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*Sigh*, Oh dear math, not Nine again. He's SO annoying!

Five is seen playing catch with Three during the start of "X Finds Out His Value". In the BFDI + II Meetup, Cary Huang refers to Five with he/him pronouns.

Five is seen in "The Four is Lava", where he was engulfed by lava.


In "Thanks for 900,000 subscribers!", Five marks his first speaking appearance, and his personality begins to show.

He is very irritable and sarcastic, where he complains about Nine being so annoying. However, he is shown to be knowledgeable and is very law-abiding. After Seven is about to explain the "7-Ate(8)-9" joke, Five explains that cannibalism is not allowed in the Equation Playground, and how that is just a joke.


  • Despite the colors of the numbers being based on Minesweeper, Five does not have this trait. In Minesweeper, the number five is maroon.


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