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July 15th, 2011


Michael Huang


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fernozzle (formerly Michæl H, otherwise known as, fernozzle by Michæl) is a YouTube account owned by Michael Huang. The description is "Michael Huang's garbage dump".

How Made

How Made is a behind-the-scenes series where Michael shows how moments from BFDI are animated.

Animating With Functional Programming

This was the first part of programming the short, Ballers, in which he does the bulk of the code.

Baller Beats 4 Small Children

This is the part of the How Made Ballers series where he makes the background and the music.

Robot Flower CGI

In this episode, he shows us how he made the robot flower CGI in After Effects for BFB 7.

Animating Fluids By Hand

In this episode, he shows us that the Twinkle of Contagion was hand-animated and had a complex mask that gave it an interesting rainbow gradient for BFB 6.

3D spinning marker in 2D

In this episode, he shows us how he used spline interpolation to make a 2D animation of Marker spinning in BFB 6 appear to be 3D.

3D ground in Flash

In this episode, he shows how he made the 3D ground in Flash for BFB 6.

2.5D particles in Flash

In this episode he shows Cary's shaker plugin that was used to make spinning forks in BFB 4.

HOW TO FAKE 3D in the EASIEST way possible.

In this episode he shows the easiest way possible to fake 3D; specifically a scene in BFB 3.


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