made Gelatin pull out a lightsaber when he says "You're a life saver", but then he later cut it out because he thought it was a dumb joke.

Cultural references

  • Sonic the Hedgehog sound effects were played when Flower ran around the loop, something Sonic does in his games.
  • When the Have Cots took off Flower's sweaters, Flower said in her mind, "I feel a disturbance in the Force!" This is a reference to a popular meme/quote from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.
  • Purple Face chasing the Have Cots is a reference to the popular 1980s video game Pac-Man.
  • An unreleased soundtrack during 5:30-6:01 has the melody and chords of "Happy Fun Candy Time" from The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures.

Continuity references

  • Teardrop and Leafy high-fiving is a reference to "Puzzling Mysteries".
  • The final scene of the episode, which has Flower dancing, is a partial reference to when Taco was eliminated in "Who Stole Donut's Diary?".
  • Bubble was upset with Lollipop for not recovering her when Four popped Bubble after questioning their alibi in the same episode.
  • Firey's voting icon has him posing similarly to the pose he did for episodes 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, and 11 of Battle for Dream Island.
  • At 8:47, Blocky has old BFDI assets.
  • Eraser's scream is used when Blocky gets kicked by Flower.
  • Lollipop's face after landing in the train is similar to when she was tired on the swings in "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset".
  • The boxing gloves coming out of the wall are likely a reference to Barriers and Pitfalls where there was a climb wall with similar gloves.
  • Purple Face's box was first seen in "Let's Raid The Warehouse".
  • Gelatin's scream is reused from "Zeeky Boogy Doog".



  • At 6:46, the train is not attached to the rail.
  • When X called Flower's sweater ugly, she can be heard gasping in the right of the screen, however, after Cake at Stake, she runs to X and kicks him from the left instead.
  • When the Have Cots come closer to X, Bubble isn't bending her legs.
  • At 7:19, Clip isn't seen on the train.
  • The box in the back of the warehouse says (from side to side) "Don't Open, Purple Inside" but in BFB 21 it said, "Don't Purple, Open Inside".
  • At 11:50, Leafy's arm appears out of the balled-up sweater.
  • When Blocky, Firey, and Woody are continuously jumping on the boxing glove springs, Firey turned into a darker shade when the scene fades from day to night, which shouldn't be possible since Firey's body emits light.
  • At the stinger, Taco is completely missing in the BRB.
    • In that same scene, Bubble is not wearing her sweater in the BRB until the screen focuses on her.
  • Purple Face’s sweater slightly clips his side.
  • The Have Cots switch seating positions on the train several times.
  • At 6:05, Gelatin and Teardrop's mouths are purple.
  • At 11:35, Gelatin's foot moves for a split second to the right.

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