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Shut up and GET IN THE VAN!

The FreeSmart Van is a vehicle used by FreeSmart to get to Yoyle City in BFDIA 5. It has not been seen ever since.

There is also an updated model called the FreeSmart SuperVan, which has more features and an improved design.


The FreeSmart Van first appeared in Get in the Van, where Pencil yells at all the FreeSmarters to get in the van so they can get to Yoyle Summit in Yoyle City faster than the other teams. They were able to drive as far as Evil Canyon, before being eaten by Evil Leafy.

In BFDIA 5d, Pencil introduces the Supervan, an upgraded form of the van, which they use to drive from the Evil Forest to Yoyle City.

In BFDIA 5e, the van drives through Yoyle City and is parked at the base of the Yoyle Mountain, and has remained there ever since.

In the BFDIA 6 Deleted Scenes, the SuperVan's magnet is used to attract the Eiffel Tower all the way from the Plains in order to retrieve the Clubhouse of Awesomeness on top of it. However, these scenes are not considered canon.

Features of the Supervan


A powerful magnet, able to attract Needle from hundreds of miles away, move the HPRC across an entire desert, and make the Eiffel Tower wobble from 2,763 miles away without attracting any other metal. It was also used to steal the HPRC from the Evil Forest when Book made the built-in Leg-Powered Recovery Center (LPRC) disappear.

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 2.18.28 PM

Leg-powered Recovery Center

Identical to a Hand-powered Recovery Center, except it can only be cranked using legs. Book attempted to use it with her hands, but it immediately disappeared, forcing them to steal the HPRC instead.

Bright Lights

The bright lights are only used for decoration.


  • The original van was most likely destroyed, as it never reappeared in BFDIA 5b.
  • The SuperVan can travel the entire length of the Goiky Canal (which is over 500 miles) underwater without any damage or even needing any gas.
    • However, it cannot prevent passengers from drowning.
  • Pencil gets upset anyone calls the Supervan a regular van.
  • Snow, when mixed with its gasoline, will create glue.
  • The van has no brakes.
  • The text on the van uses the font Comic Sans.
  • According to the Yoyle City: Behind the Scenes video, the SuperVan is about 5 meters long.
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