Firey Expansion is a 2 panel comic that was written and illustrated by Cary Huang circa summer 2008, and was made public on September 16, 2012.[1] It marked the introduction of Bubble, Eraser, and Pencil.


Firey and Eraser are playing with a ball. Eraser hits the ball and sends it flying. Match and Pencil are seen chatting. Woody walks away.


  • This is the first time for some factors:
    • The first time Bubble, Eraser, and Pencil were introduced.
    • The first time Woody was seen with his modern appearance.
    • The first (and only) time Pencil uses her prototype design, with neither arms nor an eraser.


  1. Baguette 1a and 1b refer to it as Firey Expansion
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