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"More like it IS fish!"

Fish is the Cake at Stake prize in "Don't Lose Your Marbles". It is also an ingredient in a taco, as well as a component (albeit a non-vital one) of Taco.


During Cake at Stake, the prize was handed out and the Announcer said the cake was fish-flavored, but Bubble, who was the first safe, corrects him saying the cake is a fish.

Rocky is the next one safe, which makes the Announcer say that he is quite fishy. It's down to Snowball and Tennis Ball, and Tennis Ball is safe and gets a fish. Snowball got eliminated with the most votes, and punched the Announcer. The Announcer then bounced back on a slingshot placed conveniently behind him, and knocked Snowball into the Tiny Loser Chamber.

Contestants to receive fish in Cake at Stake

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