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Each of the seven safe contestants will receive a fortune cookie!

The fortune cookie is a cake for Cake at Stake in "Fortunate Ben". Although the cookie itself is normal, the fortunes inside are messages similar to Bracelety's signs instead of normal fortunes. Four to six out of seven of them are praise for Ice Cube (it's unknown if Black Hole and Bottle's fortunes regarded Ice Cube, but Pie's cookie said to listen to Liy as if the cookie was produced just then).


  • Pie is the only known contestant who didn't get a fortune that's related to Ice Cube.
  • The fortune cookies seem to vibrate for no reason.
    • However, these vibrations might've been caused by the cookies getting sucked by Black Hole.
  • Death P.A.C.T. never ate any of their fortune cookies (at least on-screen).
  • It is unknown what the fortunes of Black Hole and Bottle said, as their fortunes got sucked up by Black Hole and got stuck in Bottle.
  • Bottle still has her fortune cookie before BFB 12.
    • Pillow got her fortune cookie after Bottle's death.
  • Liy is the only Death P.A.C.T. member who did not receive a fortune cookie.


  • "One should always hope that life will be full of happiness brought by Ice Cube." (Pen's fortune)
  • "Go Icy! You're my idol." (Pillow's fortune)
  • "Ice cube is the best thing to ever grace this universe." (Remote's fortune)
  • "I love Icy so much my bones hurt." (Tree's fortune)
  • "Put down this fortune and listen to Liy. She's speaking now. (Pie's fortune)
  • A Fortune cookie can be seen in the Grand Cake.


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