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This wiki hasn't been edited much these days. However, I myself have made much contributions since joining. For example, many episode info box pictures were added by myself. I've also revealed the voice actors for all the characters of the main cast (excluding the Speaker, who has a text-to-speech voice, and Teardrop, who doesn't speak). Plus, I've made the entire articles of the following pages:

Battle for Dream Island

Battle for Dream Island Season 2

Puzzling Mysteries

Insectophobe's Nightmare 2

And added the following pictures:

This is our current Wikia logo:


And this is the Wikia logo created by Michael Huang (creator of Battle for Dream Island):

New wiki logo

I recall that somebody wanted a new logo from me for the wiki, so here's one. I release in the public domain.

However, our current Admins refuse to use the better looking Logo. In fact, neither of our Admins really work on the Wikia anymore. Our First Admin (and Founder of the Wiki), TopmodelUniverse1, left the wiki back in April, 2011, and our Second Admin, Mjpj189, hasn't made an actuall edit to an Article since December 2nd. His last edit to the Wiki was on February 13th and 17th, however, both of those edits were to his own User Page. We really need a new Admin, and I believe I'm the one for the Job. I hope you guys support my Idea, and give me the Thumbs Up in Adopting the Wiki. If I become the new Administrator, I will update our current Logo to the better one made by Michael Huang. I will also remove Spam Comments from Comment Sections, Repair Vandalized pages, and even create an Article Page teaching new Users the Propper way of creating an Episode, Character, or Season Page. With all this being said, I request that I become the next Admin, because I ain't leaving this Wiki until it's completely done! :) SoulEaterNOM! >:O 23:02, March 3, 2012 (UTC)

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