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Well, I'm not the one who doesn't know their value.

Four is a number and the main host of Battle for BFDI (now Battle for BFB). Four and his co-host X first appeared in the 2008 video "X Finds Out His Value".

Four exhibits very surreal mannerisms, including being able to deform or mutilate characters, revive them, screech to stun characters, eliminate contestants by sucking them into his body (sending them to the EXIT), and shoot energy beams (called "zappies") from his hands.

Four's first appearance in BFB was "Getting Teardrop to Talk", where he leads a game to win "a BFDI" (in which the winners will possibly get another Battle for Dream Island, now as "a BFB"). Four appears alongside X, another abstract being representing a real-life number, letter, or algebraic variable.


Four is a poorly drawn fourth numeral of the Arabic number system (the "open" version). He is mainly blue with his limbs being lighter colored. He also has white eyes with black pupils. However, as of "The Escape from Four", he is notably drawn much neater from the first episode despite that he may be drawn sloppily at times.



Although Four seems to be calm most of the time, he does get angry in "Lick Your Way to Freedom," "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", "Fortunate Ben", and "Four Goes Too Far"; this anger is growing more frequent as the series goes on. Four was well-mannered in "X Finds Out His Value", however, and didn't screech. But in BFB, he has a mysterious, sadistic personality where he uses his powers to harm the contestants just for the fun of it.

In "Fortunate Ben", Four was shown to want a sense of dominance in the show and will get furious if talked back to or if he has tasks done for him. When provoked, Four would show no mercy and would even do things such as "dissemble" close friends out of anger, even lacking remorse in the process. In "Four Goes Too Far", Four is very intolerant to criticism as he mistaken Nickel's response to criticism and threatens to zap him, A Better Name Than That's plan being the only thing stopping the attack.

In "Enter the Exit", however, in direct contrast to the earlier bully he was shown as, Four seems to be a lot calmer, friendlier, and more humble than he was before he was multiplied by zero, possibly after how the contestants decided to revive him, despite all the pain he has brought them. He can still be violent, but noticeably less often. He had not screeched anyone for three episodes after his return, (breaking this streak in "Return of the Rocket Ship") adding onto how friendly he became, but will still not hesitate to zap those who bother him.

He also declared in "Return of the Rocket Ship" that he could not allow X to find his treasure because Four must be X's only treasure, signifying that he wants to be important to X.

"The Escape from Four" shows Four's personality in more depth as well as his possible motivations: he seems to be childish and acts like a control freak because he wants everyone to stay with him forever, explaining his narcissism and cruelty when hosting the show. Four tends to throw tantrums when things don't go his way, and hates being abandoned (possibly due to him losing his playthings) to the point where he begins to cry and refuses to let X console him since he thinks that he will abandon him too.

Powers and abilities


Four screeching at X.

  • Screech: Stuns any contestant who's targeted by said screech. It can also generate hearts when Four shows love or excitement towards something, which can fling a contestant as shown with Eraser.
  • Zappies: Beams that shoot out of his hands and electrocute anybody who is hit by them, making them lose health. Although Four has to seemingly charge up at times (possibly for a longer duration, constant beam), he can also fire them instantly.
  • Advanced-level reality-warping: Four can create objects such as cakes, buttons, pillars, Paper Planes, Buzzer Boxes, soup, orange dye, and jawbreakers out of thin air. Not only can he revive contestants, but he can also revive them in a place other than his hand, as seen in "Lick Your Way to Freedom" when he revived the contestants in jawbreakers he also created. Also, as seen with paper planes, he can likely manipulate the laws of physics.
    • Gravity manipulation/Gravitokinesis: Donut, while inhabited by the factor of Four, was able to turn on and off the effects of gravity. This ability can be refined to only affect certain entities, as Donut only manipulated gravity's effects on the moon.
      • Four was able to crush down a planet-sized Black Hole into a significantly less voluminous state and near nullifying Black Hole's normally intense gravity.
    • Shape-shifting: As shown in "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", both Four and X can shape-shift, or change their physical appearance. Also, they can change the shape of other characters as well.
    • Size manipulation: In "Return of the Rocket Ship", Four grows to an absurd size in response to Pillow's criticism.
    • Brain manipulation: In BFB 12, Four displayed the power to augment and transfer the brains/personalities of the contestants into each other; however, instead of going back to their original bodies, the body that the person's mind was in shape-shifted into that mind's original body.
    • Perspective violation: Four can violate common 2D perspective laws such as sliding in front of objects on the ground and suddenly switching to behind objects on the ground.
    • Incredible volume: Four can raise his voice so that it can even be heard through the far reaches of space.
    • Controlling and morphing clouds: He has used this to time contests that require a time limit to show how much time is currently left.
    • Earth bending: In "Take the Tower", Four rose his hands up to cause 2 hills to rise under the team's towers.
  • Malleability: As seen in "Enter the Exit" and "The Four is Lava", Four's body and limbs can stretch to extreme distances and can change shape at will. He can also contract extremely thin in "The Escape from Four".
  • Recovery: Four replaces the Recovery Centers from previous seasons by using only his hand to recover contestants.
  • Mutilation: Turns any contestant into an abstract version of themselves, killing them. A harp strum plays in the process.
  • Elimination: Four replaces the Tiny Loser Chamber and Locker of Losers from previous seasons, by sucking up eliminated contestants or "eating" them. From there, the eliminated contestants are sent to Eternal Algebra Class Withfour (EXIT). EXIT also appears to be an alternate plane of existence, because the contestants probably shrink.
  • Inception/Astral projection: Four cannot only enter himself to talk to "exitors", but is also able to still do that when he is already inside himself, as shown when he inserted his arm inside himself again to pick up Leafy in "Get to the Top in 500 Steps". His arm also appeared to be larger than normal, which suggests that anything that enters shrinks (except Four).
  • Super-speed: Four can fly at extreme speeds, as shown in "Enter the Exit".
  • Teleportation: He can teleport whenever a "4" has been played shown in "Today's Very Special Episode". He could also teleport others with a snap of his fingers in "What Do You Think of Roleplay?".
  • Incredible strength: In "Questions Answered", Donut is seen pushing the entire Earth (the Earth's weight is$ 5.972 × 10^{24} $ kg, or$ 1.31660063 × 10^{25} $ lb) into his camera using only his feet via the factor of Four. This trait also applies to Four's ability to warp reality. Four was also able to stop the Freesmart Supervan just by putting his hand out.
  • Dismemberment: This happened off-screen when X interrupted Four. He had snapped off X's leg. This is unknown to be a power or not, however, as it wasn't known exactly how Four snapped X's leg.
  • Flight: In "Enter the Exit", Four was able to fly over to the Waterfall to eliminate Roboty.
  • Regeneration: In "Enter the Exit", when the contestants were recovering Four, he was in a liquidated state to the point he was reformed back to normal.
  • Fire resistance (external): Four is able to stand on the lava and dig his hands into it as well.
  • Thought manipulation: During the Cake at Stake in "The Four is Lava", Four displayed the ability to create positive thoughts (or happy thoughts) and send them to the safe contestants of Bleh. It is unknown if Four has the ability to create other kinds of thoughts at the moment.
  • Intelligence: Four can understand Insulavoric (Dora's language) and Teardrop's sign language perfectly even though Insulavoric is supposed to be one of the hardest languages to learn.
  • Air controllability: As shown in "A Taste of Space", Four can give people air, even in the vacuums of space.


  • Limited strength/Exhaustion: Four was unable to eliminate and suck in Spongy completely in "The Escape from Four".
  • Burn tolerance: Four can become incapacitated if he comes into contact with fire (presumably from the inside, which is unusual given his resistance to lava).

Four's very first appearance in "X Finds Out His Value"



X Finds Out His Value

Four's first appearance was in a 2008 animation by jacknjellify called X Finds Out His Value along with X, where he helped X figure out his value by factoring out an equation.

Battle for BFB

Nine years later, Four and X appeared in Battle for BFDI as the hosts in " Getting Teardrop to Talk". Four first appears, grabbing Black Hole as he slowly begins crushing him in his fist, making him smaller. The objects are confused as to what he is, Liy tries squishing him. Four then mutilates Pin to show off what he can do. Four starts screeching the contestants until Dora says something to him that he understands. Pillow suddenly attacks Four but ends up dying in the process. Bell mourns Pin and Pillow being dead until Four shows that he can recover the dead.

Four then asks if the contestants want to play a game, presenting them with a chance to win A BFDI. Everyone unanimously cheers over the prize, so Four has then split into 8 teams of 8. When they are finished, Four tells them the first contest, which is to get X's baskets back to him. iance loses the contest and Four tells the viewers about the new form of voting with square brackets.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Four begins Cake at Stake for iance and sucks Pencil up when she receives the most votes. Afterward, Four ends up crowded by contestants who want their dead teammates back. He angrily states that he'll recover only one person, who ends up being Tennis Ball. The contestants are still angry, so Four shouts that the contest is freeing their dead friends from jawbreakers. Once seven teams are safe, Four tells Beep that voters aren't safe, tricking them before saying they aren't safe.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Four is hit by forks thrown by Gelatin and uses the Zappies on him, not completely killing, however, as X interrupts to him to start the intro. Four does so reluctantly. Four does "Brake at Flake" with Beep, giving Earths as cakes. Balloony reveals that he somehow knows about Eternal Algebra Class Withfour, which makes Four suspicious. Leafy ends up eliminated so Four sucks her up. Just as Four is about to announce the third contest, X arrives saying he's back. Four tells him nobody noticed he was gone, making X cry. Four then tells the contestants to get on their team swings and swing in circles 50 times to win. Team Ice Cube! loses the contest.

In "Today's Very Special Episode", Four asks Donut where his team is when he's the only one who showed up for Cake at Stake. Because Bracelety falls on Four's mouth, X hosts the Cake at Stake. Bracelety is eliminated so Four sucks her in through his mouth. Because it is the 4th episode, Four has the challenge be to make over him. Meanwhile, Death P.A.C.T. spends most of the challenge trying to keep forks from hitting Four, in order to avoid getting zapped. Four ranks Pen's drawing as the worst and has his team lose.

In "Fortunate Ben", Four has Death P.A.C.T. assemble for Cake at Stake. Liy ends up getting eliminated, but not before X shouts "Hi Pie, bye Liy", making Four angry enough to rip X's limbs off offscreen. Four is then shown screeching Lollipop and telling Book that X went to the Limb Reattachment Center. Four announces the contest, which is to avoid being the first team to have their plane hit the ground.

In "Four Goes Too Far", Four starts the episode by screeching Yellow Face, killing Foldy, and zapping Stapy. This gets the attention of A Better Name Than That, who decides something needs to be done about Four. Before Four can say who is eliminated, Nickel asks him a question that Four takes as criticism, and begins charging his hand to zap him. Four ends up getting multiplied by ABNTT and Zero, which makes him disappear.

In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", Four is briefly mentioned by Blocky as asks Lollipop if she wants to see him coming at her at a million miles an hour.

In "Questions Answered", a recording of Four's screech is played on an audio recording.

In "Enter the Exit", Four's liquefied body is revealed to have been inside of Donut's body, which is sucked out through a syringe by Firey. Pin manages to squirt him out perfectly and is recovered. Four then gives her a token of gratitude. With Four back, he is able to revive the dead contestants and suck up the ones who were eliminated while he was gone, along with killing Clock offscreen. Four later shows up in the EXIT and announces that a contestant will rejoin.

In "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", Four hosts the first rejoin. Leafy gets the most votes, so Four stick his hand into the EXIT to grab her. He then places Leafy on The Losers!, in exchange for her gratitude token. Four then announces the 11th contest, after being reminded by X that there isn't a 10th contest. He gives the team's time to pick their runners and then starts the challenge. Four later recovers Pie so that she can continue running for her team.

In "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", Four and X switch bodies to fool the contestants. However, the contestants notice that they're acting differently, and their cover is blown when X recovers Bubble. Four then announces the contest.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", Four reluctantly allows Ice Cube to watch Cake at Stake and tells the viewers to recommend a character. Four then proceeds with the Cake at Stake for Team Ice Cube. Later, Four and X are shown standing still for a while until X bursts through the ground. After eating Pillow, Four says the contest is to find X's treasure before X does. Four later eats the rest of Death P.A.C.T after Pen says that 5 is greater than 4.



Total kills: 9

Character Number of times killed Episodes
Basketball 1 "The Escape from Four"
Black Hole 1 "Fortunate Ben"
Blocky 1 "A Taste of Space"
Clock 1 "Enter the Exit"
Foldy 1 "Four Goes Too Far"
Lightning 1 "Fortunate Ben"
Lollipop 1 "Take the Tower"
Pillow 1 "Getting Teardrop to Talk"
Pin 1 "Getting Teardrop to Talk"

Non-canon kills:

  1. "X Finds Out His Value": Causes an Eight to lose its face and limbs when applying it to a math problem and later removing it when Three was subtracted from it. (debatable)
  2. "Blocky Prank Compilation - Battle for Dream Island": Recovers Ruby into a gem grinder four times.
  3. "Eraser swings. Eraser MISSES!": Zaps Naily for piercing his jar of jam.

People screeched

Main article: Screechy

Total screeches: 16

Character Number of times screeched Episodes
Donut 2 (1 indirect) "Getting Teardrop to Talk", "Questions Answered"
Taco 1 "Getting Teardrop to Talk"
X 3 "Getting Teardrop to Talk" (twice), "Today's Very Special Episode"
Tree 3 "Getting Teardrop to Talk", "Fortunate Ben", "Return of the Rocket Ship"
Clock 3 (1 partially) "Getting Teardrop to Talk", "Lick Your Way to Freedom", "Enter the Exit"
Lollipop 3 "Getting Teardrop to Talk", "Fortunate Ben", "Take the Tower"
Woody 1 "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset"
Bracelety 1 "Today's Very Special Episode"
Match 1 "Thanks for 4 years of Thanks for 4 years!"
Pen 2 "Fortunate Ben", "Return of the Rocket Ship"
Yellow Face 1 "Four Goes Too Far"
Saw 1 (indirectly, no effect) "Questions Answered"
8-Ball 1 "Enter the Exit"
Pillow 2 (eaten) "Return of the Rocket Ship" , "Getting Teardrop to Talk"
Pie 1 "Return of the Rocket Ship"
Remote 1 "Return of the Rocket Ship"
Bottle 1 "Return of the Rocket Ship"
Black Hole 1 "Return of the Rocket Ship"


  • Running gag: Four changes his expression to a face with angry eyebrows and a wide smile, while staring at the screen.
  • He appears in the game Tidepool, as a level 23 creature in the "Classic" character set.
  • Cary described Four as a "weird alien creature who doesn't know how to communicate" in his reaction video. If he is an alien, this could explain his strange powers, general behavioral quirks, different eye and limb assets, and his screeching.
    • Another implication that he is an alien was shown in "Enter the Exit", in which he says, "We don't have that [gender] where I'm from,"[BFB10] indicating that he's from another planet or universe.
  • Four seems to be omnipotent. However, being omnipotent doesn't grant him the ability to give good solutions to the problems which he is faced with all of the time.
  • In the first three episodes, Four starts the intro by raising his right arm in a fist, then the contestants assume the pose when the intro starts.
  • Four can talk with his eyes, as shown in "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset".
  • Four seems to hate the closed-form of four. (4)
  • If Four were to be multiplied by zero, or anything that resembles a zero (like Donut), he would teleport into the zero he was multiplied by.
    • This was foreshadowed after Donut was multiplied by Four, he states that he had obtained the "factor of Four" within him, granting him some of the powers Four has. Also, when Four was recovered by Pin and Firey, they had to extract Four from the inside of Donut using a syringe before squeezing him into a four shape.
  • When Four screeched at Tree in "Fortunate Ben," the screech was the original audio clip in reverse.
  • Four tends to misname "A Better Name Than That" as "Another Name Than That," as heard in "Today's Very Special Episode" and "Get to the Top in 500 Steps".
  • Four seems to have no gender along with X (despite them using he/him pronouns) because they don't have genders in the world they came from.
    • This may imply that the other characters from XFOHV have no genders either.
  • Fittingly, Four's voice is four semitones higher than the original voice clip of their voice.
  • His color and shape are similar to that of the character of the same name from the show Numberjacks.
  • Originally, he was planned to be a giant spider.
  • On TikTok, jacknjellify said that Four screeches when experiencing intense emotion.


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  1. Cary stating that Four and X have no gender. Four's pronoun is typically he/him/his, but characters such as Lollipop also refer to Four using singular they pronouns in "The Four is Lava".

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