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"This is shooting Firey Jr. Jr. off like, a cliff, with my Not Cannon!"Match, "HELP US get to VIDCON 2019" (altered)
The subject of this article or section is non-canon. The events described did not happen in the official main BFDI universe.

Not to be confused with Firey Jr.

Firey Jr. Jr. is a contestant in BFDI Mini Replicas, originating as a recommended character from "Chapter Complete".


Firey Jr. Jr. looks similar to normal Firey Jr. but is poorly drawn, even smaller, and lacks limbs nor a mouth.


It's hard to tell what Firey Jr. Jr.'s personality is, as he is completely expressionless, being so small. He steals Fire-ette's marker in "Find the Markers", much to her visible dismay. In "Escape the Fish Monster", he has shown to feel bad for Electric Blocky since he was immobile, so he disconnects Long Marker's cap to save Electric blocky.


  • Firey Jr. Jr. is one of two characters who has no mouth and therefore presumably cannot talk.
    • The other being Tack.
      • Ninja Woody has no visible mouth but it's just obscured by his ninja outfit.
      • Although Ender Rocky has no visible mouth it is possible that he still speaks just like Endermen in Minecraft.
  • Him, along with Long Marker are the only characters in this season to be variants of season 4 characters.
  • Firey Jr. Jr. is the only character so far to be a variant of a variant, as he's a variant of Firey Jr. who is in turn a variant of Firey.
    • This would technically mean there are two Firey variants in this season, with Fire-ette being the other.
  • Although this isn't the version of Firey Jr. Jr. that is used in this season, this is technically the first post-revival BFDIA recommended character to be in a mini season.



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